Game Journal

The Imperial Stones Campaign:

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, after the rise of the suns of Sigmar, there was an age undreamed of and onto this one man was destined to wear the jeweled crown of Karak Kardrin, upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

CHAPTER I – A Quest is Born

Fire’n'gungina Dwavin warrior and seaman… feared even by men…

Enter the Dwarf

It all started in a dimly light public house called “the Green Hill Inn” with a pointy eared dandelion eater named Dolsin playing his madalin while a rather comley human, a woman’s voice rings out in song around the room… her name Theodora. While all the patrons are mesmerized by the duet playing and singing; only the most popular of tunes, a far from fair female dwarf hobbled into the room. Thump, thump, thump the sound her peg leg makes as it hit the floor off beat with the music… she waddled to the bar.

After ordering herself a tankard of grog she started asking around for a scribe known as Sigrig who was known to work out of the Inn. It was not long before she was told he was sitting with a halfling wench, known as Funky-bell, a local member of the under side of society and cook here in the Inn. As the Dwarf approached the table where the human and halfing were drinking, the keen eyes of the sneak thief were the only ones in the room to notice her rather fat purse tucked somewhat securely behind her tunic. Imeadialty the littel sticky fingered halfling started to plot how she could get what was in that vest.

Once the dwarf arrived she introduced her ugly face as Fire’n'gungina and spit out that she was looking for someone to post a request for hired men to help he reclaim a lost heirloom. An heirloom that would be the first of five, with all five it would enable her to reclaim the throne of the lost dwarvin kingdom. As they conducted business Funky-bell listened closely. All the while plotting and scheming silently in the recesses of her mind. Once Sigrig and Fire’n came to terms the dwarf left the table to put her mind to drinking and having a few rounds of dice at one of the tables.

After a short while the musicians took a break form their entertaining and joined their friends Sigrig and Funk. They discussed the possibility of applying for the job them selfs and commented frequently how good the music was that they were providing that evening. When they finally started getting stinky looks from the Inn keeper, the two entertainers got back to work. Shortly their after fire’n'gun came back to the table quite drunk and Funky-bell started in… right away pouring her tankards of strong spirits. As the conversation started to slur and Funk-bell’s father started to cast an eye to how much alcohol she was giving away the others finished their musicianship and joined them again at the table.

Some further questioning took place where they were able to extract that the heirlooms were called the Imperial Stones and she had a map to the first stone. Not only that but it was believed to be here in Altdorf. But alas the ugly little dwarf, drunk as she was passed out face first on to the table. Nocking out one of her straighter teeth. With her bloody face covered the four young heroes, thirsty for excitement took the dwarf up to Sigrig’s room(dun dun dun). While they were searching the dwarf Funk-bell was able to pocket the fat purse hidden in the tunic unnoticed by her comrades. “The fucking map is not on her, this is all she has…” whispered the halfling.

1. A pipe decorated in carvings and made from ivory.
2. A fire piston well used and made from what appears to be ironwood.
3. A pouch of tabaco ai??i?? full and fresh smelling.
4. A few coins 10 brass pennies, 2 silver, and 4 coins you donai??i??t recognize.
5. A large spike with a makeshift rope handle and the length of rope at her hip was used to tie her up.
6. A sigmarian pendent with what looks like a trident carved on its back.
7. A small utility knife.
8. A small key made of brass with no decorative markings.

As the dwarf started to stir, Sigrig and Funk-bell moved her on to the bed and while they were debating weather or not to put her things back on her person and get their story straight (the other two friends stared blankly into the walls as if they had bed clobbered over the head, leaving themboth retarded and mute). The dwarf regained awareness with her eyes snapping open and once she glanced around the room realized she was gagged, bound, her eyes reflected fear and rage…

(first session – fin-)

Fire’n'Gungina toothless, naked, broken… oh and also dead

Gungina Dead…

As they were discussing and trying to decide what it is they were going to do with the dwarf; the scribe noticed that she was starting to come around and wound up and landed a devastating blow to her face knocking out two more of her gnarly teeth. Blood spurted from her nose and she fell back into unconscious. In a panic they all decided it was best to keep her belongings and make it look like she was robbed. To do this they decided that they would dump her now bludgeoned body into the ally and the best way to get the body there unseen was to lower it down though the window.

What seemed like a good idea for the four would be heroes(?) turned out to be a tragic series of catastrophic fails. Firstly the mighty scribe lost control of the safety rope that was lowering the bloody dwarf into the alley. Falling a mere thirty feet on to her head. Secondly the nimbly bimbly elf lost his footing and plummeted after the dwarf, although he made a beautiful half twist lay out with a rounded out turtle tuck he failed to land the acrobatic manoeuvre properly…hitting the ground badly, thus knocking the wind out from his chest and suffering moderate damage to the entirety of his torso. (Belly flops are never good, but flopping on to the cobble stoned alley was less than graceful, especially for an elf. not to mention really really painful). The wisdom of the halfling was impressive, as it led her to expect the worse and build up some kind of “crash mat” for the dwarf; this saved the little one legged, toothless and bloodied sea woman from death. Yet she still nearly died from the fall due to the horrific trauma that she suffered from the violent hammering strike, the Scribe dealt her up in the room.

After recovering (some what) from the misfortunate fails from “project lower the dwarf” the rest of the plan went off with out a hitch. The little dwarf woke up in the ally unsuspecting of the heroes involvement and noticed she had been robbed. She could not remember exactly what happened the night before. This was due to excessive drinking, being savagely punched in the face and falling on her head after being dropped thirty feet out of a window. Yet, she was none the wiser. However, the poor stumpy little thing was beaten with in an inch of her life and needed medical attention. After feeding her a few more drinks our heros brought her up stairs to have Dora apply some prime evil first aid on her.

Shortly after seeing her stabilized the four partners in crime went back to the Scribes room and started to appraise the goods that they had successfully stolen from the unfortunate handicapped dwarf. After some debate and serious examination of the goods they decided that the were hanging on to a small fortune. Some of these things were master works of art and others so rare that they were sitting on at least 500 gold crowns if they wanted to get rid of them in a jiffy.

What were they to do… the lot of them decided to sleep on it for the night and decided what to do with the items the next day.

The next day they woke up and ate breakfast. After breakfast, like proper thief’s (who did not want to be caught) they went about their daily business as usual. As if nothing strange had happened the night before. The four unlikely heroes met later that day and decided not to get rid of their booty just yet, it might prove useful yet. They also wanted to see what information they could get from the dwarf concerning her interest in the imperial stones and perhaps get her map. Which would enable them to find the first stone with out her. Giving them even more fortune and glory. (Only the most heroic thoughts and behaviour for our protagonists.)

When the four first went upstairs and entered Dora’s room, it seemed Dora’s healing was going to work out quite promising for the little cripple. The dwarf appeared as if she was improving, but alas after a few days a horribly infected boil started to develop on Gungina’s face. When Dora tried to drain it… their luck went south. The marlin spike that she was using to rupture the boil and release the infectious puss pierced the flesh more easily than she had expected. The pressure under the skin of the boil was tremendous. Once it was given an exit the puss and rancid blood shot forth spraying poor Dora with stinking gore. This caused the would be healer to lurch in surprised disgust and accidentally shove the spike further into the wound than she had intended. It, unfortunately pierced the dwarf’s brain and utterly destroyed a vital artery. The blood then started to vomit forth from the wound with a disheartening rhythmic cadence (blub blub blub) until it finally stopped. Leaving a vile puddle of blood and vulgar stank! Fire’n'Gungina lay there dead, pity!

Poor Dora, face covered in mangy pussy bloody gore, her eyes wide and reflecting the shattered fragments of her mind while she stood there in shock. The the others could only stand, stare, smell and disbelieve. “What the fuck, did that just happen,” one of them cried out. A few moments later a voice spoke out, “Yep! That just fucking happened, now help me clean this stumpy little bitch up and get rid of her.” No one can remember exactly who spoke those words but who ever it was, was right.

So they started to clean up the corpse and by some fluke of luck her peg leg came away from the dwarfs body. They noticed almost instantly a secret compartment in the artificial appendage with a small brass key hole in the top of the leg that would normally rest against the dwarfs maimed stump of a leg.

They used the key they found in Gungina’s pouch and were able to open the secret chamber. They pulled out exactly what they were after, the map. Alas, but our heros luck was short lived the map was in a language none of them could read and no one recognized the part of town that it showed.

“Before we can worry about that bloody paper we need to get rid of this body…” said Dora with the cool voice and a face covered in gore… a little to cool me thinks thought every one else in the room.

Our heroes stood and looked at each other… waiting for a suggestion on how to get rid of the gory mess that was once Fire’n'Gungina, dwarven seamen and restless adventurer.

(second session -fin-)

ambushed and maimed…

A Double Cross

After almost two weeks our group of heros finally decided on how to dispose of the not so freshly dead dwarf Fire’n'gungina. The little group of misfit heros decided that they would hide the body in a trunk and rent a horse cart and driver in the middle of the night to dump the trunk in the river. Well it seemed to be solid enough plan, yet even the best laid plans of gods and men often go array. And such is the case with our cast of heros.

The halfling tomb rober made the arrangements to get the cart and driver. Yet what he did not count on was that moving a trunk full of “loot” in the middle of the night from a some what good part of rotters ring to one of the shadier parts near the river is likely to breed deceit. In this case it certainly did. The cart arrived on time and every one was ready but the elf, he was not able to attend as he needed to stay and play in the Inn that evening. There was no getting out of it and to not raise any suspicion they all agreed he would stay. So once the cart was loaded the three heros made their way down the dark streets. The cart diver being of ill repute knew what streets to take so they would not be seen. Then when they were three quarters of the way to the river the cart lurched to a stop. From the shadows stepped three men with weapons and on a rooftop one man had them at bow point. Something had just gone very very wrong. Not only did they get the drop on our heros but the driver leapt from the cart in what at first seemed like fear but he then ducked behind a barrel and emerged with a spear wearing a devilish grin.

Wasting no time Dora leapt from the cart and made a daring dash onto an awning of the near by store front. As she was about to reach the edge of the roof top where the archer was reloading, after missing a shot aimed at the scribe, she lost her balance and found her self fumbling for footing on the awning. The scribe flew forth from the cart with nearly inhuman speed and grace and went face to face with one of the would be high jackers. Mean while the halfling furious with the double cross deftly pulled a throwing dagger from up her sleeve and sent it with pint point accuracy in to the hind quarters of the horse. Sending it reeling and in to a rampage, if not for the lightning reactions of one of the ambushers who seized the reigns and tried to calm the horse it would have sent the horse and cart down the road. Unfortunately the speed that the sudden lurch of the cart as the horse reared took the halfling by surprise, loosing her footing sending her fumbling out of the back of the cart and fell badly on her head, OUCH!

Dora had a series of unsuccessful attempts to get on the roof leaving her stuck on the awning for a few more moments. From under the awning one of the high jackers started randomly thrusting at her through the awning with a spear. Across the road the scribe exchanged blows like a well trained swordsman who unfortunately had never been in real combat before. Every blow he landed was with the flat of the blade doing little to no damage to his opponent. Where as, the foe he was facing had been in several life or death battles and landed two outstanding strikes to the scribe leaving him badly wounded and nearly costing him his arm. Then one of the other men came to attack the scribe as well … sadly now it two no one and with one foul and swift blow he sliced the scribes arm so badly it was left in a bloody ruin.

Dora finally made it on to the roof where she exchanged blows with the villain and after taking some rather severe damage she defeated the archer. She leapt from the roof using the awning as a trampoline and sadly fell through the awning, due to the punctures the spear wielder had made. Leaving her with a bad landing causing a sprained ankle. The spearman was now engaged with the halfling and they fought like two cats backed into a corner, one with a spear and the other with throwing blades. After taking a savage thrust from the spearmen, nearly killing the halfling, Dora finished the spearman from behind with a vicious thrust of her sword.

Funky-Bell quickly turned to attack the one of the men about to kill the scribe and let loose an onslaught of throwing daggers, sadly she slipped in her own blood upon relesing one of her daggers and sent in with thunderous strength into the neck of Segric the scribe. This sent poor Segric over to the other side. his body fell limp to the ground. Together Dora and Funky took down the double crosser when the horse broke free of the high jackers grip and went reeling down the street. the the last two villains made a mad dash down the street after their prise.

The two women rushed over to their fallen comrade, they looked at each other as Funk pulled the dagger from her friend’s neck. They quickly searched, looted and disposed of bodies down a man hole. Then from the spears and cloaks of the fallen highwaymen the make a stretcher for their fallen friend and headed back to the Inn.

(end session -fin-)

A Shared Vision

After a long and arduous journey back to the Greenfield Inn, tired from carrying their fallen comrade while heavily injured them selves they were able to return the Inn unseen on the street. With the help of the elf they thought they were able to return the scribe to his room unseen by anyone else in the Inn. As the three would be heros were placing the body in the bed the elf noticed that there was a glow emitting from the scribes chest. One of them tore the scribes shirt open in concern and they all noticed the flames on the sigmarian pendent they had known the scribe to wear was a blaze with light. As the elf went to touch it, he found it was searing hot. Yet it was not burning the scribes clothes. How ever it appeared to have an effect on the scribes flesh. It appeared to be causing the flesh to bubble and melt where ever the pendent and chain touched. Then, in an instant, the pendent flashed with a blinding white light and the three battered heros were blown back into the adjacent walls.

When their eyes stopped burning and had adjusted to the searing white light they saw the room, yet it was white from top to bottom. The walls, the furniture, the fixtures everything even as they gazed at each other they noticed that they were all adorned in white clothing. What ever they had een wearing was now as white as the first snowfall on winters eve (Also any damage that was done to the armour and clothing was repaired). Yet by the intense pain they were all still feeling from the wounds that they had suffered earlier that evening no change had occurred in their flesh wounds. Then the closet door opened and a figure strode into the room whom they all recognized from the sculptures and pictures they had have seen all their lifes. A man with a golden hair, long and toped with a crown holding a war hammer with a twin tailed comet in-brazened on itai??i??s side. Heavily muscled and skin golden brown from long days in the sun Sigmar stood before you and raised his hammer high above his head and bellowed, ai???I am not done with you yet boy!ai??? Bringing the hammer down heavily on the scribes chest the pendent shattered into oblivion and his body shuddered with the blow. Then a second or two later and the scribe gasped for breath.

Sigmar looked down at the now breathing scribe and around the room at the rest of the group holding each of the hero’s eyes for a moment finally saying ai???find the imperial stones, find the heir and bring them before me in the temple of the hammer; there I will reward you, for the dwarfs are friends of Sigmar and the loss of their marvellous kingdom saddens me greatly! On your journey you will need many things and many allies but this piece of advice I will grant you now. As you know the first stone is here in Altdorf and once you find it, if you use your wits you will find information that will lead you to the second stone.”

The scribe said, ai???Lord Sigmar ai??i?? I live, but myai??i?? our wounds, they are so severe how are we to accomplish these tasks if we can barley walk?ai??? ai???Your wounds are a lesson, be better prepared and fight with more intelligence when out numbered. I remember every wound that I ever received. I learned something form everyone of themai??i?? not to let them happen again, HA! It is true, I could heal these wounds for you but i think that you still have much to learn. No I shall not heal the wounds youai??i??ve received. I think that you will learn much from the scars that you received this night. Now I must go and remember a true emperor defeats chaos he does not hide from

Then he turned away from the bloody heros and walked back toward the coset door. Just as he was closing the door they heard his powerful deep voice echo ai??i?? ai???keep your friends close and your enemies ai??i?? dead! Good luck Suns of Sigmar.”

Again a blinding flash filled the room, yet when they opened their eyes the room appeared to have returned to normal but you were all still adorned in all white. All who were wounded were in a severe amount of pain, suffered extreme blood loss and passed out shortly after the visitation. The elf was able to get them all back to their rooms and attend to their wounds for the next several weeks as they slowly recovered from their first battle.

CHAPTER II – Finding the Traitor

A total of 8 weeks passed before they were were fully recovered. The lies that the tomb robber spun to explain why they were all in bed ai???illai??? seem to have been enough to satisfy the GreenFielders. The scars from a savage branding of a chain and sigmarian pendent remained around the scribes neck even though the pendent was destroyed. The rest of the ruddy heros had the scars and memories of the battle reminding then that life is precious and that they must protect their lives more carefully. Even though they were all still achy and their minds were reeling at the possibility that they may have actually seen a god revive one of their mates from the clutches of death, none of them had had the courage to bring the topic up, yet.

Sitting around one of the tables in the common room of the in they started discuss their next corse of action to be made to recover the first stone…

(end time lapse)

Your move, lads

Cheekly Little Fellah

After our little gaggle of fortune seekers were finished getting into the appropriate attire to enter the Merchants Ring they made their way to a antiquities dealer on the out skirts of the middle ring. Upon arrival they encountered a child that burst out of the shop bumped into and picked the pocket of the singer. Then ran down the street and down a maze of ally ways. Two of our hreoic party, the elf and singer went into hot pursuit. They fallowed the pickpocket down an ally, they turned left, right. left, left, right, straight, and left againai??i?? or was it right then left? Soon the two pursuers become lost. When they finally caught up with him he had appeared to have vanished.

They found some kind of mechanism presumably for a secret entrance but when trying to force it open they broke it (dum dum dum). When they finally found their way back to the shop they came upon the scribe working hard to ignore the shop keeper and the rich fat customer whom also seems to have been robbed by the child in the shop.

With an explosion of frustration and hate the rich FOP stormed out of the store with threats of going to the city watch. The very moment that the door shut behind the fop the Srcibe made his move and started to, as elusively as he could muster asked the shop keeper “do you know any thing about … oh … um … old coins then?”

At that point the wiry greasy and some what cynical shop keeper began his game of cat and mouse revolving around the information regarding ancient coins. With the drawings that the scribe gave him his actions grew strange and somehow captivating. He went to the back of the shop several times and upon returning the last time three men in wide brimmed hats entered the store front and the shop keeper came to the counter dressed similarly. Right behind him was a small child ai??i?? or actually a halfling dressed in childai??i??s clothing.

The halfling grinning like a fat kid in a candy store was holding a purse that you all recognized as the singers. ai???Your move,ai??? he then threw the purse on the counter and said ai???oh, Iai??i??ve already compensated myself for my lock!ai??? He promptly turned and head into the back room.

(end of session)

Thagus the Fence!

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

In mild shock and surprise the three heroes peered into the opening that lead into the back room of the shop, seeing that there was at least one other person in the back sitting around what appears to be round table with the half man. There was a candle on the table and some smoke trailing off from a pipe. In the middle of the table there seemed to be a small pile of jewellery and coins. Other than that our heroes could not make anything else from this side of the door way.

The scribe to this moment to say, “it appears that you are about to have some sort of meeting please donai??i??t let us interupt you we can carry on our conversation another time. I am interested in how I could get a hat like that. Perhaps I can return tomorrow?”

ai???Oh no my friend, this meeting concerns you and your friendsai??i?? it is for your benefit that we are here today. So please join us in here for a drink and some discussion. Besides my friends you donai??i??t have much of a choice,ai??? the shopkeeper smiled brightly as he gestured towards his three thugs with the wide brimmed hats and black cloaks ordained with a mauve gauntlet or hand for heraldry. Who are all standing behind our fearless heroes armed and dangerously looking like hungry wolves that would not let them out the front door. As our group of foolhardy villians all entered the room the shop keeper said, “as for my hat, we can talk another time perhaps on how you all might come by one of these…” as a lisp carried the s sound of these on for a second or two.

Our three heroes took the hint and made their way into the back room.

Sitting next to the half-man at the round table was a dwarf, and a familiar face to them looked back at our heroic vilians shrugging her shoulders, it was Funky. The dwarf looked up from beneath the brim of his hat and toke everyone in. The flickering light of the candle cast a sharp shadow across his bearded face and emphasized his crooked nose and weathered features. Heai??i??s had one of those faces that had been through a few rounds and turned into cracked leather. He pulled a deep draw from his pipe, leaned back in his chair and gestured to some stools for everyone to sit on.

ai???Oy, He said. ai??? ai???ave a seat wonai??i??t ye? Thatai??i??s right, right there. Good on ye. And put yer tits back in ai???alf-pint, we allai??i??s got a bit-o-business te discuss as I see it. Pickles in the brine and I ai???ate bleedin pickles. Ye, get me?ai??? He pauses for a beat to let the comment sink in and then carries on whether it does or not.

ai???Me names, Thagus, and Tinkerbells told me wot ai???appened te ye the other night and I can tell ye its got me nuts wound up an I ai???ate me nuts being wound up more than ai???ate bleedin bloody pickles! Those mummers made me look a shit farmer and fer that they ainai??i??t allowed te ai???ave shit te farm with! Aye? Aye, thatai??i??s right. So, listen cause I ainai??i??t in no mood te squak an talk all bloody night about this shit show. Iai??i??ll tell ye wot ye needs te know and yeai??i??ll do wots got te be

Thagus toke another pull from his pipe and looked to the half-man who seemed content to let Thagus do the talking and then back at the ruddy group of heroes before continuing.

“Them blokes who back stabbed ye, backed stabbed me too and that ainai??i??t right fer any-o-us. The two of ai???em that got aways ai???ave been ai???iding out fer a couple months now in the undercity and thatai??i??s too long from Morrs bloody Garden. So far they ainai??i??t poked there ai???eads out te look fer shadows anai??i?? I donai??i??t want te see ai???em given the chance. If I were ye, Iai??i??d make me way depth side, find those mummers and cut there bleeding tongues
Thagus stabs the table with his finger.

ai???I want te see them tongues right ai???ere! Ye gets me? Right bleedinai??i?? ai???

Thagus picked up a coin from the pile of jewelry on the table and flicked it up, snatching it between his index finger and thumb. It caught the candle light and flashed like a beacon. Our group of would be protagonists all recognised it as one of the ancient dwarvin coins.

ai???Might be a tongue or two be worth He rolled the coin across his fingers and it sliped it into his pocket. ai???Now, go on, I can taste them pickles in me throat and its makin me

The door the group came in through was opened and all were welcomed to leave the dwarf and half-man to their business.

(end of online session)

Enter the Dungeon Crawl

Into the Depths

Well our daring group of heros decided to take the Dwarvin fence’s task, to find the blokes that betrayed Thagus and backstabbed the lot of them. In doing so our heros went out to equip themselves for a journey into the under city where they were lead to believe the scoundrels were hiding out.

Our heros now equipped and ready to begin their decent, went to the only entrance to the underground that they were aware of. They happened across it when they were disposing of the bodies of the unlucky villains who hijacked them on the city streets weeks before. When they arrived there was a halfling there waiting for them sent by Thagus.

Larry was there to act as a guide through the maze of tunnels that little the under city. The group of haute heros made their way down the spiralling stair case swords drawn and lanterns lit. They came upon a hallway at the bottom of the stairs and pressed on into the darkness. After walking for several hours through may tunnels in the what seemed like an endless darkness with only their little lantern as a beacon of light and hope they came upon a doorway. Once through the doorway one of our daring heros a professional thief decided that it would be prudent to look for traps. So as he was inspecting the area for traps he unfortunately set off a trap door while standing on it and plummeted into the darkness with a small yelp of surprise.

This was heard by the rest of our rag tag group of heros and so the pointy eared dandelion eater being the most nimbly bimbly one of the bunch danced over to where he heard Funky’s yelp and started poking around. With an unfortunately well placed fumbling touch resulting in the grinding sound of stone on stone he to plummeted into the darkness with a yelp as the trap door opened beneath his feet (dum dum dum). The two humans in our group of heroic scallywags looked at each other and instead of looking for their companions they instead serched the rest of the room … relying blindly on luck that the other two would show up somewhere else in the room?!?.

To their dismay the did not find their friend but instead two very large doors at the far side of the dark room burst open sending a flood of light funnelling into the room and two armed guards stepped in peering into the dark corners. Instead of trying to speak with the armed men the scribe waiting in the shadows and attacked one of them from behind injuring the guard badly. After exchanging blows with the guard the scribe finished him with a horrifically gory wound rending the guard headless and spraying blood all over the scribe. Sigrig immediately looted and stripped the guard of all his valuables. While this was happening the doors were slammed shut and sealed with a laud thump, from some kind of reinforcement leaving the room filled with darkness.

Dora was exchanging blows with the other guard while the halfman started to search the other body that was slain by scribe. Dorah first incapacitated her assailants arm with a well placed slash of her sword. Finally after exchanging a few near misses with her foe, she landed a life ending blow disembowelling her guard; launching the entirety of his innards on to the floor and a spray of gory mess sprayed her front side like painter would a wall. After the last sprays of blood and gore excreted from the body Larry the halfman produced some light from the hooded lantern that he was carrying. Once he got light on the body he was searching her gasped, dropped the lantern, looked around and hurried out of the room leaving two of our would be heroes alone in the darkness behind a locked door.


As our two less than heroic heroes plummeted through the darkness through a shaft that ended in a pool of water meant to slow the decent of whom ever was falling down the shaft. Funky-bell slid through the water on her feet with the agility of a cat. While our pointy eared friend executed a thrusting double twist in to a perfect split with jazz hand applying the perfect amount of pressure agains the walls of the shaft to slow his decent and avoid a potentially unpleasant slosh in the water at the bottom of the shaft. Once he had got his bearings he whipped his hands out with spirit fingers and preformed a royal dismount landing gracefully on his feet while also drawing a torch from his rucksack.

Once the two had light and their bearings they were able to navigate the maze of tunnels until they found a spiralling staircase that lead up wards. Both of them have the gift of night vision so with the little light they had they could see exceptionally far in the dark. They were able to find another hidden passage of one of the landings the came across on the stair well. Behind the hidden door was another long hall way. After travelling some distance down the hallway they came across a patrol. Dowsing their torch and preparing their strategic attack the two heros of ill repute hovered with throwing axe in had and bow drawn. ONce their victims were in range they let loose their arrows and blades. Their battle was fast and furious. The halfling Funky sent arrow after arrow into one of the guards pinning an arm to the wall while the rest of her arrows made the guard look like a norwigian porcupine at a yard sale as his final arrow ripped the mans arm from his body and all the arteries in the shoulder sprayed forth blood and flesh upon the wall of the tunnel.

The pointy eared elf launched his first attack with a throwing axe that unfortunately it went a little wild and bounced off a wall and fell short of the target. But that did not detour our graceful elf full of zeal for dance and flare. He launched him self forward drawing his sword and he challenged the guard with a full frontal melee attack. Blow after blow, cut after cut the relentless attacks from the elf hammered at the guard until they finally ended in the guards death. The two pointy eared humanoid heroes looted the bodies of swords and money. They relight their torch and carried on down the hall curious as little cats.

(end of session)

Under City of Altdorf

Lost in the Under City

We left our heroes separated and in the dark of the underground labyrinth secreted away under the city. The Scribe and the singer were still in the first room that they came across. The scribe was working with vigour to try and open those double doors. He eventually tried to pick the lock with his dagger and by some miraculous stroke of luck he heard the tumblers move and the latch opened. Sadly though the door was barred on the other side. Dorah was unable to open the door and brought fourth the idea that perhaps they should try and fallow the other two members of their ruddy party of heroes. After a lot of debate and a few more feeble attempts at the large twin doors Sigrich finally agreed with Dorah. They started searching about the area where the other two disappeared with a yelp.

In another part of the dungeon…

Our other would be saints were walking down a tunnel where they happened across another hidden door, in fact our little Funky was becoming quite adept and picking out the hidden leavers to open these passage ways. Once inside the hidden room they discovered it was a back entrance to some kind of office/study hidden away under ground. rather than leave through the main exit our two heroes decided it would be a prudent to go back out the way they came and perhaps journey back to the stairwell and try going up another level and see if they could find anything else. They both agreed that the priority should be to get back to the surface and make their escape.

They made there way up the spiral stair case until they reached the top floor. Where they started exploring where the tunnels and intersections would take them. As they reached the top floor in another part of the underground maze the Scribe and the Singer figured out how to open the trap door where their other comrades had fallen in to the darkness.

So after fumbling out an awkward plan the two willingly entered into the hole and fell for what felt like hundreds of feet in complete darkness until they finally hit the watery buffer preventing them any serious harm. They to found their way to the spiral stair case leading up and also found the two dead bodies and they instantly recognized their friend’s handy work. They also found two daggers that their team mates had left behind, they were unsure why they had left them behind but decided to take them anyway (it’s not like the guards were going needed them anymore).

They pressed on through the tunnel and found the secret door into the office that the other team had found. Sigrich and Dorah quickly deduced that the other two of their party had gone through the main door as it was obvious that once you came in the secret entrance there was not turning back. So they made their way through various tunnels rooms and levels until they finally found them selves in a room where their partners in crime were picking locks and spying through doors.

When the Funky and pointy ears saw their friends one of them accidentally made a creaking sound on the door and the lot they were spying upon all turned to see the elf peering though the partially opened door. Panic struck the four faulty heroes slammed the doors shut and wedged them closed and started to make their escape.

They went down, around, left, right, left again until they finally came to a well light room with twin doors at the far side of the room. Knowing that their pressures could be close at hand they rushed the doors and flung them open to find two dead guards on the floor in a dark room.

With in minutes our heroes realized that these were the guards that the singer and scribe had killed earlier in the evening. This meant that the exit was near. So the lot of them made their way to the down the halls as fast as they could wanting nothing more than to escape this maze and breath fresh air.

when they were finally make their climb to the street level they found the body of larry who had suffered a fatal cut to his throat and his tongue was pulled out the insertion as if to imply he was a thirsty dog.

Our heroes not wanting to waste time with this stuffed his body into a dark corner and made their way to the closest pub they could find that was still open.

They found themselves at the Pig’n'Whistle…

(end of session)

CHAPTER III – A Thief’s Punishment

Ruddy Pub.

The Pig and Whistle

After many hours of debate and drinking our heroes decided to leave the Pig & Whistle to head back to the GreenField Inn where they all held residence. On the way home they all agreed to stop in a weapons shop to ai???unloadai??? the swords and daggers they had stolen from the men they had slain in cold blood.

Once at the Inn they spent the next two days searching for information on the whereabouts of the men who betrayed them. Not to mention that tehy had been tasked by Thagus to bring him and his cohorts heads to him. Even though none of them know Thagus incredibly well they all get the impression that he was not a man to let down.

They sent a pigeon out to inform Thagus of the situation and that his man larry, was found with a slit throat. Not knowing exactly what to do about his body they decided to stuff him in the corner of the ally and duck out of sight. Looking back on this they came to realize that may not have been the best coarse of action. They may have been able to find something on Larry that would have given them some indication of who killed him and that may have not been to prudent to have left a body behind that was a friend of Thagus’.

The two in the group with the best street connections and skills in guiding conversation and gleening information with out sounding suspicious have managed to find the where abouts of some one who may have sold the body of Gungina to an Embalmer. Not only that but they were also able to find the address of the embalmer.

So while the singer and the elf worked the pub the scribe and half pint thief made their way to the embalmers to see what they could find out.

(end of group session)

No body moves and no body gets hurt…?

An Army of Two

Like all great plans this one fell apart the moment it started. They scoped out the embalmers place of business in the Merchants Ring and then tried to make their play. They went around the back of the shop and knocked on the door. The door opened and a woman answered and was surprised to hear the halfling say they had an appointment with her. She disagreed and the halfling pressed the meeting. The woman went to get her husband so he could speak with the halfling and scribe.

When the husband came back to the door he was adamant that there was no meeting. So Funky raised her crossbow pistol and said, ai???we want to ask you a few questionsai??i??ai??? The embalmers response was to shut the door. But the Scribe was too quick, as the door was shutting he thrust his hand through one of the panes of glass and tried to assault the Embalmer and his wife. This turned out to be a bad move as the embalmer grabbed his arm and thrust a giant needle through the scribes arm. ai???AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH,ai??? cried the scribe as he tried even harder to retrieve his arm from the clutches of the ever more impressive embalmer.

Funky was quick on her feet and made a brilliant if not effective plan of attack. She darted around the corner and seemingly abandoned the Scribe to his unfortunate predicament. This left the Sigrich with little else other than to try and smash the rest of the glass with the but of his knife, but alas just as he was about to thrust
the pommel of the knife into the glass he fumbled and pounded it with out effect into the door frame. ai???YAAARRRRGGGGGHHH,ai??? he cried out with frustration.

Funky now at the store front burst into the store and leapt over the counter, the attendant frozen in shock to see Tinkerbelle holding a crossbow leap like a cricket bug upon the counter and dart into the back room. Having never been held up before he was unsure how to react and thought it best to stay hidden behind the count as it appeared the halfling over looked him and was going straight for the lock box in the back. Now in the back room Funky had a different perspective on the situation and aimed her crossbow pistol at the embalmer and cried ai???stop or Iai??i??ll shot!ai??? This had little efect so she let a bolt flyai??i??ai???damb it,ai??? she yelp as the shot missed and stuck into the door jam.

The embalmers wife was barricading the door while the embalmer was wrestling with the scribes arm trying to aggravating his wound. Finally from what Funky could tell after two more failed attacks on the embalmer he appeared to be mounting to pull the scribe right through the door with extreme force. Moments latter the door came crashing in on itai??i??s self with a thuderous SMASH. The scribe suffered a very serious head wound rendering him useless for a few moments.

This was Funkyai??i??s chance she launched a throwing knife into the embalmerai??i??s backai??i?? ai???GAAA,ai??? screamed the embalmer. At that moment the wife started hurling jars, tools and anything in reach at the halfling. One saw landed true and struck the halfling directly in the chest. She grunted with the impact but kept her wits about her. In a moment of panick the embalmer took the advantage of the scribe being dazed and dislocated his arm. This sent pangs of horific magnitude in waves through the scribe. he momentarily lost consious ness.

The room whent stark white and was empty the only one in the room was the scribe and he could hear foot steps and what sounded like a chuckle when BANG he ws back in the room where there was aweful violence taking place upon him. His own blood burned in his eyes and the pain of his arm and forhead gripped him with enough will to yellai??i?? ai???WE ONLY WANT TO TALK FOR THE LOVE OF SIGMARai??i??ai???

The sudden scream was enough to still the roomai??i?? deals were made money was spent and the the embalmer also an expert surgeon had the scribe on the table and was tending to his wounds. While the embalmer worked on him the scribe el in and out of consciousness due to blood loss and pain. When he finally came too the halfling, embalmer, and his wife were negotiating a deal to have the door repaired and to have a meeting arranged with the man who brought this embalmer Gungina. Whoai??i??s body was currently on the floor with several incisions and stitches in her body over all her major organs. The scribe started to put two and two together until he finally caught up to what had transpired while he was unconscious. He also at that time became aware that all the money on his person was gone but he was also aware that he did in fact have his life and was now walking back to the pub to share the information o the last two days with the rest of this ragtag group of scoundrels posing as heros in this tale.

(end “solo” session – funk/sig)

Embalmer shop battle

Emblamer Shop Ambush

Our little band of would be hero’s received a letter from Thagus reading:

Tinky anai??i?? Gang

Alright mates. Wipe yer arses anai??i?? pull up yer britches cause itai??i??s about te start raining pickles anai??i?? piss! I wasnai??i??t far off whens I said yeai??i??d slapped a ripe cunt buts I was bloody well off the plank about cleaninai??i?? up pricks. We gots a bag-o-pricks te deal with now lads anai??i?? I ainai??i??t swabbinai??i?? this faggots feast-o-shankies on me own. Yer all neck deep in this ball wackinai??i?? mummers farce anai??i?? I ai???opes fer yer own wee necks yer ready te step it up. Neck deep, or neck off at this point lads. Ye gets me? Time te grow some chin ai???airs and fuck yer faces up. If yer knuckles ainai??i??t bleedinai??i?? yer not ai???ittin right.

So, anywayai??i??after me anai??i?? that Dandelion Eater went depth-side anai??i?? skinned ourselves a couple-o-tatty patties I learned a few things. First, those lankies ainai??i??t the Purpleai???and. Might be some-o-them once were buts theyai??i??ve gone anai??i?? turned coat anai??i?? itai??i??s about te get messy fer ai???em. Iai??i??m talkinai??i?? Fifty Pint-o-Pub Crawl messy. If ye wants te know wot its like te ai???ave-o-ai???ang over like the Storm-o-bloody Chaos thatai??i??s the way-o-doing it Khazalid style. Anai??i?? this problem ainai??i??t much friendlier. Ye gets me?

Now, that bloke, the one yeai??i??ve been tryinai??i?? te clip-o-tongue fer me? Well, I gots a bit-o-info on that muck fucker Jon Albriect Straul. Ye see, ai???e was a military man once like ai???is paps. ai???e made it te Sergeant in the Reiksguard early on but ai???is superiors didnai??i??t like ai???is ugly face anai??i?? they never ranked ai???im any further even though

ai???e proved ai???imself on the field. Well, ai???e was good at wot ai???e did anai??i?? didnai??i??t much like being ai???eld down so ai???e fucked off anai??i?? went rogue. Popped up a few years later as a Mercenary Capt. Thatai??i??s a few years back now lads anai??i?? when Iai??i??s first met ai???im. I started ai???iring ai???im te smuggle goods from ai???ere te Talabai??i??eim, Middenai??i??eim and wot not. Old business, nots wots important ai???ere.

The blokes got a turn cloak fer an arse blanket! Likes I said, yer neck deep in this pile-o-shit anai??i?? Iai??i??d make sure the last thing on yer mind is getting yerselves an arse blanket fer Hekesdrazh.

Iai??i??ll be seeing ye soon so donai??i??t shave.

Thagus Gynt

So the Group now back together again, motivated by thagus, has spent two days planning and scheming to account for every deviation, a way to apprehend the leader of the men who betrayed them, Thagus, and stole Fire’n'gungina’s body whilst nearly killed the scribe.

They spent two days and evenings servaing the area around the shop for guard patrols, how frequently the streets were used at what times, the best places to be to mount an ambush… everything. Nothing was left to chance.

Their plan, lie in wait for the “Captian” as they have come to call him shows up and then poison he with White Lotus poison. It is not lethal but it will render a man unconscious. Funky would wait on the roof top with a few blades dosed with poison and the others strategically placed in the ally as look outs and back up. With the four of them all the streets and escape routes were covered. There would be no surprises.

The would be heros on a mission of revenge conscripted by Thagus but wanted by all made their way into the Merchants Ring. Once they reached the Embalmers shop where they new the villain would show up some time around 2am They assumed their posts and laid in wait.

The witching hour passed and soon enough the “Captain” showed up entering from the south. The pointy eared dandelion eater heard him first and knowing he would be seen quickly took the moment to show off his extra nimbly bimblyness to his mates and preformed a perfect arial over a water barrel and a double half twist into a series of back handsprings down the alley out of sight and with out making a sound. When he landed he looked around to see if anyone had seen … well he knew he was awesome even if no one else did.

The captain knocked at the back door to make his business with the Embalmer. Once concluded Funky launched her poison dosed dagger down at the unsuspecting “Captain” … WHOOOSH…THUNK… WUBAWUBAWUBA, oh no a miss! The dagger flew but inches behind the targets head and landed in the door frame of the Embalmers back door (The very same one that they had paid to replace just days before) vibrating with a hum. With some luck the Captain did not hear the dagger hit the wall.

They had thought of everything except if Funk should miss her shot. The Other members in the party started to react to the miss. But before they could make it to the Captain Funk let loose another dagger… no another miss. Shame filled the halfling as the dagger stuck deep into the building. Dora stealthily hidden in a crate with eye holes cut out and a false bottom was in pursuit of the Captain.

The Elf leapt from his new hiding place with blinding speed and preformed a flying tuck and landed dead in front of the captain who was taken by surprise. The Captain had a quick look around and saw he was out numbered and tried tried to flee. When he turned to run the elf toke a swipe at him and narrowly missed, as the he ran by and towards the main through fair.

With the others the group in tow the elf continued after him. they were falling behind when Dora drooped to her knees and raised her sword in the air and bellowed out a prayer to Sigmar. In a moment of inexplicable chance Sigmar heard the prayer and blessed the followers of Sigmar on the streets that night with portion of his strength. This left their “whites” luminescent in the dark. The group no empowered with Sigmars might caught up to the Captain. With a mighty blow from the elf’s sword he nearly took the Captain’s left leg off. At this moment the Captain realized he had to stand and fight. He did not know why but he felt as though he had the strength of Sigmar in his arms, much like he felt on the battle field years before.

The battle was fierce never had the group faced such a powerful and skilled fighter. He nearly took the scribes life before he was brought down by the halflings poisons. He was badly injured so they took him back to the Embalmers for some “repair” (not to mention the scribe in for some service as well).

Once everyone was stabilized the group set off to meat the man whom they had hired to smuggle the now captured Captain in to Rotters Ring….

(end session)

Dolsin, so grim…

Dolsin’s True Nature Revealed

Once they reached the rondeveux point there was still several hours lleft before they would meet the man scheduled to leave Merchants Ring with his empty barrels. They sttayed in the shadows narrowly avoiding the watch as they patrolled the area. Sigric the Scribe was heavly wounded againyet, he was feelling good by the unexpected visitation of Sigmmar’s power earlier in the Evening.

Just before dawn the barrel rider showed up and they placed the captians body in a barrel as well as that of Sigric the wounded. They then set out to leave the ring and meet back up at the GreenHill Inn.

Once they arrived at the Inn they waited for their Daily deliveries to arrive. Ofcorse with those deliveries they managed to smuggle the subdued and injured captian in to the store room. Where our little group proceeded with thier interragation. We saw a very unexpected side of Dolsin the dandelion eating fairy turned dark in the celler. Where he savvagly skinned the flesh holding the tattoo form the captions chest as well as plucked the finger nails from the captians hands.

Yet the captian did not buckle. He will was strong.

Then Dora stepped in. With a swift and powerful strike to the groin she pounded the captian for information.

Again the captian has a very strong will power.

It was then that the trully dark side of Dolsin was seen for the first time. He ccalmly walked up to the captian and wispered in his ear, placed the pliers on his testiccal and asked him agian … the questions that he wanted to know. The Captian refused top cooperate. CRUNCH!!!! The Captian screamed … and finally answered the elf’s questions. Fuunky shocked to see the dark side of her friends stod on the side hoping her parents did not hear the man’s sreams.

When the captian finished spilling the beans… he stoped and looked at the elf and said “they will be here soon,” and then started to chucle in a less than sane manner.

The elf looked confused at first bet then looked around the room and hi eyes widened. THEE FLESH .. THE TATTOO?!?!?!? He darted across the room snatched up the peice of meaty flesh and darted for the door. As he raiced up the stairs he passed a sleeping Sigric, who was saposed to be on guard duty. He ran clear across town and climbed and danced across roof tops as faries do in the night. When he felt he was far enough faway and close enough to the wall he hurled the meaty peice of flesh. Sadly the meaty flesh was not arrowdynamic aand it fell shor of its goal. It dumbbled deown tthe roof tops and disapeared in the the maze of rotters ring. Disapointed but not disatisfied he returned to his friends oin the rotters ring.

While Dolsin was “running” his errand a messy haired kid made hi sway past the sleeping guard Sigric and knocked on the door to the Greenhill cellar. Dora opened the door expecting to see Sigric with a warnign but instead was greeted by a hudgge smile on a little face. The boy handed him a pakage and letter looked around the room drinking in every detail and turned to leave.

Dora took the package back to her friends to see what tehy thought when there was a sudden cluck of the door as Sigric walked into the room yawning and asking what was going on. THe others sighed. Sigric took his time questioning the Catian but was able to glean little more than swollen hand from beating the catians face.

In the package there was four black silk cloaks and a note from Thagus that read:

Tinky anai??i?? Gang

Alright mates! Seems like ye gots yerself a wiggler. Slap that bleedinai??i?? ball wacker a few times anai??i?? spill ai???is teeth as well as ai???is beans. Make a ripe mess-o-ai???im buts ye better leave ai???im tickinai??i??. Iai??i??s got a few questions fer the Captain meself. Best ye be quick about it, me boysai??i??ll be by in a whoreai??i??s wink te collect yer work.

Good on ye blokes. Bleedinai??i?? bloody blood clots good.

Sharpen yer things. Itai??i??s about te get bloody. Put on yer gifts cause after me boys is gone youai??i??ll be summoned.

If ye make it through this dance-o-death yeai??i??ll get yer just reward anai??i?? ye mights even gain a family.

Thagus Gynt.

THis left a bitter but not unpleasant taste in their mouths. When Dolsin returned they explained to him and sowed him the cloaks and the letter. He read it over and said, “we best get prepared, else we will look like a bunch of ripe cunts.” Just as he finished that sentence the messy haired boy retuned with two huge men with bulging muscles. They took the Captain away, the boy Grinning like an idiot the entire time. With any word at all and faster than that lot looked as though they should move the carried the unconscious Captain out of the cellar and away.

(end session)

Our Band of merry heros were summoned and brought to the now infamous entrance to the Secret Under Ground Layer of the Purple Hand. As our Heros enter the dungeon they all thinkw ,ill I die, what will this be like, please Sigmar look over us, and of corse how much are we going to be paid for this shit!

(In this portion of the chapter instead of writing a summery of the story we will hear each Hero’s account of what had happened. These are the official entries from the head Scribe to Talimar the Invisible, master archer, dancer of shadows and thief extrodinare)

Golden Pendent.

The Sumence from the Hand!

Thagus sends word for the four of you to meet him at the entrence to the Hand’s “secret under ground layer” at midnight, two nights before you are scheduled to leave. Interested and curious as to why he has called for you, since but a week earlier, you were all rewarded the ancient dwarfin coins and a fat purse of gold.

Once you arraive at the know familiar sewer gate in Rotters Ring, you all stand and wait for Thagus to arrive. As you are all begining to wonder where Thagus is, you here a rough and somewhat familiar voice. “Blood and bloody blood clots are you bleeden mummers goign to stand up d’ere all bleed’en night, like a bunch’o'fledgelings waiting for a worm. Get your bleeden arses down’ere for’iz knuckle you inta do’en it.”

You all recognize the acent but his voice is far more raspy than you remember. As Thagus pushes the grate from below to let you climb down the hidden stair case (those of you with night vision)notice that he has a fresh pink scar as wide as three fingers and stretches the entire length of his neck. As you all pull your eyes from the fresh and horific scar, that would have cost any other man his life, your wide eyes meet those of thagus’ and you notice a toothy smile hidden behind a dirty crud invested beard. Slowly replaced by a stern tight lipped and a gutteral “move”.

As you are making your way down the tunnel you see sentries standing just out side the view of the sewer grate. Both men standing there nod at you and let you pass. You all travell further down the corridor and are all amazed that this place was underseige but a few short weeks ago because it is in such an orderly fasion now.

Once you are brought into the main meeting chamber you pass several other guards and men going about theior buisness. But as you pass all the men, they direct you a nod and some even chatter with whispers amung them selfs. You are brought down to one of the two halls, built with the many chambers reserved for the 13 heeads of the thirteen houses. There are guards at every door and the door you are brought to has a bold man standing guard, tall and aware. He has the air of a killer about him but, still manages a natural smile at the sight of Thagus. You hear them speking some kind of jiberish and that none of you are able to make sense of. But the man says to Thagus, “he’s waiting inside for you sir”. “Thanks Jasper,” mutters Thagus as the guard stands to one side of the now open door and jestures for you to walk in. As that last of you enters the room you hear Thagus say “no one enters, understood?” The last of you dart your eyes over your shoulder you see Jasper nod with certinity.

Now in the room, you see it is dimly lit and there is a man sitting at a desk with a lone candle reading a book. He is dressed from head to toe in a black robe and has a small satchell over his shoulder. A raven feathered quill behind his ear and a gold pendent or broach over the left side of hiss chest. It is of a hand with the index and midle fingers crossed. He looks at Thagus and stands. You see Thagus nod at him and then the man looks you all up and down. He bows deepley before you and says to Thagus, “I will tell the master you are here.”

Thagus nods agian and watches the man stand, then walk to wards the standing mirror in the opsite corner of the room. He reaches up with his right hand and grabs the top of the mirror and pulls swiftly down on the frame of the mirror, sending it into a spin. The mirror spins like the spoke of a wagon wheel on it’s axle. End over end and for a moment you thought you saw a dull purple glow from within the mirror. When it stops the reflection in the morrior is strange some how. Then you realize it is reflecting a black room but, it is much larger and in the center there are two men sitting a table talking. They both turn to look in your direction. The man in the black robe steps into the mirrior as if it were to have no glass and was actually a door way. Then with what sounds like your ears clearing after being at altitude the mirror face goes black and it reflects all your suprised faces as a mirror should. The man in the robe is no longer in the room nor can you see him in the mirror.

After a few minutes the clearing sound happens in your ears again and the mirror goes black. A momne tlater it then reflects that room only now the man in the black robe with the gold pendent is sitting at the table with the two other men.

Thagus looks at the lot of you, then points at YOU and says ” oi’ you come wid me” while gesturing towards the mirror. As you step through it, it leaves you with the sensation of stepping out of a cold shower.

In the center of the large round room there is a chair and in front of that chair, maybe ten paces away is a table. A table where the man with the golden broch is sitting on your right side. In the middle is a man with a wide brimmed hat, a playful smile and an off white shirt loosly undone revealing a leanly muscled chest. He also has a jet black, silky cloak, with a some what sparkling purple embroidery that you notice only when it catches the flickering fire light, that is dances torchless and three inches above the table. Over his shoulders sits a hood that he fingers with his right hand every now and then. He also hosts a proud collection of scars but they some how do not take away from his handsome face. He is also playing slight of hand games absent mindedly with a rather ipressive knife, bearing a white handle with a black cross fingered hand engraved upon it. On the left sits a man whom looks to you a little out of place, his robes are of extravagant purples, reds and yellows. He wears glassses and a pencil thin mustache sits on his upper lip barly more than a shawdow in the light. His rings are encusted with jewls and bobles hang from his neck and wrists.

Thagus directs you to sit in the chair. Once you sit down and face the table, the man in the middle tosses the dagger into the air spining end over end … for some reason it makes you think of the mirror. Then as your eyes fallow it up and then down, it lands with a THUD. As it stabs into the table at a perfect 90 degree angle, you see the playful smile evaporate from the center mans’s face. His eys fill with intensity and as they meet yours the core of who you are is affected by this mans stare, fear begins to well in the pit of your stomic and his voice penetrates the silence of the room.

“Now my friend, why dont you tell me what happend that night when you CAME to our aid, fought in OUR chambers and killed the sorcerer Clouson…hmmmm. Please start at the begining…” The playful smile returns to his face but the feeling that this man is no man to trifle with sits heavily on your mind. As you bigin to recount the tale of A theif’s punishment.

Once your tale is spun and you have answered all their questions, which there were many Thagus, whom you forgot was even in the room, helps you out of the chair and walks over to the mirror where he reaches up with his right hand and spins the mirror. When it stops it is showing a reflection of the small room that you spent the last seveal weeks redesigning and outfitting for your small but adiquite headquarters. As you stare in disbelief Thagus gives you a shove and sends you tumbling into your hide out.

With the unexpected shove you fall into your one room hidout and turn to see a mirror mounted on the wall two feet off the ground and two feet wide by four feet tall. The frame is of a hard wood stained black and on the top center of the fram is a carved and embossed hand with crossedd fingers.

An hour or two later, maybe more you are not sure as you have tried to unmount the mirror with out an luck, the clearing sound happens in your ears and another of your crew falls out of the mirror on to the floor.

Sigrich, was the first to enter the mirror and this was his account of the vent

Sir, I have to warn you I am well trained with a blade!

Oh! Ahh! I should thank you for your generous compensation for helping Thagus and crew clearing out the tunnels. Just let us know if you would like anything else and if we can we will try and help you out.

Well we, Tink, Dora, Dolson and I, met Thagus in the appointed tunnel. He gave us these very nice black silk cloaks.

There was this weird flash, obviously magic, and our cloaks had this purple hand glowing on the back. Obviously to help us identify each other.

ai???We all proceeded down the first tunnel, there may have been other guys with us I can’t really remember.
Along this tunnel we came across two guards who we quickly took care of. We then moved into the next chamber, the one with the all the pillars. There were several guys in their who had the decency to die fairly quickly. I felt rather under armoured so i took a shield and some armour of one of the dead as well as the contents of his

ai???We moved up to the door leading into the meeting room with that large table. We figured that the people inside would have heard are fighting and were waiting for us to come through. I can’t remember whose idea it was to spread the lamp oil, maybe it was Tink’s. Anyway Thagus here helped us figure out to but the oil in empty flasks to spread

ai???Well we got the oil out and under the door. Thagus and Dolson smashed through the door just as Tink lit the fuel. Man sake it was so intense. The two guards just inside were engulfed event before I managed to get myself into the room. I jumped over the flames and looked around the room. There were thirteen people siting around the table with the guy whats his name Clauson sitting at the head. Well some of us went to the right killing the guard, or rather finishing of the inflamed guard. The oil was still spreading and the flames engulfed on of the men sitting was sitting at the table. The fire had spread to the tapestries as well so it was getting hotter and

ai???We moved along fighting those who would trying to get to that Clauson guy. We killed 3 or 4 of them some of them ran away down the hall on the left. I looked up from fighting at one moment when I was getting close to Clauson and someone had injured him. Well he cast this spell and the wound closed up on him and appeared on Thagus. Crazy!!!. Anyway we Clauson escaped temporarily, running out the back. We finished up in that room and gave chase on Clauson. ai???

We continued on anyway killing all that got in our way not wearing the magical cloaks. There was a short break were we all caught our breath and had our wounds seen to. Apparently I contracted tomb rot from somewhere. Which I’ve taken care of by the way bloody expensive.

ai??? It was just me an my mates that found Clausonai???. I turn to Thagus and say ai??? What happened to you I last saw you in the room on fire. You must of got pretty messed up. Did someone hang you that scare
is viciousai???

ai???Sorry!ai??? looking back at the guy sitting at the table. ai???This last bit scared us all shitless. We found Clauson in this room surrounded by this dead guys. With a wave of his had Clauson turned the bodies into zombies. It took him two tries but eventually all 8 or so were zombies. While we were hacking
up zombies Clauson continued to cast spells. Something must of gone wrong for him at one point because this gigantic had came out of nowhere and took a swipe at him. It missed and he sent it away. After the zombies were put down we all charged Clauson and attacked him. After what we thought would be the final blow his clothing fell to the floor and there stood some creature which I could only think was a minor demon. A very minor demon because we killed that too. Well that’s about it really I took a helmet of one of the zombie corpses and may have looted them of their money as well.

Whats all this about? Are you sore that I took from them? They were dead and from what I understand they deserved to die? I didn’t think it would be a bad thing if we took from them? Or was this not sanctioned by you is that why Thagus was hung?

where can i buy levitra, where can i buy levitra, where can i buy levitra, where can i buy levitra, where can i buy levitra, where can i buy levitra, where can i buy levitra, where can i buy levitra. Dolsin, was the second to enter the mirror and this was his account of the vent

I wanna ROAK! I… want… to… ROCK!

I’ll try my best but with all the fighting that was going on I may notAi??remember everything. My friends and I entered the underground area with ThagusAi??and proceededAi??down the long tunnel fighting with anyone NOT wearing one of the black cloaks with the glowing hand on the back. It took a couple of hours (fighting through different corridors and rooms) but eventually we thought we had done the job and ThagusAi??left with another member of the hand, a dwarf I think to check on other areas. My friends and I kept up the search just to be sure and discovered what we thought was the sorcerer Clouson, he was in a large room with only one entrance that we could see. Before even getting to the door there was an explosion which knocked us all on our asses. Upon entering the room we could see 6 or 8 dead guys lying on the ground. One of us, I think Funk fired off a shot from her sling hitting Clouson. That probably wasn’t the best idea as ClousonAi??then cast some sort of evil spell which reanimattedAi??4 of the deadAi??guys. We did our best fighting the zombies but unfortunately some of us developed tomb rot. While we were fighting the zombies ClousonAi??was trying to cast some sort of spell, I could see the winds of magic swirling around a spot just in front of Clouson, like some sort ofAi??portal was being opened. By this time the other 4 dead guys were back on the feet and wanting to eat our brains. By the time we finishedAi??them all off there was some sort of really, really nasty looking talonedAi??arm coming through theAi??portal ClousonAi??was opening. I don’t know anything about magic really but I think the spell went wrong, there was a small explosion and the next thing I know ClousonAi??is clutching himself in pain and that nasty looking arm thing was on the ground and the magicAi??portal closed. We engaged ClousonAi??in combat, we tied to kill him as fast as we could and that was when we discovered that it mat not be ClousonAi??at all!! It got to a point where we could see into the hood of the robe he was wearing, it wasn’t a face more of an energy. I don’t have any clue what it was but we did eventually manage to defeat it.

That’s about all I can remember.

Tinkerbell, was the third to enter the mirror and this was his account of the vent

Short, thick and deadly with a blade!

I’ll do my best to recall what happened, however some details will be lost due to the passage of time and others to the fog of battle. For that I apologize. Before I begin, I would also like to thank you for your generous gift of gold.

The first thing I recall is Thagus giving us black silk cloaks that glowed with a symbol of a hand so that we might distinguish each other in the chaos of battle. Our first encounter was with two guards – to which Thagus issue a verbal challenge. Clearly the response he received was not the correct one because they were dispatched shortly thereafter. We made our way without too much difficulty to the great hall. After listening at the closed door we could distinguish several separate voices. Since we were about to encounter an unknown number of foes I suggested we devise a plan of attack that would hopefully take them by surprise and even the odds in our favour.

We emptied our lamp oil under the door and positioned ourselves for the attack. I know 2 of our party charged and shoulder slammed the door. One of the 2 was Thagus but I’m unsure if the other was Dolsin or Siggy. It would make sense for it to be Siggy because he is the strongest but for some reason I recall it being Dolsin. At any rate after the two burst through the door we could see there were 13 men seated at the table and two guards stationed at either side of the door.

Once our party was through the door and clear we executed our plan: We lit the oil and the and then squeezed two full wineskins of water on to the flaming oil in opposing directions. This left us a relatively clear path in to the room. I think the resulting conflagration even caught our party members by surprise. As a cook, I’ve seen the results of pouring water on a grease fire – it never ends well. The two guards were caught flat-footed and were fully engulfed before they knew what happened. I saw Thagus gesture through the flames and smoke at the man seated at the head of the table – the sorcerer you call Clouson. I’m fairly certain it was Dolsin who heeded the command. With a flourish of impressive acrobatics he leapt, dove and summersaulted his way across the room – avoiding grasping hands and swinging steel. He was soon at Clouson’s side ready to cut him down. However almost as soon as he had his feet under him he was promptly rendered unconscious. Meanwhile Thagus was a whirlwind of quicksilver and flesh taking on multiple adversaries. The remaining 3 of our party picked up cloaks we had scavenged from the Pretenders we had dispatched earlier and ran through the flames to join the fight.

At this point the room was fully engulfed. Tables were burning, chairs were ablaze,Ai?? tapestries were bursting into flame, black and acrid smoke was quickly filling the chamber. Before the guards were completely immolated they ran screaming through the chamber, catching other items and individuals on fire. It looked as though Clouson was conjuring something as he held his hands in front of him. I loosed a shot from my sling and struck him in an attempt to foil his spell. Soon Thagus was upon him but through some trickery, and with a flash of smoke, all wounds that Clouson had suffered were transferred to Thagus and vanished from his own flesh. It appeared as though he had thrown a vial of something to the floor to achieve this. I would guess that it was his second in command that grabbed Clouson and threw him through the door at the other end of the chamber. At this point scene was one of complete terror and pandemonium and was clearly too much for 4 other Pretenders who fled from the room like cowards. The remaining 8 died at the hands of our party or through immolation.

Our party then rushed after the fleeing Clouson. This left me and an unconscious Dolsin in the middle of the conflagration. The air stunk of dead, burnt hair and charred flesh. Breathing as little as possible, I pulled him to safety through the same door and shut it behind us in an attempt to slow the progress of the inferno.After Dolsin came to we joined our party and began a room by room search of the sleeping quarters. Our search proved fruitless and we found ourselves in the chamber at the end of the hall. Thagus explained that this chamber belonged to the head of this sect of the hand. Unsure what to do we retraced our steps trying to determine what had happened. Could this mage teleport? Was there a secret passage unknown to us? Had we really seen him go through that door or was it another form of trickery?

After some backtracking we bursting into a hallway that was filled with men mid-battle. More Pretenders and another party of Thagus’ men. There were casualties on both sides but our appearance quickly turn the tide in our favour. At this point the party split up. After quickly conferring with another of his men, Thagus charged off down the hall to the stairs for reasons unknown to us. Things get a bit hazy for me at this point as I have never in my life seen so much blood and gore. I thought we had a moment to rest and compose ourselves but it was not to be. The dead began to reanimate which brought back terrible memories for me. before we had time to think there were four fallen warriors who had risen from the dead and were pursuing us. The only other friendly face I recall was Dora at my side. Whether it was just us two I cannot say. We may have dragged other party members through the door to safety as well, I do not know… at this point I had lost all reasoning and was operating on blind instinct.Ai?? I do recall hammering a spike in to the ground to prevent the undead from coming through the door. Things get very blurry for me at this point… Dora may have sprinted off to pursue Clouson – I am not sure. I do recall closing a second door and hammering another spike into the ground to keep this door closed as well. There is a faint memory of another door being magically secured. I believe we tried to smash and pry our way through to no avail…

I do remember coming out of this foggy nightmare to find the party all together again (less Thagus) in a small room. Bodies littered the floor and our adversary, Clouson, stood at the far side of the room. Again bodies began to reanimate. Four fallen men staggered to their feet in sickening fashion and began to stumble towards us. As my 3 friends stormed the room I noticed Clouson begin to conjure again. He held his hands out in front and began to weave his magics. It looked as though a small portal began to open. Fearing he would soon raise the remain 4 corpse, I took aim with my sling and struck him. It was clear his concentration had lapsed. As much to his surprise as ours, a hulking arm plunged through the portal and swiped at him. Just as quickly, the spell was finished and the portal closed, severing the arm and raising the remain 4 bodies from the dead. The massive arm lay twitching on the floor spurting black blood as 8 undead men advanced on our party.

Desperately out numbered we retreated to the entrance of the room to fight the walking dead in a more manageable fashion and to heal our injured party members. We dispatched these shuffling horrors and soon there was a wall of gore and flesh almost blocking the entrance to the room. With the end nearly in sight we rushed the room again and set ourselves on Clouson. The battle was fierce and I know that for myself I was unsure of the outcome. Even out-numbered 4 to 1 we barely defeated him. Amidst the whirling of steel and magic I’m unsure who dealt the death knell. Most likely Dolsin or Siggy. It was a mighty cleave with a sword that cut through Clouson. The air filled with unearthly rasping shrikes that would make your blood run cold. At this point the remnants of Clouson, a man of flesh, fell away and what remained must surely have been the embodiment of pure evil. A figure stood before us, hooded and shrouded in black. To me it was clear that this was no earthly creature as there was only blackness and shadow where a face should be. We wasted no time plunging steel in to whatever this creature was. The last thing I recall was a deafening crack and blinding flash. Whether that was the sound of my head smashing again the wall of from the banishment of this creature I do not know. The next thing I recall is coming to with a ringing in my ears. I and the rest of my party had been blown back in to the opposite walls of the room . Bodies were splayed left and right. Somehow we had all survived and our part in this ordeal was over.

I hope my account will help to shed light on what has transpired in the tunnels. Also before I take my leave, I humbly ask for any assistance you may be able to provide me in the creation of a new type of weapon. I know that you are men of power, means and vision otherwise you would not be where you are. The weapon I have in mind would harness the power of fire to devastating effect as in the great hall but in a more controlled manner. I believe it could be mutually beneficial for us to pursue the development of this weapon. Once again I thank you for your generosity and I offer you my allegiance should you ever require my service again in the future.

Dora, was the last to enter the mirror and this was his account of the vent

I don’t just sing… I also know where the pointy end goes!

Thagus brought us to the entrance of the stronghold. Two guards blocked our way, which we made quick work of. Leading up to the main room was the corridor, and it was empty. We heard noises behind the doors of the room, and after quick debate decided to make ourselves known.

The door was broken down by force, and lantern oil was thrown in front of us onto the floor of their meeting place. When we were all clear, the oil was lit. An epic eruption of flame and fear burst forth. Most of the impostors ran, and we slaughtered those that did not.

Someone escaped our swords however. We gave chase , and came to an empty room. It was a dead end. In the heat of battle, instinct took over, and survival remained priority. Searching the room, I took two bottles of what appeared to be potions. We continued on.

We finally found the foe, and his magic took us by surprise. He was a necromancer, and slain men arose from their once forever sleep. We continued to fight the dead things, until …. AGIANT HAND CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!! It totally bitch-slapped the wizard in the face. That was our opening. We killed him good, and his gold was ours!

Great success!



The Purplehand’s Response

Our group of little heros with big hearts were making the last minute preparations to leave, when there was a knock at the door of their “hide out & evil layer”. Tink darted to the door and climbed up on the foot stool that was sitting next to the door so she could peer out the makeshift security window. To her surprise that little boy with the messy hair whom had delivered them their cloaks was standing out side the door with his eyes darting up and down the alleyway.

She opened the door for him and he promptly handed over the letter and then darted off down the alleyway before she could ouster any thanks she may have had to offer.

She closed the door and wandered over to the table where the others were now sitting and drinking some cheep grog. She sat down and opened the letter, it read.

To my knew friends,

It seems you had quite and adventure in my safe house. An event that has now caught my eye and I am told that I owe you some thanks for bringing this betrayal to my attention.

I am also told that you have defeated the Wizard Claweson, an impressive feat indeed. I have also been told that is likely no the last of him that we have seen, that what you fought was likely some kind of shade. Either way the fact that you did what you did and still live to tell the tall is something of note and have not gone with out notice.

It is because of this I have chosen to give you the status of Neophyte with my guild. This means that you will retain your cloaks and you can use them to identify yourselves as associates of mine.

When you think of our orginization you likely bring an image of a hand to your mind and like all hands there are four fingers and a thumb. Think of your selves as the four fingers on that hand. I know you are thinking who is the thumb, it’s not me if that is what you are thinking. It is Thagus the gentle Dwarf whom has sponsored you. When you think of me you should think of me as the brain who tells the digits what to do.

As you know a hand is next to useless with out a thumb, so remember you report to him and if needs to make a fist you will be there to make it happen.

As a neophyte you will have the privileges as such, if you get in trouble the rest of us will be there to help, but if you bring unnecessary attention or trouble to us then you will be judged for it and perhaps disciplined should it be necessary.

I don’t want you to think that we consider you our dogs, because we don’t but like a chain we are only as strong as our weakest link.

To be come a full member of our orginization you must go through three trials. This incident with the betrayal and the destruction of Claweson’s shade has impressed me and I am counting this as your first trial, accomplished.

The other two trials will unfold over time, perhaps it will be an errand we send you upon or a circumstance that you prove your value to us again. It will remain to be seen.

For now go forth to the mountains as I know you have planned and be save. Should you need a warm bed, help or sanctuary from the law, just remember crossed bones bring a man luck.

Good journey to you.

(end online session)

CHAPTER IV – Across the Wall

The elven barge..?

Leaving the city wall, are you fonging crazy!

So our group after a two month break and some training to strengthen their ability to survive the grim and perilous world received their payment for hunting down the Captian and bringing him to Thagus, as well as a fat bonus for helping with the little issue the Hand was having with some Internal Restructuring.

As promised they received some additional ancient dwarvin coins as well as 25 gold each for their hand in “a thief’s punishment.” Dolsin was also able to get a lead on getting the map translated from Ancient dwafish however, it means leaving the city. JESUS SUFER’N FUCK!
So the group made arrangements, bought supplies and soon found themselves on a sea elf river barge.

The person whom would be able to translate this is some kind of hermit that lives in the grey mountains to the south west. Since he has forsaken city life and seems to have survived this long in the wilds their only option was to go to him. He gave them directions on how to find him … but as our group of heros will soon realize, they are vague at best and may be useless. Never the less our Heros decided to set out with a list of supplies and a hunting dog.

The fist day on the boat was not to bad as it was spent almost entirely inside the city walls. Dolsin was able to get them on board and all they had to do was pull their weight in order to hitch the ride.

Their were shown 6 use full and all important knots for sailing: while also shown what duties they would be expected to preform while on board. Though it did seem that none of them were cut out for life at sea…

The lot of them got ill from the strange motion of being on the water but, no so ill ass Dora. She brought her insides out and on the the deck on a daily basis. Well the days she made it out of bed. But as it luck would have it on the final day she had acquired her sea legs and was feeling much better. After travelling down river for five days they asked to be let off as this was approximately where they would need to get off in order to attempt to find the first land mark.

Unfortunately with out any docks present the barge could only get so close to the shore. This meant that the group would have to jump for it. It was a long jump and they had to jump as none of them know how to swim and the boat could not anchor.

Our witty and cleaver group of heros came up with a cleaver plan, or so they thought. Since Funky was not able to come close to jumping the distance needed they decided to tie a rope around her waist and Dolsin’s. Seeing as how he would have had the easiest time clearing the distance.

Well he made his move … with all the elvin grace he could muster, which as it turns out was very little, he sprang in to the air but his thrusting foot slipped up and he only cruised a few feet into the water. He panicked! The others stood on the boat amazed that he did not make it and started to wonder how they would. Before any one realized it Yoink!! Funky was pulled in to the water by the rope that joined her to Dolsin. Since the boat never stopped moving She got yanked hard. Of corse she could not swim either. wa wa wa waaaaaa!

The loyal dog known only as “dog” was excited to see his master “dive” into the water he leapt in as well and started to swim towards he flailing Halfling master barely keeping herself from drowning.

The other two had a different plan and that was to tie all the packs together and jump across. After Dora saw that … she snatched up her pack, threw it over her shoulders and mad mad dash with a leap of faith for the shore line. While in mid air she exposed her ever impressive breasts with the awe-inspiring tattoo dedicated to Sigmar bouncing with the movement of her tits (giving the comet life as if it was soaring towards the earth. With an unbelievable skill almost as if she were nudged through the air by the had of Sigmar she landed on dry ground.

Sigrich’s eyes widened for two reasons: one he loves how Dora is always exposing her breasts in prayer to sigmar, and for the fact that she made the leap. After his eyes stopped teir bulging and he was able to put the wood away he finished tying the gear together with one of the knots that he had learned in the past week. He stood up and started to make the jump. With all his might, focus, and desperation he leapt off the side of the ship. He kept moving his legs as if he were running on air, yet it had little effect but it was just enough .. he made the didstance. But when he turned to pull the gear off the boat the rope ran tight and ZIIING he was yanked form the shore line into the water. He too Panicked!!! wa wa wa waaaaaaa!

Dora quickly dropped her pack and ran to cut a tall vut narrow sapling down from the forrest line. She ran back and was able to pull the elf and the halfling out of the water. But then Dolsin did a heroic thinig… he looked at Sigrich and with out concern for his own health tossed a length of the rope that was no longer tied to Funky and said hold this… ran toward the edge and lept in to the river to help his friend and comrade. Unfortunately in his eagerness to help ho over shot the jump and landed right on top of Sigrich and broke his nose and some ribs. Sigrich started to drown.

Dorah still with her breasts exposed looped the rope around her arm and pulled and Dolsin hit the scribe full force in the face and chest. As the line tightened in her grip the breasts bulged and flexed bringing her tattoo alive with movement once more. For a moment she even thought they started to lactate under the strain of the two panicking, drowning, fools on the other end of the line. With all her might she was able to pull the two to shore and the four of them were able to hoist their water soaked gear to shore.

Now cold and wet they were able to put together a small fire and sit praying for warmth an wondering WTF they were going to do in the wilds as they watched the barge disappear into the river bends. There was no going back now… there is only forward…DUM DUM DUMMMMM!

(end session)



One whole day in the forrest alone … and already one man down…

Our our heros decided to divide the night init to four hour watches and guard their inured friend that was have come to call the scribe. After all he barley survived the fiasco of getting off the river barge and nearly drowned after our heroic elf smashed in his face with his knee by mistake.

It was during the second watch when Dora first heard some strange sounds from the forrest. It was not long until she deduced that is was quite possibly a group of green skins. She jumped to her feet and called out to her friends…”Get up monkeys… we are under ATTACK!”

With that the rest of the party rose from their beds grabbed what they could and came out to meet their enemies. When they banded together around the fire they could hear their enemies coming through the bush. Most of the group took a step back from the very sight of these barbaric greens skinned beacons of chaos, known as ORCS.

The Orcs stepped forth from the trees … at least two of the three did anyway. The two that stepped out were armed with swords and shield. The savagery and stink the emanated from them made the group feel ill and frightened at the same time. The little rouge Tink felt this more than the rest.

The battle was swift but it was also damaging. None in our little group was able to fully equip their armour before they were attacked. If it were not for Tinks loyal and fearless companion “Dog” our little group may have left us in the middle of out story.

Dog courageously went head to head with all the orcs helping to give our little group the upper hand. While he savagely bit and barked at the Orcs the other were able to take advantage of their would be murders and land killing blows. Then Dog went running in to the woods and launched himself at the unknown Orc archer hiding in the tree line. With one savage and horrific snarling bite Dog nearly took the head of the orc clean off. Quicly our little group fallowed suit and brought down the final Orc.

Unfortunately some of our group were injured during the battle. Sigrich, Dolsin, and Dora now had new wounds. Tink shaken more than she would like to admit, muttered under her breath “I wish we never left the City… we will die out here…”

No one was able to sleep any more and they decided the best thing to do was destroy the bodies in the fire and clean up the now dismembered camp. Their makeshift fishing net was successful in yielding some food. So this band of would be heros had fried fish for breakfast and hot tea.

They decided to rest most of the day but Dolsin grew weary and bored of the idle time in camp. He borrowed Tink’s crossbow and went off into the woods hunting.

In the woods he was wandering for an hour maybe two when he finally found a trail. It looked like a dear trail, maybe as we know this is the first time this elf had ever been in the woods. After a short time the elf heard a sound, a snapping twig, behind him DUN DUN DUN. When he whipped his head around he did not see a dear but, instead it was a wild boar! A big wild boar. He fired a shot but missed. the boar began to charge.

Dolsin being an adept acrobat was able to leap and bounce out of the way finding himself some what at home in the woods. He turned and drew his sword to face the boar. The battle was fierce and in the end the elf was triumphant. Unfortunately he took a terrible wound to the head from the great boars tusks. Now that he was ready to head back to camp and get the others so they could harvest this beast he realized he was lost. After all it was his first time in the woods.

Meanwhile the others started to wonder what happened to the elf. After a debate and waiting a couple more hours they decided that the best corse of action was to leave Sigrich at camp and go looking for the elf.

They made their way into the forrest and after an hour or so they found what looked like his trail. They fallowed it for some time until they came across a small but definite battle ground. The two women looked at each other and frowned. “I hope this does not spell the worst for Dolsin,” said the Singer. A moment or two later they were able to determine that someone had been dragged off and they decided to fallow the trail.

After some time they came across a homestead and small farm. They were both shocked and looked at each other… how is this possible the both thought. No one was to be able to survive out side of the city walls. After their encounter on their first night they could see why. But to have a home stead here… strange and there was no way that this was orc built. They investigated and in the end came up empty handed. Especially after Dora frightened the woman in the house after assaulting the door and demanding some help. The dog did however pick up the trail of the drag marks again and the three followed them…

While this was all happening, the would be priest and former scribe Sigrich was left back at camp severely wounded… alone! It started to get dark and before long he started to wonder if his friends would be coming back at all. He feared the worst.

It was a couple hours after dark when he heard the sound or chatter from the tree line. When he looked up he saw three shapes, Orc shapes sneaking around in the tree line…

Elsewhere, Tink and Dora followed the trail that Dog was leading them down and before too long they saw, to their surprise a wood wall fortified town. They approached and at the gate were able to find out their comrade had been found severely wounded in the forrest and was taken to a healer of some kind and was put to rest in one of the local taverns.

The two decided to see Dolsin and confirm the guards story. Once that was accomplished they hired a guide to help them collect Sigrich so they could plan their next move in the safety of this town or small city that they have learned is called Sanctuary.

Once Tink arrived at camp she saw that their belongings were torn and scattered to the wind and the body of Sigrich was lying next to the now barley smouldering fire. He looked dead. She decided to her what she could and bring the near death scribe back to Sanctuary for medical attention.

Once they arrived back at the inn, called The Vulgar Unicorn who’s sign was a rampid snarling unicorn with a massive erection, Dora did what she could for the scribe. Having revived him enough so that he could join them for food. So our four would be heros sat around the a table in the vulgar unicorn listening to Sigrichs tale.

(end session )

(Sigrichs story written by DM fallows…)

-[ ai???I'm glad to see that you're alright Dolson. It was pretty stupid to go out hunting all

ai???Believe me I know it was stupid because it was pretty stupid to stay at the camp all We should have packed up the camp and then tried to find him. That way no one was alone. I won't be alone out here again I can tell you that much.

After you two left to find numb-nuts here, I was looking after the fire continuing to sharpen my stakes for all the good it does. I was actually enjoying the peace and quite. Dog wasn't underfoot. I didn't have to see Dora continually flash her tits, they are nice tits so I'm not complaining about you flashing them all the time. Dolson wasn't playing and I couldn't hear Funks stomach growling. Like I said it was peaceful. All I could hear was the river and my thoughts on Sigmar.

But all of a sudden, I heard a sound that I dreaded to hear and dread to ever hear again. I heard rustling in the bushes of some thing very large and the very distinct grumblings of orcs. I was on my feet in an instant. I ran behind the tents in hopes that they wouldn't find the camp and just pass by. I should have run away but I guess I foolishly thought that I could defend the camp.

Well, I was sure wrong. They came into our clearing, 3 of them. Two of them had bows and one the leader of their group had a sword. They started to spread out, the 2 archers started to circle the camp looking around. The leader went for one of the tents. I was seriously fucked but I still didn't try and run. Stupid!! I was even told so later.

Anyway I could run but I thought I had to stay and protect the camp as stupid as it sounds. I thought we won't have a shit chance in hell if we loose our equipment but then again I don't have a shit chance if I'm

So what did I do? As soon as the leader was in the tent I attacked him with all that I had. Which was no where near enough. I wounded him but as it seems to go with me my blows have little affect on those wearing armour.

While he thrashed to get himself out of the tent. The archer on my right fired a shot at me and hit me in the leg. It was one of the worst wounds that I ever took in one go. It nearly killed me. Then I turned to see the leader had made his way out of the tent and was right pissed at me. He swung his sword and I just stood there and watched it sail at me and boom that was it. He hit me and I went down end of story. I was dead for sure.

Well the next thing I know I come to, and there is this blinding light. Well not quite blinding but a light so bright that it just starts to be too bright you only need to squint slightly. We all have seen this light before. The last time that I almost died.

When my eyes adjusted there He was standing there shaking his head at me. He just looked at me with disappointment for what seemed like an eternity. It was all I could do but to stare at my shoes in shame. ai??? I thought I told you to fight smarter Son of Sigmarai??? he boomed. ai???I see you trying to fight a battle of unbeatable odds foolishly when you should run. I see you fighting in battle and not using all the skills that I have allowed you to His eyes burned brightly in the shape of the twin-tailed comet. ai???I did not amass my greatness by fighting foolishly never backing down so I could fight another day when the odds were more in my favour. I would not be a god if I fought like you!!!ai??? With those words he stabbed his fingers towards me. I thought he was about to smite me into oblivion. But he had other plans.

ai???I see you here again not so long after I spoke to you the last he sighed with disappointment. ai???This time you are going to have to fight for your life to be He continued to glare at me. ai???You better fight to your best ability use all your skills, this could be your last fight so you must make it look good, use your skills that I have caused for you to learn, you must impress me and you must win to survive. For your opponent, you will have to fight your own worst enemy!ai???

I looked beside me and a man materialized a few feet away from me dressed and armed head to toe exactly as I was. He had the same armour, clothes and the same weapons and shield except everything was a blazing white like our clothes after Sigmar's last visit. He then turned and looked at me. It was ME!!! Oh my god I am my own worst enemy. It! Me! Whatever! Nodded to me as if it knew exactly what I was thinking! His eyes were exactly as Sigmar's glowing in the shape of the twin-tailed comet. And on his shield a picture of the comet.

Sigmar now sat down on a throne that just materialized beneath him as he sat. He looked over his shoulder an motioned his hands and a serving wench came from no where and gave him a drinking horn and a haunch of deliciously cooked meat. ai???Begin!ai???

I realized then I was seemingly uninjured. Well not really uninjured I could still vaguely feel all the wounds that I had but they were causing me no pain or hindrance to my movements as if I was uninjured.

I stood there ready waiting for the apparition of me to come to me first. He swung and missed and I swung and missed. I backed off making him to come to me again. I did this throughout the fight hoping to tire him out if he could be tired out. I weaved an dodged and kept moving.

I don't remember which one of us connected the first blow but I must say ai???Itai??? can hit hard. Even with all my dancing about it managed to hit me a few times. I came very close to loosing it was a blur. About all I can clearly remember about it was my final blow.

We had both took several wounds and were both close to being done. I swung with all I had left and everything seemed to slow down. I hit him in the Right leg my sword went clean through It's thigh. It looked into my eyes the comet still blazing we both new it was finished. I screamed in triumph and kicked its leg from beneath him and watched him fall to the ground.

I then realized that I had not only shamefully disrespected my worthy opponent, but that that opponent was really myself. Again showing that I was my own worst enemy. I could see that Sigmar felt the same as I did even though he was pleased at my victory. ai???Son you should always show respect your fallen enemy. Always! Well if there are creature of Chaos piss on them for all I care! If they are otherwise treat them with the dignity that they deserve! ESPECIALLY those that would be one of my own!!ai???

Sigmar stood and smiled at me. ai???You have shown yourself worthy. Barely! But worthy to continue as a vessel for this quest I have sent you on! I truly hope you have learned your lesson well and this is the last time I see you here before me by your own foolish mistakes. Be sure to tell your friends this tale so they too can learn!ai???

The next thing I know i come too in excruciating pain in our camp with Funk poking at me to see if I'm alive. Hmm I just noticed on my way down here tonight my shield. It has The Comet burned into it. I am truly blessed.

(end solo session)


Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn

After listening to the Scribes other worldly tale our group of heros sat drinking and discussing what they should do next now that they had lost most of their supplies. The pub they were in was named the Vulgar Unicorn located in the Maze a seedy and dangerous neighbourhood in the city of Sanctuary.

(excerpt from Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn adventure module)

"Itai??i??s another typical night at the Vulgar Unicorn, though typical covers a wide range of conditions here in the Maze. Unusually cold rain drizzles down outside, the remnants of a storm that blew in off the sea this morning. The wooden building is no better constructed than any other in the Maze, and the creaks and groans it gives up every time the wind blows arenai??i??t encouraging. A slow drip proves the roof is in no better shape than the walls, and keeps time as it plops loudly into a pot set on one end of the tavernai??i??s counter. A few flickering lamps shed poor light in the lower level of the tavern, and a single lamp illuminates the only
table occupied on the balcony level above. Thereai??i??s no fire in the fireplace, and itai??i??s not really cold enough for anyone to complain about that. The tavern isnai??i??t pleasant tonight, but itai??i??s more gloomy than uncomfortable.

Itai??i??s not a bad storm, but itai??i??s gone on all day and by now most Sanctans have decided itai??i??s not worth struggling against. Likely, the only patrons here tonight are those with business that canai??i??t wait and those with homes even less comfortable on a rainy night than the tavern. As a result, itai??i??s a slow night, with just six people in the common room other than yourselves. Pegrin the Ugly sits behind the tavernai??i??s chipped wooden counter tiredly, serving what few drinks are ordered. The lone barmaid here tonight, a fair young woman youai??i??ve heard Pegrin call Minx, has given up on bright conversation and simply waits near the kitchen door for someone to signal a desire for a drink or food. No minstrel or entertainer is trying his luck here tonight, so the only sounds are the murmurs of low conversations, the splashing of feet going through puddles outside and the wind whistling through shutters that are only a little more secure shut than they would be if open.

Three of the tavernai??i??s patrons sit together near the front door, burly men sullenly nursing cheap drinks and quietly talking among themselves. They wear the simple leathers and long knives of hired thugs, and every few minutes one of them shoots an irritated glance at the door. If they have business here tonight, itai??i??s with someone who hasnai??i??t arrived yet. Not far from the table of ruffians is the fourth patron, an older man in worn clothes and heavy cloak that are clearly Ilsigi in design, but have seen better days. The man keeps his head down and hasnai??i??t spoken since any of you have entered. In fact, heai??i??s barely moved at all, with only the occasional sigh or adjustment of his cloak as proof heai??i??s alive at all.

Furthest from any other occupied table sits a woman in a heavy, hooded robe, the hood pulled up to conceal her face. The shape hinted at under the cloth and the delicate features that can be glimpsed from time to time suggest sheai??i??s an attractive woman, but sheai??i??s making no effort to take advantage of that. Sheai??i??s obviously alert, glancing at any sudden noise or voice, but seems more cautious than nervous. Sheai??i??s actually eating a meal, the only one of the six patrons to do so, and has ordered the best fare the Vulgar Unicorn has to offer (which isnai??i??t saying all that much). Above her, the lone patron to sit on the balcony level sits casually, seeming to enjoy the dreary night. He is a trim and fit younger man, obviously full of the confidence often found in braggarts and bullies. He has a longsword dangling from one hip, and wears well-used leather armor and heavy boots. Like the woman, he seems alert, especially when the wind comes howling through the cracks in the walls and sets the tavernai??i??s lanterns flickering.
The quiet feels a bit like an audience waiting for a play to begin, as if the main act of the tavernai??i??s night is about to begin. Thereai??i??s a little tension in the air, but thatai??i??s not unusual in the Maze. Itai??i??s another typical night in the Vulgar Unicorn, and that means anything can happen."

After a few hours of discussing what to do and not coming to any conclusion other than the beer here was watered down, the party is distracted by two of the three men sitting at another table raised their voices and their fist in a disagreement. Right as one of them men was about to strike the other a strong gust of wind tore through the pub extinguished all the light in. Left in total darkness and the sounds of the curfufel left nearly everyone in the room to jump to their feet.

The man that was struck went stumbling through the dark and bumped into Dora. Who nimbly spun out of her chair and placed the oaf in a choke hold with her dagger to his throat. There were some other sounds and and suddenly smoke filled the air causing some of the patrons to cough.

In less than a minute the city guards burst into the Inn and brought with them torches to reveal an unfortunate scene. Dorah had a man at dagger point two other men were standing with bruised faces and fists up. The dandelion eater was standing with a blood soaked dagger at his feet and blood all over his right hand. The woman was cowering at her table and the man in the corner of the room was stabbed to death still with a matching dagger to the one at Dolsin's feet sticking out of his back.

Needless to say the whole lot of them were arrested and taken to the stockades to be interrogated by a truth seeker.

After several hours in a holding cell and a long drawn out process of interrogations our group of heros were not found guilty thanks to the truth seeker, but instead, as all the evidence pointed towards Dolsin, they were charged with finding the actual murderer or Dolsin would be found guilty by the city magistrate. They were given an official writ proving their position as ofical investigators of this murder and were ordered not to leave town.

So our group of heros or perhaps murderers headed back to the vulgar unicorn to salvage some sleep and start with clearing Dolsin's name after they rested and got some proper food in their bellies.

(end session)

Capter V - Sanctuary?

Rooftop Shinanigans

On the Rooftops searching for the “Sisters of Silence and Pigs?”

Our rag tag group of would be heros now charged with finding a murderer to clear Dolsin’s good name? Spent the day attempting to rein-act the crime. This was where Dolsin knew he could shine. Hid theory was that the man on the upper balcony who had disappeared the night of the murder was the one who framed him for the murder. He proposed that he flipped off the balcony and down to the main floor in silence and raced across the room killed the man they now know as Ellrissi, threw the knife at Dolsin’s feet and fled the scene.

After several rather un-miraculous attempts to nimly-bimbly leap and double back flip from the the balcony he decided it would have been impossible as he could not do it even in the light of day. He did however injure himself twice while preforming the experiment. This however was well received by the other patrons of the bar. They hooted and cheered every time he came crashing bupropion overnight. KABLAMO to the floor with the grace of a rock that bounces down a cliff to find it self smashing into the earth with a wicked thud. Then elf finally turned to his friends and the patron and said, “there is no way he went that way, and shrugged in a comical way… the patrons roared with laughter and even bought the dumb dandelion eater a drink.

The rest of the group sought out to the the skinny on a some of the members of a group of men called the “Brother Whisperer “. As they had been lead to believe that the used a similar knife to symbolize their group. This yielded some solid info on how to track them down.

Meanwhile Dora’s research method differed from the others, she walked up to the bar man in the Putrid unicorn and stated to flirt. Once she started to get some information and a free drink she decided it was time to bring to the big guns to get this man to talk. She unveiled her breast with one deft movement and plunged her hand into her trousers and lubricated her fingers with her vaginal secretions. As the barmen stared at her formidable breasts blazing with the twin tailed comet of Sigmar she wafted her fingers beneath the mans nose and smeared the sticky liquid on to his moustache.

The barman’s eyes widen as he drank in her pheromones and he let it spill that the three gents that started the fight were members of the “Silent Brothers”. Satisfied with her find she pranced back to the table giving her tushy a little extra jiggle. She sat down with her friends to share her finding as they would with her about how to find the band of brothers.

They decided the best corse of action would be a steak out. They also decided that Dolsin and Tink should be on the roof tops to do the spying… (I smell trouble here… da da DUN!) So leave it to our unique group of rough necks to get into a confrontation with 6 potential murderers in the night on the streets of the maze while there two want to be warrior priests waited for them in the bar.

(end session)

Roof Tops of Miss Aventure

Two of our group of would be heros (Dolsin & Funky) set off to fallow and possibly ambush the secret sisterhood of broken dreams, at the very least fallow them to their hideout. With the information that the group was able to muster the day before they new that some time this evening the Silent Brothers would meet in an alley way before making their weekly extortion rounds. So after short time on the streets our heros decided that their best chance to remain undetected would be to take to the roof tops and spy on the sisters from there. Once on the roof tops they made their way to two different roofs that had a good view of the area that the Secret Forever Bros would be meeting.

While at the pub Dora was doing her own research in to the murder and Sigrich was growing weary of idol progress. He decided to go to the meeting place and help the others in their spying. So out the door he went and walked briskly to where the Sordid Cousins of Cunning were to meet. He positioned himself in front of an alley across from the side street the brothers were to meet. As he scanned the area he could not see his comrades… nor can he see either of the Brothers which he is certain of what they look like.

After waiting patiently the time had finally arrived, the sisters of men finally appear in the alley way, although the six of them come in from three different directions. They immediately congregate and begin to discuss something that neither of our two, now would be spies, can hear. After a few moments the Brothers begin to leave the alley way. With that our two roof top spies move forward across their respective roofs to maintain view on the Silent brothers. Whom all are wearing their boars head daggers in plain sight. As the elf and halfling move across the roof tops one of them looses their footing and sends a piece of shite shingling tumbling towards the alleyway. A moment after the shingle hits the ground the Brothers stop dead in their tracks and look around .. one of them sees the shingle and looks to the roof top and spies the spy.

Instantly he calls to his mates and they disperse. Leaving two who draw their slings and wind up and loose two stones towards the halfling. Both miss as the halfling launched herself to safety on the roof. The elf hunkered down behind a chimney to gain cover from the attackers below. Two of the Brothers raced around the corner to gain access to the roof top with out notice… unfortunately one of the sisters of secrets fell with a loud grunt and THUMP as he hit the ground. While the other made it to the roof top and attempted to sneak up on the elf as he crouched hiding.

Ranald’s luck and crossed finger bones must have been watching over our elf this night as the brother that was sneaking up behind him, dagger drawn, slipped and fell past the elf and slid off the side of the roof falling to the street with an awful snapping sound, fallowed by a cry of pain. This was too close for our elf and he stood up and dashed off to leave the scene. As he ran towards the edge of the roof and was preparing to leap to the next he saw one of the secret sons of silence just poking his head up as he was climbing upon the roof top. Immediately the elf grabbed the opportunity and with out breaking stride used the brothers head as a springboard to complete the leap to the other roof and sent the unfortunate silent son crashing back into the earth. As the poor secret keeper of forever bros hit the ground there was a sickening crunch accompanied by a swift and final exhalation of air.

As this was happening the halfling made her way across the roof top to a pint where she could climb down quickly and safely. Meanwhile Sigrich saw two of the Brothers run past him with weapons drawn and rather than engage them he decided he was out numbered and chose to disappear into the crowd of people on the street.

After the other sisters and brothers of connivence and services attended to their forever bros that were injured they gathered in force again and made plans on what to do next. While they were planing what to do next …

Back at the Vulgar Unicorn Dora was at a stand still as to what to do next ad she was tired of waiting for the others to return. So she decided to go looking for them. She gathered “Dog” and went of to the location that the others were to encounter the Silent Brothers. As she arrived at the allwy way where she thought she would find her friends all she saw was a body of a man lying face down in the dirt. She ran over to it thinking it might be one of her friends. When she turned the body over the first thing she noticed, with some relief was that it was not her friend. The second thing that she noticed was that tucked in the belt was a boars headed dagger, then there was a THUNK… and everything went black.

An hour or so later back at the Vulgar Unicorn the rest of the hobo band of heros arrived and sat at the table that they have taken as their own. They were surprised that Dora was no where to be found. They decided to wait the evening out and the inn and if she was not back by morning then they would go looking for her.

After a mostly uneventful night in the inn they regrouped in the morning to find that Dora was still no where to be found. As they ate breakfast and discussed what they would do about their friend they noticed a letter on the table sealed in wax with the image of a boars head. Upon opening, it read:

We have your friend, and we want to meet…

Later in the day they received another letter telling them that they wanted to meet in the evening at the “Fountain”. That was fine and dandy with our little band of would be heros as this gave them time to investigate the meeting place and come to some kind of strategy.

One their way to scout the meeting place they happened to see the man that went missing the night of the murder. Instead of scouting the meeting place they decided to fallow the mysterious man that was on the upper balcony of the Unicorn the night the merchant was killed with a boars head dagger.

They fallowed the man to a dilapidated warehouse. There were holes and wall boards missing randomly all around the outside of the structure. After a quick scout around the building they were able to find a way into the building that should have gotten them in undetected. Unfortunately the nimbly bimbly pointy eared elf was not a graceful as he usually was and he tripped knocking over a barrel, falling into some boxes. The crashing sound was enough to stir someone in the upper office of the ware house. The door burst open and the man they fallowed had a torch in his hand as is cast is yellow orange light across the section of the warehouse our little group of thieves and a professional clown were attempting to hide. Once the man’s eyes fell upon the heap of elf and boxes he leapt form the gang walk down to the main floor to engage the elf.

Once with in striking distance the man drew his sword and commanded the elf to tell him whom he was and why he was here. As the elf was about to answer the question a bolt flew through the air narrowly missing the mans head and stuck into the dilapidated wall with a THUD. Then things got weird…

In the distance everyone heard a bellowing roar, even the air went still as all present looked around in wonder what could make such a terrifying sound. Then in the darkness of the rafters and through the whole in the roof a dark and terrible shape appeared. Muscled and hairy with fur black as night, fangs as long as rail nails. As it swung from rafter to rafter it preformed some sort of exotic acrobatic movement that was seemingly impossible and landed just a few feet from the man whom had fled the murder scene. Then in a flash it beat it’s chest while screaming with rage and picked the man up with one arm and thrust him head first into the group as if it were tossing a doll to the floor. Then a sickening CRUNCH and a POPING sound echoed in the stillness of the room and the group watched frozen in fear as the man’s head ruptured and grey matter spilled out on to the floor.

Then as if in slow motion, the primate looked around and took three deep breaths in through it’s nose, they could almost see the steamy mist spray in and out through its massive nostrils. It then turned to look at the open door on the gang walk. with lightning speed and agility it hoped skipped and jumped up to the gang walk and started to bash the door frame…

Looking at the body and brains on the floor … then at the monkey thing and back at the body then back at the monkey our heroic and brave Sigrich lost his shit and started to run in terror screaming, “AHHHHHHH, WE ARE ALL GOIGN TO FUCKING DIE, AHHHHHHHH”, al the while his hands flailing above his head and running in any direction but towards the ape.

Then as the fear wore off of our group of heros the Elf was first to react. Being fleet of foot he made his way across the room and up to the gang walk and then realized he was chasing a beast… then they heard a muffled scream … the scream of a woman…

(end session)

Online Solo Session With Dora

GM – Dorah while you were looking for the other members of your rag tag group in the streets of the maze you encountered an old man who began to ask you for some directions. While you were talking with the old gent everything went black.
You woke up and found your self tied and gaged to what feels like a stadard wooden chair. You have also been blindfolded. You can hear muffled voices from what you would guess is another room and you can hear what sounds like a fire crackling.

The room you are in feels cold and damp. The smell in the airr is dank and moldy. As you strain your ears to hear the voices in the other room you are able to pick up ai??i??

ai???we should see the old man and get out of this city before ai??i??.ai???

ai???no, we need to find the artifact from the ruined temple of ai??i??. then we can leaveai??i??ai???

ai???ai??i??agreeai??i??but the arrow head is said to be mysticalai??i?? haveai??i??.ai???

ai???ai??i??the rock is the place we shoudl go ai??i?? is rightai??i?? our lives.. important ai??i?? the relicai??i??ai???

(four different vices durring a conversation said each of thesse statments, you are sure that there were more than four ppeople taling but htat is all you are able to hear)

Dora – Bowing my head, touching the icon on my breasts, I begin to whisper slowlyai??i??

ai???Mighty Sigmar, Blessed Warrior,ai???Beholder of Ghal-Maraz and Liberator of petition thee! ai???
My voice rises above hearing levelai??i??

ai???Free me from these bonds upon me strength to punish my enemiesai???
Louder now, my prayer now a loud chantai??i??

ai???Curse these conspiratorsai???Pour hot oil in their eyes and blind themai???Tar their children and ditch their wivesai???The wrath of Sigmar is

I repeat this short prayer, getting louder each, the emotion in my voice is unwavering: it is pure wrath I wish upon the people in the next room is not heard. For it is Sigmarai??i??s wrath, not mine.
I repeat. Again, and againai??i??.

GM – Several minutes go by and you repeat the chat. After thirty minutes you begin to feel fire corse through veins and burn in your heart. Your bonds feel tight as you use your strength to test the strength of your bonds. Relentlessly your chant continues and the strain you are placing upon the bonds are grows. {make a roll with plus thirty to your strength, due to the strength of Sigmar flows through your veins at present. Your Strength is 38 + 30 = 68}

After making an attempt at breaking the ropes your strength fails but you continued to chant in side our mind, then as the strength replenished it self in your veins and the fire of Sigmar burned inside you once again you strained (spending a hero point to reroll) you finally break the bonds that are binding your hands.

Dora – I take the gag out of my mouth and the blindfold off my eyes. Still, I chant. Iai??i??m now uninhibited by the balled up fabric that was restricting me, though Iai??i??m quieter now, lest my captors hear me.
Taking the broken rope in my hands, I move quickly to the door, pressing my ear to it, trying to listen for anything going on in the next room. I hold the rope as a strangler would, ready to wrap it around the necks of my aggressors. While listening, I look around the room to see what I can seeai??i??

GM – The room sounds still with the exception of someone whom is muttering and and repeating the same thing over and over again. He sounds as if he is repeating directions but it is hard to make out as his voice is so low.
You donai??i??t hear any other voices and from the light coming from the door you suspect it is at least the next day and well in to the afternoon.

The room you are in is dark and dank there is water on the dirt floor and the only piece of furniture in the room is the chair that you were tied to. You have a length of rope in your hands aprox 3ai??? long and it is ready to strangle some one if need be. Your money is gone and you weapons belt is missing but other than that you have everything else that you left the inn with.

Dora – I knock on the doorai??i??

GM – Once you knock at the door you wait a momentai??i?? still all you can hear is the incessant muttering.

Dora – I test the door knob quietly, to see if possibly my captors left it unlocked.

GM – The door is not looked nor is it barred, and when you open it just a crack you are able to see most of the room, it appears empty. Save, one man lying on one of the many cots, his face is glowing with sweat and he is muttering.

The temple of Valaya, we must go to the templeai??i?? (murmurs unintelligibly for a while)ai??i?? the temple for the arrow head ai??i?? the talismanai??i?? in the temple ai??i?? the power ai??i?? must ai??i?? get ai??i??(murmurs unintelligibly for a while)ai??i?? mystical power ai??i?? then the old man ai??i?? the rock ai??i??

He repeats this over and over ai??i?? as you watch from the slight opening of the door. Other than that the coast looks clear, at least that of the room you can see. You definitely hear no other life other than the burning of a small fire in a portion of the room you can not see.

Dora College essay help – I open the door and use Silent Move to walk into the room (I rolled a 21 just now) and move over to the cot.

I would like to heal the person on the cot, if allowed. I just need to know my Heal %.

GM – Upon inspection of the person (your skill is 52) you determine that the man has a broken neck and can not feel anything from the neck down. (With a successful dealing roll you will be able to ease his pain but nothing more ai??i?? this ones fate is in the hands of the gods now.)

Looking around the room you see a table and some chairs. As well as a some bot belly fire stove the other cots. You also see you weapons belt but not your money any where and on the man muttering you see one of the boars head daggers sheathed on his belt. The room is also lit by several torches and upon looking outside through this dirty window you realize it is dark. Your estimation of what time it was, was misinterpreted by the ample amount of light provided by the torches in this room.

Dora – I grab my weapons belt and equip it. I then roll a 14 for heal, hopefully easing his pain enough for him to get some rest.
Quickly saying a protection prayer to Sigmar, I look for a window, door, or some other opening to escape.

GM – The door is next to the dirty window and you make your way out the door ai??i?? It is an over cast night and it is hard to determine exactly what time it is. You check all directions and the coast is clear ai??i?? you make your escape.

While you are walking down the road the coldness of the air bites your flesh and you pull the black cloak around you for warmth as well as stealth. As you scan the ally ways and streets for safety you see a strange and dark figure nimbly leap from roof top to roof top and disappear on to a large dilapidated building. A few moments later you hear a terrifying ROARRRRR! Fallowed by what sounded like Sigrichai??i??s voice screaming ai??i??. .AAHHHHHH, WE ARE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIEai??i??.. AHHHHHHHH!

Dora – I run towards the direction of the scream, carefully staying off to the side and out of site. On my way, I look for things I can pick up and throwai??i??.rocks, small objects with some weight to themai??i??.

GM – As you run you see small stones and bits of de-brie but nothing suitable to the task you are after. When you reach the building that the screaming is coming from you see it is all but in ruin and there are several points at which you can se through broken wall boards, possibly even climb in. When you look through the gap in the wall you see Sigrich climbing up a ladder to a gang way and Dolson dart past and through a door that an enormous beast with a spiked collar, who moments later smashes the door frame to smithereens. Then a girl screamsai??i??

(Read the post current post for details and then you are all caught upai??i??)

(end online session)


The Battle Ensues

Our heros having just climbed the steps to the upper walkway in the delapitated warehouse in hot pursuit of the enormous and most vissious monkey orc as it hopped, climbed and swung in persuit of the frightened scream in the office on the other side of the upper level door. As the horrific aommination pounded at the door frame and wall Dolsin was able to slip by and see that there was a woman bound to a chair and looking terrified as the creatrue slammed itself wiith furry into the wall trying to reach the woman. Nostrils flaring, teath beared and sloopy saliva fliying this way and that as the creature beat it’s chest and the wall. Finally the wall crashed in just as the elf was able to free the woman from her bonds.

The black, hairy and enraged beast through itself at the woman, our heroic elf was able to step between them and swing his blade with lightling speed striking the beast with the full force the dandilion eater was able to muster. Alas it was not enough to render the beast lame but the hanious creature did turn his attention to the elf for an instant. Which was all it needed to swing its heavlily muscled arms into the elf sending him realing across the room and smashinginto the adjacent wall with a massive THUD! By this time the others had entered the room and were starting to move in on the beast.


Dorah having just escaped the Silent brothers or elusive sisterhood was on her way back to the Vulgure Unicorn when she heard what sounded like Sicric her compainnion and fellow devout worshiper of Sigmar sreaming … AAHHHHHHHHHHH, we are goign to FUCKING DIE! So she darted as fast as she could and heard the terrifying cry of what must have been themost unholly beast from the standing ruins of some kind of warehouse. She sis not waste a moment and lept through one of the many holes aand damaged walls only to see he friends climbing up some steps on the far side of the room to enter a room where she heard the deffening raor of the hanious beast echo from again. She raced across teh room still filled with Sigmars vigor and practicly jumped to the second floor board walk and dashed onto the room where the sounds of battle were coming. When she entered she saw dolsin slam into the wall and fall into the floor. She also took in the biggist and most grewsome creature she has thus far seen in her life. It’ss eyes bulging and bloodshot; while it’s teeth and gums glistened and ozed with salivia that she was certin was ensconsed with the taint of chaos.

Now that the band of wold be heors was reunited they all felt certin that they could slay the beast. Well hopefull at the least. Even Sigric had pulled his shit together and found his sttregnth form Sigmar to land an attack on the foul beast. After was seemed like an eternity the heros and their new friend were able to defeat the beast.

Then with the a strange look in her eyes Tinkerbell drew her knife ans started to skin the devel while the toher started to interogate the woman whon they had just resued. After a moment they discovered it was the woman Rossa whom had been in the bar the night the murder had happed in the Vulger Unicorn. Thsi lead to a whole new lne of questioning. After some time they cam to beleive her story and trust that she had not been the one to murder the fat murchant.

Rossa admits to being an agent for the family of Ilsig (from Nuln), and she had determined, despite his talk and appearance, that Erilissi was a Rankan agent. He was too earnest about his pro-Ilsigi rants, so Rossa began following him. She didnai??i??t know what he was up to, but saw him talking to Arion Swan on several occasions, and receiving what looked like money purses from Swan. She also saw Erilissi meet with a short, overweight man in a cloak on more than one occasion, often passing him the purses gained from Swan. The small fat man had a hunched back, was left handed, and obviously didnai??i??t want to be spotted with Erilissi. Rossa had decided Erilissi was up to no good, and had decided to kill him, but she never got the chance. She heard Pace talk about being contacted through Swan, which leads her to believe Swan and Erilissi were more than casual acquaintances.

They had also learned that the man whom the beast had keilled a few moments ago, before the came to ths womans aid, was called Pace and was likly not the culpret either. Once everyone was satified with the information that was changing hands Tinkerballs was finsihed skinning the beast. She rooled up the bloody flesh and and tied on a length of rope and threw it over her shoulder.

They went down to loot the body of the the man that they have now come to know as pace and soon discovered that he was likely a member of the purple hand as well. Dolsin took his cloak and stuffed it inot his pack. Tinkerbell found dog and calmed him of his terror that was caused by the lothsome beast. Once calmed she sugested tat they rtrack the beast back to whence it came to get answers and extract retribution. The party agreed and so she let Dog take several long sniffs “sniff sniff,” went the dog and he burried his nose in the pelt. Moments later he darted into persuit out in to the streets of the maze.

After fallowing Dog ujp and down the streets they came across some tracks and other eveidence of the creatures path. Upon seeing the tracks Sigrich was able to confirm using his scholorly knowledge with supreme confidence that the creature they fought was a Black Orc. Having nevver encounted one before the party was stunned and in awe that theey were victorious as they had heard the Black Orc was the most feice and formidialbe of all the Orc kind. As dog lead them further through town tehyy came across another track not unlike that of the orc print only nearly 3 feet in legnth. This left our group of heros to decide that the creature they fought was mearly a pup of the mother whom had been in the city as well. Finally Dog lead them to the city walls and it was appearent that the abominations had entered and fled the city at tis point, toward the east wall and headed in the black swamps. Rather than run the risk of escaping the city in the dark of night and the dangers of the forrest they decided to find the secrett bothers of pig and swine to get some more information.

They had a scheduled meating with the sisters for just an hour from now to arrange the realese of Dora and for now they had the upper hand as she had escaped.

So after formulating a plan on the way to the Fountian Public house they decided that Dolsin and Sigrich would enrter the Pub and confromt the brothers for information wwhile the others guarded the exits and watched their backs.

Once in the bar and talkign to one of the brothers Sigrich thought it best to bribe the Borthers for information. So he gave Needer a a gold coin (YEP A FUCKING GOLD COIN) and he told them the tale of how the brothers came to loose three of their trade mark knifes (Master work daggers with a boars head pomel).

The Silent Brothers are, in fact, a gang of thugs who have recently begun operating out of the Maze. In an effort to make a name for themselves quickly, they bought a set of nine matching boarai??i??s head daggers several months ago from a traveling merchant. They wear the daggers openly,making it a trademark of their group in an effort to seem tougher and more stylish than they truly are. So far the tactic has worked poorly at bestai??i??the only people who have really noticed are members of the militia and town guard.The Silent Brothers lack the numbers, skill or contacts to run a successful protection racket or get enough work as hired thugs to live comfortably.

As a result, they were forced last month to sell three of their precious boarai??i??s head daggers. In fact, they were pretty well literally forced to sell them, by an Irrune named Karizal. When the Silent Brothers were hassling a street vendor for food they didnai??i??t want to pay for, Karizal appeared and mused aloud that he needed to report such cowardly actions to Naimun (son of the Irrune tyrant ruling the city). As the Silent Brothers tried to decide how to handle an Irrune who knew the tyrantai??i??s son, Karizal demanded they sell him three daggers, so they would have enough money to buy food instead of trying to extort it. Too cowardly to risk the wrath of the Irrune if they hurt a friend of Naimun, the Silent Brothers agreed.

Itai??i??s a decision theyai??i??ve regretted ever since. If anything, theyai??i??re now taken less seriously in the Maze and have even had an Irrune or two seek them out and beat on them.The Silent Brothers are on the verge of looking like easy prey, a status that few gangs ever recover from (or even survive).

After he was confident he got all teh info he could he and Dolsin retreated from the bar as they also became increasingly aware that most of the patrons were the silent brothers… they were greatly outnumbers including the compadries out sid ethe bar. Once reunited with theri friends the Roossa (the woman whom they had resued) said she was leaving the city as it was getting way to dangerous and she needed to report back to the illsigi family all that has transpired. Our group of rag atag heros let her go and decided to call in a night and return to the Unicorn for some rest and food.

(end session)


A Day of Rest

After a good days arest and food our group of heros decided to go through all the cause/effect adn information that had brought them to this time and place. they needed to orginize what they did and did not know. These are the key points and thoughts of the group taken from notes Sigrich made that day as they ate, drank and tried to puzzle out their fate in the vulgar Unicorn.

The first thing they went over was why they let Altdorf… and that was because they wanted to get their map translated. To do that the need to find their way to the hermit that lives in the mountains south of Altdorf and that meant braving the wilderness. The short time in wilderness which has almost cost them their lives on several occasions (in the span of three days on foot and a couple of weeks on an elven river barge). They wilds were dangerous and they are ill prepared. Which lead them to end up here in Sanctuary. A city that appears to be free of the empresses rule and totally uncharted on any map or scholars knowledge. A city totally off the grid. Now that they have retraced their steps here what did they know about the murder and sanctuary so far:

1. religion is banned here
2. they were framed for the murder at vulgar unicorn
3. they can not leave the city via the gates as they are under city arrest until they find the real killers
4. boars head dagger was found in victums back with only one stab wound and another identical dagger was found at Dolsins feet and blood on his hands – also there was a torn note in the dead mans hands
5. gang of thugs use similar dagger as thier totem .. called silent sinters of secret brothrood.. or something shit like that
6. suspects at the bar that night a beautiful woman, a black cloaked man, and three other men in green who cloaks who started a bar fight.
7. woman name Rossa – not guilty, black cloaked man named Pace – dead and purple hand member, someone is also trying to frame the whispering brothers sisters of secrets
8. man killed was a merchant named Erilissi and was suspected by Rossa of being some thing he was not
9. man names Karizal jacked some daggers from the brothers and had pul with the local rulers family (Irune)
10. someone wanted Rossa and Pace dead and they were in league with Black Orcs
11. there is a fat hunchbacked and left handed member to this caper that may be the murderer as well

Side Plots:

1. Silent Brothers are fleeing Sanctuary with the help of an old man and they may be going to a place called the Rock
2. they are going to retrieve an artifact from a temple before they leave
3. the artifact is believed to hold mystical properties
4. there are rumours of dark worship in the city
5. the ruined temples are said to be cursed

After resting for the day and much debate our band of rag tag heros decided they needed or could get more information from the Silent Brothers and decided to chase them down. heir search lead the to temple row where they happened upon what appeared to be an ancient structure with markings and writings on the wall that were very similar to the ones on their map. Since the their search for the brothers came up short they decided to investigate this place to see if it held any clues to their search for the Imperial Stones and save them the trip to the hermits dwellings in the mountains.

(end session)

CHAPTER VI – Temple of Valaya

Ruined Temple

As our would be group of less than epic heros approached the dilapidated temple they searched for traps and other such booby traps. As they seemed to find or rather not find any they made their way into the depths of the dark passages. Traversing down a corridor that seemed be on a slight curve inwards and downwards they pressed onward and downward. After not to long they came across several rooms … all had been looted and plundered before. However something caught the elf’s eyes from behind a wall… something … strange some kind of magic he had never seen before. They tried for several minutes when finally they a secret entrance way opened in the room and … some kind of putrid stinky rat men can scampering out from the darkness. SKAVEN, cried the halfling and they started to assume an attack positions.

The battle was fierce and gory, soon ended in a wall of flames thanks to Tinkerballs and her oil. One of the disgusting creatures was casting some kind of magic and curses. Some of our heros were badly injured and were even set afire by mistake. In the end though they survived. Sigrich was the first to go to the casters burt corpse and pick up the amulet that the ratman was wearing. As he held it aloft and started to shake it and shine the torch in it … there was a sudden CRACKING sound and Sigrich was sucked into the amulet and it fell to the floor with a clink.

(end session)


Onward to the Temple Chamber

After seeing poor Sigrich get sucked in to a vortex of nothingness with his elf eyes, Dolsin decided to pick up the amulet and try to see if he could determine if Sigrich was still alive. When suddenly there was a laud CRACK and Dolsin had vanished and Sigrich was back in the room. Tinkerballs eyes just got wider and wider…. Sigrich looking confused picked up the amulet and began to examine it… CRACK… DOLSIN was back and Sigrich gone. Finally learning his lesson Dolsin picked up the amulet with a rag and stuffed it into his belt pouch. Not wanting to leave Sigrich behind but not wanting to trade places with hi again.

So they group decided to continue onward into the darkness with their torches and lanterns. After descending further into the catacombs for what seemed like hours they came across some more rooms and one in particular has some kind of carving in the wall… When the elf reached out to touch it … it began to glow. They looked and looked and could not find any ill effect of the glow so they pressed on an ignored it. In some of the other rooms they found some traps and and trap doors. One of which lead down to a buried treasure. Where they were able to disarm trap and find jewels and gold.

Finally after hours of decent and searching they came to a large room that seemed to have no roof and full of statures. In the room their was some kind of magic fires and lights. As well as some kind of hushed murmuring.
The band of friends started to sleek around the giant room looking for traps and listening for foes. They cam to find a pool with a dull glow emanating form it when they head an all to familiar scampering from behind them … “oh NO, more scaven” some one shouted! Then a furious battle ensued which also brought out of hiding the secret brothers of silence. So our group of thugs joined with theirs for the battle as the old saying goes … “the enemy of my enemy is my friend… for now!”

After all kinds of savagery … Dog the fearless companion of Tink leapt at one of the rat creature with such zeal and fierceness it took the rats head clean off. With the help of the Sister of Secrets they were able to dispatch the scaven quickly and with out suffering many wounds.

(end session)


The Final Show Down

After the battel ended the lot of the folks down here started to debate who was entitled to what treasure as there were giant diamonds on top of some very large obelisks on either side of the radiant pool at the back of the room.

Meanwhile …

Dora toke this time to hide herself away and undress… as she tried to sneak around to the stair where everyone was arguing she caster her glance both alluringly and hatefully on the the brothers as she made her way up to the radiant pool stark naked. In this time Dolsin was trying to secure a rope to a statue so he cold investigate the sarcophagus in the centre of the pool. Dora started to test the water with her toes and the water was fine! So she plunged into the water forgetting she did not know how to swim. GLUG GLUG … PANIC PANIC … SLURP COUGH.

Dolsin being a good friend and dirty pervert ran to her aid after tying one end of his 30 yard rope to the statue and the other end to him self and plunged after her. as he grabbed at her … “oh the soft supple flesh filled his mind…” he began to pull on the slack of the rope as he realized the chain mail armour he was wearing was starting to pull him to the floor of the pool, UNDER THE FUCKING WATER!!!! When he suddenly realized he had thirty yards of slack rope to gather before it would go taught and allow him to rescue himself and Dora.

It was not long before the elf drew in a massive lung full of water fallowed by another one and another one. Until soon the elf was lying at the bottom of the pool wearing all his armour and wearing a smile of his face with still 15 yards or more of rope to go before he would have been able to pull himself out.

It was then when the rest of the people started to act after being mesmerized by dora’s exquisite figure and tattoo. The twin tailed comet was bouncing and plunging in and out of the water and it was all the brothers could door to help. In fact brother Steve went to help but could not muster the focus to make the jump in the water and was forced to the bottom where he to drown in the radiant pool … wa wa wa waaaaa!

After a few more minutes and a near death dora, they were able to pull her out to safety. However by the time they got to Dolsin he was no longer breathing. It was then that Dora took in to prayer stark naked and comet tattooed bosom in hand that Dolsin seemed t cough up water and blood and return to the world through the might of Sigmar.

Finally after drying off and the Silent brothers fled the to tomb (after losing another comrade) the group of would be heros set off another trap… but instead of dying or getting caught they managed to free two more people … a dwarf and a man. Who claimed to have been trapped there for several days. They to were tomb raiders seeking fame and fortune. For some strange streak of fate the dwarf recognized the cloaks the others were wearing as the neophyte cloak of the hand, he said nothing but counted his luck as a blessing from Sigmar.

After all kinds of planning and prying the group was able to break into the sarcophagus and make they way down a hidden set of stairs. where they found another tomb … this one trapped and suspicious. With all kinds of ingenuity, luck and brute force they were able to brake into the tomb with out getting killed by the trap. Unfortunately Dora seemed to have woke the daed as a dwarvin skeleton came to life and leaped into attack against the dwarf who was closest. It was then that Tinkerballs leaned out from the corner cross bow in arm and took aim against the living dead villain and let loose a bolt. In that moment time seemed to have all but stopped as they all watched the bolt sail through the air. When it struck the skeletal warrior that was in full plate armour and slipped through all the chinks in the armour there was a small clinkedy sound … and the Skeleton disassembled before their very eyes.

THe armour fell to the floor and so did a necklace that the creature was wearing. Sword and armour were being placed in sacs as the group discussed the risk of the dreaded tombrot.

(end session)


Making Friends & Deviding the Loot

After standng for a moment in the aftermath of the battle with the undead Dwarf King, our group of heros and this “new guy” stood in awe of Tinkerballs most awesome shot. The cross bow that brought down a king in one shot. After Dora finsihed gathering up the all the loot our heors made their way back to the Vulgar Unicorn and started to devide the loot and come to some sort of conclusion as what to do next.

While in the room questions on who was who and Thagus were being tossed back and forth. In the end the “new guy” and our ratty band decided to work together, seeing as they all worked for Thagus. After several hours of debate and explaining the pickle our heros were in to the Dwarf who is called Trok StoneHammer.

Finnally the group decided to report back the the truth sayer and tell tehm what they had learned about the murder thus far aand in doing so they found out there was a Zoo. Which they investigated and found house all manners of creature such as miniture dragons, birds of amny varitys (including a phenix), badgers, deer, tigers and other spectacular and exotic creatires. They also happened to have empty cages and iin a far corner of the Zoo they had a caged Orc. But alas no black orc. However they were not able to speak with the Zoo’s animal handler and once they do it may shed some light into how or who could have trained a Black orc.

While in the palce walls they asked the truth sayer about some of the princes friends and gave the description of the man who the brothers of silence had described to have taken their daggers. The truth sayer was certin that the prince had no such friend fitting that description.

That night the group decided that they would try to track the black orc and where he had come from, from over the city walls. So under the cover of night and having done their reseerch of the city patrold on the wall bord walk tehy made thier move. Unfortunatly the group had spent the day gearing up and reequiping and had purchased some new chain mail arour. As such while they wer attempting to move silently through the city and sneak up on the wall they found that chain was very noisy. Thus one of the guards noticed them and called to to the group and they so conspicuily approched the city wall. “Hey you, what you doin out at this time of night?” Everyone froze except Dorra who imeaditaly withdrrew her massive and every lactating breasts now endorned with the twin tailed commet of sigmar and aproched the wall saying that she was here for hiim, and him alone. The guard not really hearing what she said other than that fact her dripping wwoman utters now fully exposed were bouncing with every step. He reached into his cit and showed off a bottle spirits and offered her to come up by kicking down the ropen ladder. Dora withdrew her knife with wahat seemed like pracitced stealth and concealed it if the folds of he sleave as she climbed the ladder. Once on the guard tower she was able to work her womanly chames and use he sigmarian milk vats to lure the guard into a state of utter distraction (ba da dum). Then wheh he leased exxpected it she gave him the old reach around and slit his throught form ear to ear.

Confused and bewildered the others waited patienly down at the bottom of the tower and attempted ot hide in the shadows. Then Dora climbed down the ladder, ensconsed in blood and stated that they neadent worry about the guard any longer.

The rest of the group shoke their heads aand turned to head back stating that tehy could not sneak out of the city bbecause when the shift switch came tehy would be on alert. So Dora climbed back up and pushed the body into the ggraveyard on the other sided oof the city wall. They then all procedded back to the Vulgar Unicorn with teir tails between their legs.

(end sesson)

Chapter VII – Abondoning the Investigation

Hiding out after a Murder!

While laying low for a few days after Dorah slight the guards thoat our group of rag tag heors decided to investigate at the the city Managere. Once there they asked the truthspeaker to guide them to the Animal handler as they had reason to beleive the Black or was trained to do someones dirty work and biding. They needed an expert opinion oon weaather that was even possible. ONce they arrived and were guidded to the Zoo and the keeper of beasts, they were suprised to see he was an elderly man. Although he had a hardness to him he still looked frail. Once the relayed their story of battleing a black ork in side city limits and that there was a posibility of an even larger one somewhere in the vacinity they inspected the the Zoo itself. They were saprised to see a cage that was biig enough to have housed the monstrosity of a creature that they had slain but a few weeks prior. Also there were several other empty cages and some loked as though they had reciently been emptied. Although the Keeper of Beasts had good answers about the cages and denied having had a black orc on site, the little group of misfit heros remaind suspicious of the Keeper of beast, yet there was no way who cuold have camandded such a beast.

They Took their investigation wlse where and eventually found their feet leading them to the small island known amungst the towns people as the rock.

To get there the little group of retarded warriors of right had to book pasage on a rowboat that was manned by aa young boy whom dorah had gleened a sognifigant amount of information from. She aquired this information useing he mmore than ample breasts and womenly ways on to eroticly gleen teh information from the boy with out actually robbing the boy of his innocence.

Once on the island they they made their way op to the spire/house and knocked on the door. They were saprised tto see that Zumwald had opended the peerhhole in the door. After a brief conversation with the group they found themself being let in to the keep after hearing a bellowing cry that both comanded obediance and belittleed Zumwalkd reducing him to a disobediant child.

ONce greeted Zumwalkd thee apprentice brought them to the ddinning room to await the “old man” as he called him. After a short while the wizard arrived and many words were exchanged.

After several hours they had finallay settled on an agrement to get passage trough the mountians and continue their journey on to find the old hermit to have the map translated. But before they left they had decided that they wanted to continue with solving the murder and leave lagitamatley.

So they headed back to town to continue the investigation. After exausting every resorce tehy diecided to take what they had found out to the truth speaker and request to go out of the city to track the balack orc and perhaps his ownner (they had decided sneaking out was no longer worth it).

Once the truth speaker had heard their story he felt they had sufficiant information to justify the journey and ssent ttwo of his won men to ocompany them into the words. The group of what some may have callled seasoned adventurers, left the city in serch of information form the light house that was on the far side of the harbour warning of the enormous rocks the juted out from teh shore and up from the waters like gigantic daggers. As the group got closer they noticed several wrecked ships that had washed ashore in and amugst the swampy shores. As they approched tthe wreckages they were caught unawares as a giant mutated crab the size of a house emuged from teh mashywaters ad wreckage of one of the ships … it demonic eyes shone with a rage they had never before seen and tthe image of it spawning fourth from the skeliton of the decayed ship sent such a horror in to our hearos minds that Dorah a friar of sigmar frze with fear and terror.

Least it be said that the crap standing over ten feet tall and the fear that it caused was more than our little group could handle. In the first instant of battle the magnificant crap swong one of it horrific claws toward one of the towns guards and severed him in half with a sickoning cruch and SNIPPING sound. With the orther claw the plunged the tip of it through the other gguards chest and spewing entrails out from the now corpses body in all directions. Funky, still with her wits, hoisted her new “Orc Stopper” and let loose a massive bolt from the what seems like a portable blaista. SMAKK… the bolt penitratied the Craps shell and stuck out of the mutated creature like a single quill in a porcupine. The band of heors cheered with praise as they thought this would spell the end of the nasty creature, yet the creature seemed to be unfased by the blow … it was as if it had not even been hit. (this did well over 20 points of damage and only cause one wound to the enormus crab) Our group of heros now took the opertunity to go at it with everything else they had … with no result… the crab then acted swiftly .. smak…slap … stab… blood showered every where as your faithful comapanion Dog was emoliated and others in the group near death. They decided to flee!

On their route back they were ambushed again but this time by mutants (picute to fallow, one of my own illistraions …finnally damb lazy gm). This did not bode well for the group. If it were not for shere dumb luck oof Zumwald and Dolsin finally catching up from town and effectivly surrounding the mutants. This battle was firce and cost the group many wounds. In the end they were victorious.

This lead the group to make their way caustiosly back to town. Once in town they reported their findings to the truth speaker and he promptly doubled the watch.

OUr heros walked backto the unicorn tail between their legs and diceded to rrethink their paln of staying in town and take the first ship they could through the portall that the wizard could open or perhpas steal a boat and make their way them selfs.

(end session x3)


The Night of Moorslieb

After our group of rag tag, muderous heros had recovered from their mental trama and wounds (from facing the Giant Mutant Crabs and their tenticaled mutant drougies). They dediced to forgo finding the real murderer and pay their way out of town and back to Altdorf, where they figured they could atleast live free of mutants and orcs. In Altdorf they may not be able to find a hermeted old coger to decode the map but, if they find Dolsin’s contact, then they will still be able to send it or a copy off for translation.

They decided that they would visit the old wizard on the rock and see about getting passage through the protal or on one of the ships that may or may not arrive in the coming days. On the eve that our little band of heros decided to see the wizard, a strange and forboding mist set upon the hidden city known only as Sasnctuary. With the mist a large green moon started to rise up into the night. Most people of Sactuary familiiar with the mists stayed indoors with the fear of Moorslieb strong in their minds. However there are always those from the maze and the watch that are out in the mists of Moorslieb preforming thier shifty feats and required duties.

However, our heroes walked briskly to the docks, comadeared a rowboat and stowed their belongings. Then they proceded to row themselves out to the island in the middle of the lake. While rowing through the mists the could see the green light of the moon, now growing bigger in the sky, the green light refracting on the mists. Creating an erie effet that left the group feeling uneasy. (Dolsin, sensitive to th e winds of magic may have even peed a little bit… maybe 3 drops in he trousers) Their friend Sigriech, lost to madjik and trapped in an amulet they had found upon the corplse of a ratman was sitting beside them on the rowboat. Although he was a glow with the dim green light from the now near full moon in the sky, he apeared to be theair with them, sitting on the bench.

After a few moments of the group staring at him, he turned around expecting to see some shape on the water… then he realized they were staring at him. He spoke to them in a nervous tone…”ca..can you see me?” The entire group including dwarf stared dumbfounded looking at them, they all slowly nodded to him in response, too surprised still to speak. After several minutes of debate and examining the amulet they group of heroes could not figure out why he had rejoined them but they were going to ask the Wizard Madred when they got to his island.

Not even a minute later the boat thudded into the pier on the island. The group jumped out and hauled out trappings and bid the young boatman good by. The young pilot all but forgotten about, was in a great hurry to be rid of the group and their ghostly friend. As the group made their way to the hut they noticed that the moon in the sky seemed brighter and greener. They also noticed the mist was clear here and the moon was as green as an emerald. Something that none of them had ever seen before. They thought they could hear laughter on the wind, but were not positive.

THUD THUD THUD as the dwarf used the knocker mounted on the door. A moment later the familiar face of Zumwald was starring at them. He ushered them in and hurried them upstairs. Yet he dared not go up with them. They all assumed that the apprentice was in trouble with the wizard again and paid no further attention to him. When they reached the top of the structure they made their way trough the door on to the alter at the roof, that only Tink had seen before. Here they saw something that left them all gaping in wonder. The Wizard Madred was levitating above the alter and slowing rotating with his arm extended. He looked very much like a crucifix doing a pirouette six feet above the floor. His eyes were ablaze with green light and his face was contorted in to a twisted smile reflecting both ecstasy and fear. The moon looked as if you could reach out and touch it.

After several moments the wizard’s eyes returned to normal and he lowered to the floor. He took in the group with a sweeping gaze and paused on the apparition of Sigriech and welcomed them on this night of nights. They debated and discussed the oddity of a moon and learned that is is known as the chaos moon or Moorslieb. He explained that it remains hidden most of the year but on very few days it will appear. When it shows in its fullest it can bring with it great opportunity.

After 15 minutes of lecture they became aware that they would be able to travel back into the empire using the power of this ??Moorslieb?? So the group prepaired themselves and the wizard began his conjuring of the winds. LIke before the island raised in to the air only this time it was as if it raised up into the cosmos itself. They could see stars and planets before them and the righteous path of the milky way. Yet this was so far beyond our migar minded heros understanding, all they could do was stare at the moon. For it appeared to be not much more than an arms length away from them here in the majik of the island.

As the wizard spun the winds of madjik even the dwarf could see the mists of the moon being drawn in to the wizards spell. At that point Dorah asked the elf for the amulet. Dolsin handed it over with out a second thought. She then aimed the amulet at the moon in hopes to use the magic to free their friend from the amulets grasp. Dolsin with his keen elf eyes watched as Dorah held the amulet in the moons rays, like a baby hungry for the teat the amulet gulped up the mists and rays from the moon. Pulling it in the entire time it was held to the sky. Unfortunately this did nothing to free the warrior from his magic prison.

Then with a loud CRACK, our group of hero’s found themselves standing in front of a large room full of people praying. A moment later they were all staring up our group, jaw dropped and eyes wide, even the head priest to their right at the podium was staring bewildered at them. A moment later Tink leapt to the front of the group an shouted …”BOW BEFORE ME BITCHES…” Immediately the entirety of the hall bowed before our group, Tink turned to Dorah and said..”the floor is yours.”

Dorah took the opertunity to spout some mumbo jumbo while exposing her impressive breasts to the audience. Her eternally lactating breasts, although awe inspiring were not enough to hold the attention of the masses. Meanwhile the others started making their way to a set of doors at the back on the room. As Dorah was catching up to her friends she bellowed out to the group “blah blah blah… by the by my children, good work with the Chaos Moon!” Instantly, eyes widened even further than they already were and there was an enormous smash of a fist hitting the podium fallowed by a booming voice, “WAHT CHAOS MOON?” Dorh stopped dead in her tracks spun around and hefted the Amulet in to the air and cried out “THIS CHAOS MOON!….”

Everything went horribly sideways! As she stood their with the amulet hoisted in to the air, the green mists the amulet had absorbed on the alter, started to spill forth as if it were water rushing out from a broken damb. As the green mist spilled out into the room and crawled alone the fresh of the men and women there … they began to change DUN DUN DUN. The qick reflexes of tinkerballs and the dwarf left them untouched by the mist but our other friends were not so lucky. The mists washed over Dolsin and Dorah and then amongst all who were there to worship. Some of the mists victums flesh melted from their bones and wings and scales grew in their place. While other pulled out their own eye balls and started to eat the flesh of those beside them. Dolsin seemed to go through excruciating pain as his head was grown to three times its normal size and he arms slowly grew in to legs. One of his eyes shot forth out of his head and started to form into that of a snails eye stalk. He began to flee for the doors, all the while screaming and calling out to sigmar…”WHY……” Dorah quickly prayed and new that Sigmar had saved her from this horrible fate and the mist fell away from her body. Her connection to sigmar was strong and now all who saw her new that she was chosen by him to represent him and fallow in his will. The mist still vomiting out of the amulet kept filling the room as dorah held it high above her head.

At this point Sigrich presence very faint as the light of moorslieb fell out of sight could see the portal from it other side… he could see the deamons, mutants and other horrors that were racing to break free of there world and cross over flooding to the opening the amulet had created. He could see that as they passed through the amulet they turned into the green mist and it emptied out into this world. His eyes wide … all he could say was … “Sigmar Noooo….”

At this moment Tink swung her stafflsing hard into Dora’s hand causing her to drop the amulet to the floor. But it was too late … the damage was done. The church now polluted with the mist as it mutated and corrupted those present … our group made for the doors with the intent to lock the condemned in and burn it to the ground.

(end session)


Dorah, in all her beauty could not maintain the calm on her face as Tink’s staff came crashing down on her hand. Her face twisted and courted with wrinkles of pain. Wincing as she yelped she snatched her hand and held it close to her chest while shooting a nasty glare at Tink. But as her gaze turned to stare down the wee woman holding the staff-sling, Dorah’s eyes took in the horror of the room. She could see all those false believers suffering at Sigmar’s wrath. Just as the same mist washed over her she was unaffected by Sigmars rage. Even her comrade Dolsin was being punished for some sin or another. But not Dorah, she was immune in her righteous zeal for Sigmar. She, alone was protected from his wrath. She knew now, that she had been chosen above all others, to serve Sigmar and spread his word. She looked towards the doors where she saw two guards staring around the room and cowering as the mist crept slower to them. She bellowed with the power of Sigmar in her voice and glorious zeal in her eyes… “You, guards, don’t just stand there face your judgement!”

The two guards snaped out of their fear and looked at Dorah and then yelled out High Priest, and ran into the mists hacking and slashing trying to cut their way to the alter. But as the mist consumed them they began to change. The horror that they changed into some how stained Dorah’s mind as for the first time she felt fear, she looked around the room and she could see beast men, mutants, zombies wretched twisted messengers of death. The filth of this place so stained yet at the same time she could see the glorious tribute to Sigmar that this hallowed hall was meant to be. As the fear gripped her she ran towards the door. Bursting through the doors, her friends fallowed. They immediately slammed the door shut, Dorah turned and scaned the halls. Other priests and Sigmarians walked the halls … seemingly unaware of the horror that lay beyond the door.

She darted ahead to make sure that they would be able to get out, to find safty but mostly to distance herself form the mutants. Meanwhile the dwarf and halfling worked franticly to do something to disguise Dolsin’s … condition. After doing their best to cover his arm legs and enormous head they made their way to the entrance… Dorah’s eyes still glazed over with zeal and muttering prayer over prayer, they made their way out of the temple district and into the what they would soon learn waas called the Tallows of Talabhiem.

Once in the safety on Tallows, the group started to look for some sign of help. They found a dark public house called the Singing Sheep and started to discuss their options. Dolsin not able to sit by way of his makeshift disguise stood in the corner listening intensely and looking about the room with his tentacle like eye from beneath his disgise. As they discussed how to find refuge and or help, they started to work on the riddle that the Hand had left them with, “crossed bones bring a man luck”. After some debate they settled on two different ideas. One, crossing their arms and the other their fingers. While they were fooling around with these things (everyone but Dolsin as he had arm legs and no hands so he could not contribute other than verbally … and he kept very quite as he was worried someone would notice he voice was coming from his body not his shadowed face) they discovered how to ignight the image of the hand on the cloak and as they did so they noticed that the hand was now in the image of gold with the figers crossed (it was acomplished while chanting the phrase and crossing ones fingers.) With that they set out to find some hand members to help them out of a spot of trouble.

It was not long before they spotted some folks with their very cloaks on and they used their newly discovered signal. The other hand members stopped in their tracks and calmly and stealth fully made our coup of rag tag hoers (and a mutant) simply and seemingly evaporate in to the crowd. After many twists and turns down this way and that they were brought to a safe house and asked who they were.

Our little group explained everything that had happend (including the mutation) to them and that they were on deployment from none other that Thagus of Altdorf. With their cloaks and their knowledge of how to use them the theives and cut throats believed them. They brought them food and set up cots. While they were having thier food and drink, they asked for more details as to the situation in the temple sector in the city, as word on the street was that there was some kind of out break. At this point Dorah stood and asked after a local temple, she was told that the only churches were all located in the temple sector. But their were prayer shrines littered about the city. She thanked them for their safe house and help then sought a place to pray… (as she was leaving she looked over her shoulder at Dolsin, her friend and fellow preformer, a small tear welled in her fear filled eye as she darted out the door).

With that, the hand members and our group of heroes all looked at each other … there was an awkward silence that filled the room when finally … one of the local hand members said, ” well how bad is it … ?” Dolsin in a deep and melodic voice bellowed “Fuck it!” and proceeded to bust out his leg arms by standing to his full and hideous hight reavaling he 3 x to big of a head with a a tentacle stem eye and his groteque leg arms. The room filled with gasps and cries of “Fuck Me… that’s … that’s … horrible!” After a moment one of them said they might know a guy who know s a guy.

Little did they know it but out of concern for her friend she was not looking for a temple just yet anyway, she had see the signs of a ranger, marking that there was a hedge mage for hire and she wanted to find him. She had enlisted the services of one before, to fix her appearance and she new that this one could help her friend whom she now desperately feared. Fallowing all the signs and speaking with the locals, she was able to locate the hedge mage … and she turned out to be a witch. A gnarled old woman with a hunched back and arthritic hands. She begged and payed the woman to go the her friend and help him. After several hours of debate the old witch made her way to find Dora’s friend. Although she was to frightened, although she knew not why, she could not return. Instead she decided to fast and pray in one of the alters in the beggars section of the Tallows. There she stayed day and night lost in prayer and starving from both fear of her friend and for his recovery.

(end session)

CHAPTER VIII – Terror in Talabhiem

A Little Brain Surgery

The Withc arrived at the safe house and made her way into the room with little to no interference… she looked up and down at the mutant Dolsin and she began to rummage though her bags. Shortly their after one of the thieves came back into the room, he was shocked at first to see the witch but lead the man in whom he had retrieved from some dark corner of the city. As the skinny and pale man made his way in to the room he looked around until his eyes finally set upon the elf?! His eyes almost burst with excitement and he immediately began to converse with the witch. After several minutes he approached the elf and started to barter price for the services of “fixing” his head. He made it plain he could fix one mutation for that price they wanted to pay and Dolsin decided upon his head. The Embalmer took a step back and stated in a decidedly creepy voice filled with excitement and delight … “…I think I am going to need a bigger Jar, he laughed”. All the while Tink and Brock sat back in the corner eager to see what they could possible do to repair the heinous mutation their four legged friend had suffered. Drinking and joking they watched.

The Embalmer came back into the room with an empty keg and started to fill it with a formaldehyde type substance that stank up the room and caused some of the bystanders to dry heave. He then turned to the witch and nodded. She walked to wards the mutant and drew a bowl out from her bag and a dirty knife. She grabbed at the mutants leg arm and slashed at the forcalf and drained a fair amount of blood into the bowl. She then went to the table and pulled a chicken from her bag and sliced its neck and drained it’s blood on to the table. She threw forth some bones and started to chant. As she did so she mixed the mutant Dolsin’s blood with some powders from her bag and continued chanting and mixing. ” mum mum shivia… mum mun shivia … back balamah .. back ballmah… mum mmun shivia…” Her chanting never stopped and she took the pasty blood she had mixed and tore a leg from the chicken carcass free and used it as a paint brush as she scribed an pentacle on the to floor of the room. She then started to burn incense that she has also pulled form the bag, never stopping her chant. after leaying out several other disgusting items and body parts of animals she gestured towards the mutant to lye down in the centre of the pentacle. Dolson assumed his position by walking on all fours to the area. As he breathed in the smoke of the incense and listened to the never-ending chanting he slowly started to enter sleep.

At this point the Embalmer stepped forward entered the sacred circle and star and produced an razor sharp blade from his belt. With the other hand he marked the body with the claw of the chicken foot dipped in the blood of dolsin and drew his surgical lines. He began to cut. To the surprise of Tink and Brok he lifted the head and started to cut the hair line as well… hen he pulled out a bone saw, Yep a FUCKING BONE SAW! He placed it on the ground and pulled of the flesh of the face neck and part of the chest where he had made the incision. Brock took a long swig to stifle his swirling stomach at the site of a faceless giant head that was a least three times the size it should be and failed. Vomit spewed forth from broke as he stared and the sheer horror of what was being done to his friend. Tink just stared.

Then once the face and hair were removed the Embalmer started to saw the skull, carefully and skillfully he opened the elf’s gigantic head like a can of soup. He gently pulled out the pulsating brain and eyes from head… although he was forced to salvage the unique eye stem and ball that stuck out from the head he managed to gather it as well as the brains. He placed all of it on the grond and in the lap of the ever chanting witch. More vomit speed forth from the dwarf and Tink just stared. Then the embalmer walked to his cart and pulled the cloth that was covering its contents off to reveal six disembodied heads in jars bobbing up and down. Tinkerballs and Brock gasped. He pulled several heads out and held them up to dolsins body until he finally settled on one and looked satisfied. Tink burst into laughter, Brock vomited again this time laughing while the chunks flew from his mouth. The embalmer looked at the with cafeul calculation and nodded.

The witch gestured for her bag and the Embalmer brought her a small pouch. She reached in and sprinkled dust over the brain and eyes, to everyone amazement they began to shrink. Once the right size she stop sprinkling the dust. Her chants still filing the room. The Embalmer then carefully opened up the previously enjoyed head and fead the steam eye through and placed the normal eye in the socket. Then with great care he placed the brain into the empty skull. He then placed the skull cap on and started to place a series of small steel plates with one screws either side of the skull seam and bolted the cap back on to the rest of the skull. Then he started to sew the flesh back into place. Unfortunately due to the nature of the mutants gifts he had to sew some of the original elf’s flesh back to the eye socket to attach the stem eye properly. The skin was two totally different tones. Brock could see the distinct dark skin of the face and the elfs pale skin being sewn on one eye socket. After 7 hours of surgery the witches chants finally stopped.

She woke up the elf and he looked into a looking glass, rage and horror filled his eyes, “WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE, I STILL HAVE A SNAIL EYE!!!!!” The embalmer explained he could only fix one mutation for the cost and that he had chosen the head, the due was intact a totally different gift from the god Tzenitch. The elf gasped, then screamed, “BUT BUT BUT, YOU MADE ME FUCKING BLACK!” “Alas my friend it was the only head that fit. Beggars can not be choosers, however if you give me time and money I can do something about those appendages. The elf stopped and looked at he Leg arms, then he looked at the Embalmer and said “how much?” After much debate they settled on a price and the Embalmer said he needed a week to aquire the “parts”. The dwarf and the halfling said it was not all that bad… at least it is the right size! Then Dorah walked into the room and saw the mutant with the leg arms while some one was draping a cloak over his head, she screamed “MUTANT” and ran from the room and into the streets. The dwarf and halfling looked at each other and laughed.

A week had passed when the witch and Embalmer returned to them with a two arms, upon the mutant elf’s request to be stronger the arms were heavily muscled, Upon closer inspection they were from different people. One appeared to be that of a hairy white man, perhaps of Italian decent. While the other was surely from a native of Araby. The black faced mutant with the leg arms sighed and resigned to have arms again no matter if they were miss matched. The procedure went as before for hours and with the never ending chanting. This time the Embalmer removed the leg arms and cut muscle from the leg’s hamstring and started to build up the flesh of the mutant elf’s back and pectoral… he turned and explained, as he heard the gasps of confusion, it was the only way that mutant would be able to use the strength of the arms properly. The remnants of the legs were thrown in a bucket and he attached the two arms. One of the by standers asked why they were not the same? While the Embalmer worked, he did not turn his face them, instead he stayed focused on his work and replied … “would you sell both your arms … or just one?” THe halfling and dwarf looked at each other in shock… he bought them of living people?? After several hours the elf was made in to a man, of sorts any way.

As he was packing up the Embalmer offered to beef up the elfs legs to match his upper body, with the left over parts from his leg arms, the elf hesitated and finally decided to pass. The temptation was strong but the elf did not want to push his luck. He put an eye patch on and stuffed his tentacle eye in behind the patch. Then looked at his miss matched arms and proclaimed “I need a drink!”

(end session)


Routing Out BeastMen with the Fire

Although the elf, if he still was truly an elf, could walk and talk he needed a lot of rest to recover from both the mental and physical trauma that he had recently suffered. He also needed to figure out what he was going to do about his friend Dora, who’s faith would not let her befriend a mutant, even if his stem eye it was all her fault. So the elf and Halfling decided they could get some work as Tink applied her trade of hunting the undead. Which she knew had popped up here in Talabhiem.

Upon rumour, there were several others that were seeking the work as the entire temple sector was quarantined and it seemed the chaos did not stop there. The better part of the law sector and a portion of the merchants way and shanty town were quarantined as well. The Templars of Sigmar had started pouring in off the train and were taking control of the city, to try and contain this out burst of Chaos. Once our heros found out when and where they could help and earn bounty for proof mutant and undead kills, they went to work designing and building the first flame thrower the old world had ever seen … they called it SIGMAR’S FLAME. Armed with the two orc stoppers and sigma’s flame they made a deal to work with two other vampire hunters and reported to the quarantined zone, where they met a templar of sigmar clad all in black and wearing a silver hammer around his neck. His face was hard and he eyes grey and calculated. he paid four more city guards with them and sent them in to route out chaos and earn their prize.

The make shift portcullis was raised to let this brave band of fortune hunters and vengeance seekers in to the infected area roust the mutants and creatures of chaos that had sprung forth into the city. (Thank Sigmar that the Templar did not know that our little band of heroes were responsible for the outbreak in the first place.) The scoured the area and then decided to test the weapon. Tink hauled off and squeezed out a shot into the streets and flame erupted every where. They smiled and then put Tink in the front of the march with Brock behind her, an orcstoper at the ready. It was not long before they encountered a beastman, immediately Tink fired off a cone of flame and set the beast a flame. The atalope headed beast reared with rage and let loose a scream of horror and pain. Then another appeared and Brock to a shot at it … he missed. The beast then charged the group, sadly there was not enough room for them to stand two a breast so they were forced to remain in their marching order. Once the creature with the birds head charged past Tinik she engaged Brok. Before Tink could unleash her flames upon the new attacker she was grappled by the flaming antelope man.

After a few moments of struggle the worst occurred … her black orc skinned fuel container, that she wore upon her back, caught fire and “KA-BOOM —HWOOOOSH —BALMAO” The party was engulfed in flame and smoke. Everyone including the creatures of chaos were consumed by the flame and immolated. Well all but one… he was a guard and he turned and ran… he pounded on the gate begging to get out. The gate opened slowly revealing the templar standing there with a pistol drawn. The town guard stammered and stumbled back wards. The Templar said, “How am I to know that you are not infected?” The guard stuttered…BANG! A round from the pistol flew forth from the barrel and tore a whole the size of a fist through the guards face and head … before the body hit the ground with a SPLAT, the Templar had turned around and called out to his men… “Burn it … burn it to the ground!”

(end session)


A blessing of Sigmar, a Priest Answering the Call

As Dora kneeled, she starved, she chanted and she prayed in one of the little shrines that were littered about Talabhiem she could hear the peoples’ cries and smell the stench of the burning flesh, from the fires that the witch hunters set in the infected area. (The screams went on for days and days as they purged the city of this new plague.) As she prayed she fell into a hunger induced trance. She saw her self looking down on Talabhiem, as if she was floating in the air. She could see the flames, the forrest and the entire city in side the great crater. As she stood their listening to the screams, a figure rose from the flames. Armoured and with a mighty hammer in his hands. “My lord Sigmar,” Dora called out, as she kneeled in mid air. As he rose to her, up from the flames he spoke, “Hello my devoted one, you see the wrath that happens when my people turn against me, you were wise to unleash the mists or moorslieb upon those non believers and heretics, fallowing the laws of men and not the laws of Sigmar. They are tainted here, living in that crater, a crater created by a warp stone crashing into the earth. All those of Taalinhiem will be brought to judgement. Unfortunately two of my suns were lost in the flame. I will need you my child, I will need you to find two of my most faithful here in Taalinhiem. Find two who will be willing to sacrifice theme selfs and their bodies to host two of my suns. For they need bodies, if they are to carry out my wishes. It was not thier time but their bodies were completely consumed by the flames. There is nothing I can do to repair their flesh. All that remains are the cloaks of Ranald that they wore, go into the runs of the inner city of Taalinhiem and retrieve their cloaks. Then seek out the two who are most devoted to me and bring them before me at your alter. Tell them to wear the cloaks of Ranald, for they will need them in order to serve me. Dora I can trust only you to this task, it is you who I have chosen to take on this quest, it is you who has purged this city of their sins. It is you who can not fail me. Go now priestess, … go and bring me two faithful, so that my suns can live again.

CRACK, Dora’s eyes opened, her body starved and he faith searing in her mind & heart. She could still feel his almighty presence. She raced around the city spreading her word and need. No his word, Sigmars need. She ranted about his judgement on Talabhiem and she preached to those who would listen. All the while the inner city still burned. Finally after several weeks she found the first of two, a Sigmarian priest whom had a visitation from Sigmar telling him to fallow the priestess whom came calling for a volunteer from the devoted. He was a young man, in his twenties and he was a Mann of Sigmar, a warrior priest who crewed the rivers; protecting the boats from evil. His robes were tael green with blue and white trim in the pattern of waves. The symbol upon his chest was the twin tailed comet of Sigmar crashing into the water with a trident in the heart of the comet.

Still the city burned and now the two looked high and low for the other of the chosen, to serve Sigmar in his time of need. Almost a month had passed Since Moorsleib filled the sky. It was then that she had decided to go to the ashes of Talabhiem, the remnants of the inners city and the temples of Sigmar To find the cloaks of Ranald. A moment later she saw him. A tall man, with fair skin and head shaved to show his devotion to Sigmar. He had a war hammer in hand and a book at his side. She knew he was the one. As she approached him, her eyes ablaze with Zeal, her pristine white robes and her tattoo shining with the sweat across her half exposed breasts, he turned to meet her gaze. “You,” he whispered, “you’ve come for me”. She nodded, then gestured to him and the three went to retrieve the Cloaks of Ranald.

As they sifted through the rubble, instinct, no Sigmar guided her now, east and then west. “Prestess, where do you go,” the two men called out to her. Finally she came to the ashes of many men. In amongst the rubble and the ash she saw them …her friends cloaks. The cloaks of the Hand, confused she wondered why Sigmar had called the Cloaks of Ranald. Pushing the thought from her mind she lead her two chosen through the city to her alter. She handed them the cloaks and told them to put them on. They were shocked that they were un damaged … they looked new. Still they did as the Priestess Dora asked them. They put on the cloaks and knelt behind her in prayer. For seven more days and nights they prayed until finally in the hight of the noon day sun Sigmar stood before them.

There stood Sigmar plainly for all to see but when the two priests looked around the city was deserted and they were the only ones to see him. Sigmar looked at Dora and smiled. YOu have found them my child… good, I know you would. He gestured behind himself and both apparitions of Brock and Tink stepped out from behind him. They were naked and clean. He looked down at Dora, she stood and walked Tink towards the one who wore the Cloak that was once hers. Then she lead Brock to the other. They stood looking at he priests wondering what to do next. When they opened their mouth to speak, horrible wailing sounds escaped. Both earee and terrorizing, were the cries of a banshee… causing those still living to cover their ears. Sigmar looked at them proudly but amused, don not worry my suns, the voice of the dead is torture to most human ears…you went to fight chaos and you died doing my work. (a moment later thoe osthers uncovered their ears when the wailing stopped) These men will host you for the duration of their lives. They are both willing and able to serve. All you need do is step inside them. But be warned, once you merge with them, the only way to escape is death. I do not smile upon those who use suicide my suns! To take the cowards way out will result in a fate worse than death.

Should you chose not to live and to stay in the after life with my other children I will understand, for you died in the fight against chaos, you deserve a place in the great battle. But, if you chose to go on I will help you when I can … I always keep a watchful eye on my suns. Dora, I know your heart bleeds for your elven friend, worry not his mutations are being dealt with … he will soon pass into a new life. It will be your strength of faith that saves you comrades and your ability to heal. Your bleeding heart will always mark your faith my child. You will represent me to all others who need you. You will heal those who need it and you will kill all those who worship chaos. Remember my faithful one, for this is important, every healer needs to know when to kill, to truly understand when to heal.

The two apparitions looked at each other and then…

(end naritive)


Looking for Dora and FInding Beastmen

The two apperitions were greated by their hosts and welcomed to take their bodies as it was Sigmars will. When Trok and Funkybell walked into the bodies they experianced a strange sensation, similar to waking up after a hard night of driking. As they grogally opened their eyes they were looking down at Dora (another new experiance) as she kneeled at the alter praying. Her body dirty gaunt and pale. As she mutterered her prayers the other to looked each other up and down, with looks of awe on their faces. They were saprised to find the bodies felt natural and wer just a responsive as their previous ones. Infact these men in some ways were more cableaable than their prvious forms.

They loked back down at Dora and were hesatant to inturupt her prayer. So they decided to head back to the safe house and see how their comrade Dolsin was doing. As they made their way trough the tallows of Talabhiem their was much talk of the loss of priest and people in what is now being called the the 2nd great fire of Talabhiem. They learned the entirity of the temple sector, a large part of the legal sector, small section of the nobles houses and maybe a quarter of the murchants area we lost in the purging fires of sigmar that were set forth on the city by the templars. When they finally arrived back at the safe house they saw Dolsin in his grotequely muscled form sitting at the table inspecting his newly crafted leather armour.

They sat beside him and started to relay their story, with all the crazy happenings they have experinaced in the past few months DOlsin was not shocked, he did not even blink. He mearly excepted the fact his friends were now men, and they were both men! There was some talk aobut what it was like to have a wanger that made they group laugh. Yet soon after that they talked tehy ate and decided to see what they could find out about the Templars and why they wer lingering in force in the city, since they had infact purged the city of the foul sin.

During their jaunt out into the city to find the word on what the templars are up to Trok hand suffered a brainfart. His host’s conciousnes Johann, pushed forward and found himself standing in the street confused as to why he was standing there when the last thing he remembered ws offering himself to Sigmars services. He loked about and saw his fellow priest Dieter, who was asking quwatons to some people standing in the road. (Tink was able to discover that the Templars were still here beleiving that there was still some sect of Chaos worshipers that needed to be rousted and destroyed) Johann relayed that he had “lost his guest.” and Dieter stood confused for Dieter was actually TinkerBalls. She had no Idea what to do, but Johann had commited to fallow the Priestess Dorah of the BLeeding Heart in Sigmars work. So they decided to find her and see if they had the answers they needed to retrieve Trock back to complete Sigmar’s task.

On their way into the part of the Tallowa that Dora was last seen they heard rumour that there was some kind of Beast man terrorizing the people near the shrine where Dora was praying. They hurried to the location. When they turned the corner people were running past them and they had terror in theirs eyes. The group of three could hear the cries of beasts and people, they turned another corner in the shanty town and saw the creatures of Chaos eating the corpses and the living a like, amungst a pile of bodies. In that instant Johann suffered a head ache and closed his eye… when they opened Trok wos looking out from them. Suprised at the horror he readied himself for battle.

Instantly our group set themselves up to assume a battle formation and alerted teh beastmen of thier presence. THen the forst to notice them had a the head of an atalope and reared its disfigred form and blood drenched maw and charged towards the priest clad in blue, Johann. With ferosious rage he swong and missed the the former dwarf. The second abomination charged Leroy (the elf formaly known as Dolsin) and swung his axe wildly, norrowly missing the missmatched man. Then like a well oiled machine the group systematticly eleminated the Beastmen with the final blow of the battle shot from Dieter (Tink) sling staff stiking right between the eyes of the Horsy headed creature of Chaos. Droping like a sack of brinks to the ground.

Our group of heros then proceded to chop the heads of the beast off and pille the boddies to burn them. Then realising they did not have any tinder stiks, oil or flint. So they decided to serch the homes around them .. now abandoned in fear of the beastmen. Like any propor theif our group looted the homes as well as the bodies of teh dead. Durring their church the foudn oil, money, a strange book and a dead mutant babywith a dagger with the mark of Chaos upon the hilt. Not to mention a bag of human hearts stored in a black shimering powder. Trok was the one to see the hearts and the sigh tof it was so grewome that it sent a shimer of pain through his mind and when his eyes open Johann was back at the wheel. He dropped the sack of hearts back into the hole from which it came and scampered back in confusion. He wnet out side and foudn his new comrades and met them. They left the bodies and hurried to find Dora and it seemed they needed her more than they needed to burn the bodies. SO with a bad of heads and a dead baby they made their way to the prayer shrine.

(end session)

CHAPTER IX – A New Begining

(begin nine session summery)

The Under City of Talabhiem

Out group of of rag tag heros went off to find Dora, who they knew was still praying at the small street shrine. Once they collected her and led her back to the pile of bodies She spat in disgust at the pill f chaos infested beings that now lay beheaded. All of a sudden her gaze turned to the black man that was standing with her two disciples (who now hosted her two friends Tink and Trock). “Who is this .. this …savage,” asked Dorah? The black man had anticipated this and had previously schemed with his comrades that he was a member of the purple hand and went by the name … LEEROY STITCH. They planned to keep the fact that this was actually Dolsin after having his mutations “dealt” with. (how long they can keep this ruse up is yet undetermined) After introducing himself the group lead Dorah to a domicile where they had found an entrance to a passage that lead underground.

Once in the underground they traversed down a passage and encountered several skaven. They were stuck in a tinny tunnel and attacked from both sides. the rat men tunnelled in and attacked fiercely. They had with them a grey seer who cast horrifying warp magic. Luckily Johan was in control and was able to fight fro the middle of the party with his Sigmarian blessing of Mannan. With water lasers blasting forth from his finger tips he laid waste to the skaven behind them while Dora attacked with her sword as best she could. Leroy faced off with a Skaven ahead Tink attacked with her throwing daggers. After several minutes of fierce tunnel fighting our little group prevailed against the band of Skaven.

After traversing the network of skaven tunnel under the city for a sometime our group came to a 6 way fork in the path. They decided to mark the path they came with the Chaos dagger by stabbing it into the ceiling of the tunnel. The picked a fork and explored it with no encounters. Once they reached its end they discovered that it was a way out of the city, it lead to water way that they could reach Talabec from. (This could prove very use full thought Tink) They all decided to go back and try to find another tunnel way to travel. They picked another and after what seemed like an hour they found and entrance way that opened up to a massive cavern. in the cavern they saw what they believed to be a chaos ritual with other beast men and humans a like. Tikerballs snuck in for a closer look and once she saw what she needed she made her way back to her friends.

Once with the rest of our rag tag group had gathered back together they decided to leave the tunnels and re-equip as they were ill prepared to deal with something of this magnitude but Tink had a hankering to burn or blow the place up. After a long and cramped journey back to the surface they heard sound coming from outside and could hear the crackle of a large fire. Upon sneaking a peak outside Tink saw the witch hunter whom she had been hired to burn out the rest of the mutants in the merchant sector before she had died. Along with the hunter she saw an even larger pile of beastmen and mutants being burned. She looked back at the group and told them to wait where they were, she went outside and explained to the hunter that she and her friends had found a mutant baby and she produced the body and they hunter snatched it from her and threw it in to the fie and it burst in to flames in the emence heat. He looked at Johan (Tink’s new body) and said why are you soo dirty. She looked down and realized she was covered in gore and filth from teh tunnels and battle with the skaven. She then went on to disclose the tunnel and chaos meeting hall they had found. Seeing as how she was dressed up as a priest she decided to ham t up and relay her plan to burn them out. THe Witch Hunter nodded in a agreement that fire was the best way. She gestured to he other priestly friend dieter and Dorah to come out and they brought the bag of heads with them and cashed in their bounty. The witch Hunter was impressed and gave the group the oil and black powder they requested and commissioned them to clear out the chaos from below the city and once it was complete they would be rewarded.

Once they were re-equipted and had their plan they made their way back into the tunnels and again they were encountered by skaven … this time the battle that ensued was fierce and terrible. Even the mighty Leroy was badly hurt and for some unknown reason he refused the healing from the Priestess Dora. They made their way to the 6 fingered fork in the tunnel and started to build their bomb. Once it was built they decided that Tink and Leroy would take it into position. They started to make their way down the tunnel just as they were leaving they unstopered one of the powder kegs to leave a trail of black powder to use as a fuse…

Once they were half way down the long passage Leroy disrobed and revealed his mutations and surgeries, the perfect disguise to infiltrate a chaos roost. Tink suck in the darkness as a point man and leroy fallowed dragging his stretcher and makeshift fire bomb. They made their way in the opening of the great chaos hall and Leroy calmly walked into and started to deploy the explosives in strategic areas of the hall. He was stopped at one point by a man with the mutated head of a great cat and panther thought Leroy. After making some cockamamie story up the fooled the mutant he placed the rest of the explosives. He then left the cavern and continued down the hall with Tink. Unfortunately they encountered Beastman (from heman) and although the battle was fast they did not escape it unscathed. Leroy sustained even more damage. Luckily the fuse trail had not been disturbed or noticed. THey made their way back to where they had left Dolsin’s cloths and then back to the group and turned to look at the powder trail. The rest of the group looked down at eh powder and then smiled. They all smiled with nervous excitement. Then Dorah lowered her torch and lit the fuse. IT sprang to fiery life sizzled like a snake down the dark corridor…

KAAAABOOOOOOOOOM The entire cavern shook and tunnel system form the explosion … a few minutes later a cloud of fire travelled down the tunnel and engulfed and disapated in the 6 fingered chamber that the party was waiting in. Singed but not harmed the group of mismatched heros traversed the tunnel untill they finally came to where it had caved in. They group worked for several hours clearing rubble and stone from the cavern entrance. Once they had created an opening they could see the death and carnage that their little plan had cause. Tink smiled and the other started to search the room. Dorah cam to the first body and saw that it was mutant with at least 100 eys covering its face, she spat, then took her shovel and cleaved of its head and placed it into Trok’s sack, for bounty.

The group of ruthless heros did the grim work of rummaging through the bodies and gathering what proof they could of mutation, namely… heads! While they were rummaging around for bodies and head the were still feeling the after effects of using a bomb. Stalactites were falling from the ceiling and in some cases causing injuries to our little band of head hunters. NOthing too serious but if not for Trok’s armour it could have spelt death for the group. In the end they were able to grab a total of 7 heads with clear signs of chaos infection including two heads from skaven.

amongst the dead Dora found a the body of what looked like some kind of caster or priest ratman, near is dead form was a staff with a animalistic type of skull crowning the walling stick. She picked it up and like the symbol of death at the top and decided to make it her trophy for rousting these vermin and mutants whilst bringing them death. Once the room was picked clean the group set their eyes on the enormous double doors at the back of the now ruined alter chamber. Seemingly barred from the other side our group of heros pondered how to get the doors open.

They tried to pull and pry, when Leroy saw this he stepped up to the plant and used his hulking mass of muscle to pry the doors apart. As he strained his muscles they bulged showing the inhuman mass as they bulged almost bursting through his chain shirt. As he grunted and he started to hear a “CREAK” then… a horrible tear in his shoulder,,,”AAARRGGGHHHHH” He know with out having to look that the stitches that held his replacement arm on had burst …. he could hardly move his arm. Dora offered to look at it but, Leroy shrugged her of and said it was just a pulled muscle, all the while the pain was immense, yet he could not reveal his mutations to such a priest, so full of zeal for Sigmar.

Then with a little ingenuity and the combined brainpower of our rather “dull” heros they managed to get the door open. Albeit a crude and tedious method they managed to open the door…

Now that they had the door open our little band funny house heros mad their way down the new hallway. Caved and masoned in magnificent stone work, a quality only the dwarfs have the skill to build. THe hallway was long and seemed to have a steady decline not to mention dark, darker than the blackest pitch. As they journeyed down the dark passage they started to see a dull green light emanating in the distance. Soon they closed on it and it was a mystic green light illuminating another chamber … one that they had seen the sister of before. It was a dwarvin burial chamber. Complete with two obelisks either side of the tomb. Yet one thing was greatly out of place. An enormous glowing green rock in a strange iron stand. the rock was as tall as a man and twice as wide. The green glow filled the room and left an eery feeling in the air. As the group looked around the room they were surprised to suddenly see their lost companion, Sigriech… surrounded by the soft glow.

THere was some conversation about how he appeared there but in the end they were happy for his presence. Dora then turned her attentions to the glowing stone and said she wanted to use the amulet that housed poor Sigreich and the skull staff in unison to try and pull forth Sigrich from the amulet permanently. When she started strapping the amulet to the staff as if it were an eye patch for the beastly skull, she spoke her mind to the others of the party and described what she had in mind. The rest of the group looked at each other and said … “oh… ok, we will just wait waaaay over here and see what happens.” She nodded to them and made her way to the stone while the others retreated down the hallway. While Sigrich stood fast a mere 30 feet from her daring attempt, partially because he was still bound by the stone and partially because he did not want to abandon his friend.

WHen she started her attempt at magic to free her friend she did not get what she expected. A green mist poured forth from both the staff and the stone, it took the shape and reflection of a ratman. It started spitting out word and hisses in a tongue that she nor Sigreich understood. In fact Sigreich thought the attempt had gone bad and he drew his sword and charged at the image of the Skaven and cleaved with all his might to protect his friend. His blow passed right though the misty apparition and smashed into the luminescent green stone. Striking a fault line n the rock perfectly and chipping off boulder sized chunk of the stone. At the moment of impact an explosion of green light and energy radiated through the chamber and hallway, rendering the two unconscious.

The rest of the group having just been engulfed for a brief moment in green light and energy looked at each other and started to run back to see what happened to their friends. When they entered the main chamber they saw the rock split in two and their friends bodies lying on the floor. As they rushed over to them they were relieved when they started to see them stir. As they started to slap the fallen comrades faces the courageous troopers asked what happened. Dorah and Sigreich weaved their tale and then they decided it was beast that they did not disturb the stone. So they started to explore the rest of the runes and inscriptions in this burial chamber. Unable to decipher the runes Dora decided to try somethings else…

She started to examine the runes on the sarcophagus and make note of their appearance in her journal. Then her eyes sparkled with zealous glee as an idea started to form in her mind. She pranced over to Trok and removed the head with many eyes from the bag and placed it on the alter. She grabbed a nail from with in her pouch of prayer offerings, then stabbed it with genital precision whilst also caressing her ever lactating breasts she drew forth the now bloody nail and started to scrawl the runes on to the surface of the alter. Once complete she and the others started to stare at the alter… Meanwhile, Leroy grew bored of the tedium of searching the room and he wanted to avoid Dora’s stares of concern, so he had moved down the hall way and decided to stand watch. It was right around the time that he came running in to the chamber again warning “there are skaven approaching the room and several of them…Hide.”

The group looked up from the decapitated head that was on the tomb and the runes scrawled upon it in the blood of a chaos mutant and stared at Leroy (who had now drawn his sword and faced the oncoming Skaven) and their eyes popped. Dora immediately began drawing a prayer circle behind the alter and ushered her friends into her circle of blessing. From there, Tink launched a volley of sling stones at the two Skaven that broke their ranks and attacked Leroy, who was now fighting for his life, with a badly injured shoulder… he was taking severe wounds. As Dora completed her prayer circle she looked up to call out to her injured friend leroy when she saw a curious thing. The ratmen that were not engaged in combat kneeled before the great green stone and began a prayer of their own. Almost instantly a green glow started emanating form the stones (both the main one and the chunk that was hued off by Sigriech) the glow were two perfect spheres that were growing to engulf the whole of the room. As the ratmen’s vile speech filled the air, our band of heros called out to Leroy… “get in this circle, KneeeeeeeGaaaaH!”

Leroy realizing he had no hope of defeating the ratmen with his injuries so he turned to make his way back to his team when his eye bugged out of his head. THe green orbs had all but swallowed the room. He he saw the sphere of white light, not unlike the light that filled the room that night many months ago when Sigmar himself came to them and charged them with a take to find the Dwarvin imperial stones. It was sheilding our group from teh corruption of the green light. Instantly Leroy sprung into olymic quality gymnastic floor work, BOING BOING BOING across the room. He preformed a double back flip in to a flying ostrich dive and run up the wall six feet to give him the hight to leap of the wall and land safely in the spere of light.

As he was about to thrust himself of the wall and in to the safety of Dora’s circle he was distracted be the fact that two of the skaven left their prayers and leapt on to the broken piece of green stone on the floor. They started to devour the rock, gnawing and biting at it… then they began to change … muscles twisting and growing; deforming the ratmen in to massive monstrosities until they were formed into rat ogres. The caused our por hero LEEEEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEENNNNNKIIINNISSSSS to fumble his heroic leap and dive straight into the green light, where he immediately stated to get torn apart, stitch by stitch. When suddenly a beam of light , a brilliant white light spit forth form the centre of the ceiling and swallowed Leroy and purged the green poison form the rock form his flesh. The stitches were made whole and right and he was levitated to the safety of Dora’s circle. As the beam of light extinguished a dwarvin apparition appeared over the tomb…

The apparition cast its gaze around the room and a frown buried it’s self on to the presence’s face and she waved her sword and cast the stones head and creatures tumbling down the hallway that lead into the chamber. She then cast her eyes back on to the group of heros and began a speech to them. Unfortunately she was speaking in the tongue of the ancient dwarfs, no one in the party could understand her speech. Yet they listened intensely and tried to communicate with her but as fast as she appeared she dissipated. ONce thing was certain, they were both saved and warned.

Our group gathered their things and made their way back from whence they came and headed for the surface. Luckily they remembered to gather the heads they had collected so they would be able to collect the bounty they came down here for. As they made their way down the corridors and caverns they had a couple of skirmishes with small bands o Skaven but it was nothing they could not handle. WHen they finally came forth back to the hidden entrance that they discovered in the basement of a local house. Once everyone was out of the tunnel Tink peered out the window to see what the situation was. Out front the witch hunters were feeding a now massive fire with dozens of human bodies. The group battered and bloody and filthy wanted no encounter with a witch hunter especially Leroy. So Tink decided to occupy the Witch Hunter and cash in their bounty while the others made their way back to the hide out. She walked out tall in her host body and approached the Witch Hunter who she knew was named Gunter. When she spoke to him and offered him the heads of the fallen chaos infected he smiled and said well done. He pulled the head with many eyes out of the sack and when the head looked directly into Tink’s eyes… something snapped in her mind and everything went black…

The Sigmarian Priest stood there looking about at a giant pile of bodies burning and a Witch Hunter smiling at him and asking if he was all right. He nodded and said he was tired and as he did now he saw his priestly friend walking around a corner. The Witch Hunter dropped money into his hand and sent him off to get some rest. The pries trotted off after he friend. Once he caught up they walked in silence to what appeared to be a thief’s den. They all sat around a table and there were two men whom he did not know and he priestly friend and the priestess who communicated directly with Sigmar, his priestess. He dropped the money on the table and started a discussion by asking what they should do now that their task to Sigmar was completed. After a long discussion and hearing the story of the last couple of weeks the priest was unconvinced that her task was not complete but wanted to find out how she could help free his friend from the grasp of this dwarf since clearly their task had been done … yet the dwarf kept taking the other priest body. By the end of the night they had decided a trip to see the head of their order here in this city was the correct corse of action. Dora agreed, they needed advice from someone and she needed information. After all just because Sigmar had chosen here did not mean that he was going to do all the work for her.

So the next morning They had decided to go to see the priest and Trok would stay and take care of Leroy as he had fallen ill form his wound as was feverous. Trok was looking forward to finding a way to take permanent control of the body.. he was sick of blipping back and forth out of consciousness with this bloody priest. When the priest and priestess arrived at the main chapel of Sigmar (where they had been before in the recent weeks and Dora had unleashed the poisons of the chaos moon and caused the infestation that was plaguing Talebhiem at this very moment) and they were able to receive an audience with the Bishop. They relayed part of their story but in specific of a warrior who they had come across that Sigmar himself had quested the priest to offer his body to house the spirit of one of Sigmars chosen. THe priest sceptical told the two priests that it sounded like a chaos trick and wanted to find out the location of this so-called vessel of Sigmar. The priest unwilling to tell the bishop that he himself had been one such vessel lied to the priest and said he was in another city and would take care of it hims self. Dora and the Bishop had words but in the end they decided to leave the priest and come up with a new plan.

Unfortunately the priest was mistrustful of the two as his city was being rampaged by chaos and the fact that the outbreak started here at the temple he did not trust the two priest entirely and their story left an ill feeling in his stomach, so he had them fallowed, due to the dull wits of our two heros who were making their way back to their secret thieves lair they did not notice their perusers.

When they returned and relayed the story of what happened with the bishop they started plotting out a new plan… After a few hours and almost coming to an agreement Gotfried a “hand” contact burst into their room and
told them to make a haste-full escape as he ran by them bags in tow. But before they had a chance to grab their gear they could here doors being broken down and the voice of a Witch Hunter who they new went by the name of Gunter. When they entered the hallway they saw the Bishop calmly walking down the hall toward the room where Leroy was sleeping off his illness. When the Bishop arrived and looked at the sweaty kneegrow lying in the bed he asked’ “is that him?” Dieter (Tink’s host priest) answered quickly and confidently, “yep!” Then the Soldiers and witch hunters started the round up even our little band of heroes with a special place for Leroy at the head of the precession on the back of the priests carriage. The rest of the thieves and our group of ruddy heros were manacled and being marched down the road. After walking a few block Dora used her public speaking skills to rally the public who were now watching the long parade of scallywags march down the streets to her advantage. Spouting out scripture with the passion of a true Zealot she had the crowd on her side. It was going on for a few blocks when the procession suddenly stopped and the Priest hauled up Leroy to the top o the carriage and started a speech of his own. with the climax of teh speech he tore the cloths form Leroy’s body revealing his hideous and massive body and mismatched body parts and pulled his eye patch off letting loose the tentacle eye spring forth and in that instant Dora’s jaw hit the road.

In that instant she fought the fear to run and mustered up her most powerful voice and screamed out, “in the name of SIGMAR….. BURN THAT FUCKING MUTANT… BURN IT BUUUUURRRNNNN!” Now with the crown and his priests behind him he moved the procession on all the way to the jail where her threw the lot in cells and one for the mutant guarded by three priests in constant prayer.

Once our rag tag group of miscreants were in their cells Diter went into prayer. The others discussed many different things and thoughts on what to do … several hours went by and finally there was a clunk. Several of the cell doors spontaneously unlocked, Dieter’s eyes snapped open and he looked to the ceiling but only say the heavens and she said’ “Thank you.” and walked out of the cell. Everyone else looked up and then at each other and left the cell… several other cells were opened and some of the folks fled. But it was then when they noticed that everyone else was frozen, even the torch flames no longer flickered. When Leroy left his cell Dieter threatened to kill him but leroy nimbly bimblied his way past him and darted upstairs.

Once up stairs the Dora and Dieter entered into combat to stop the mutant from leaving while Trock tried to reason with his friends. Finally giving up on the conflict Dieter decided to seek sanctuary at the church and wanted to plead his case to the Bishop. The mutant and Trock saw their confiscated gear and rushed over to it and started to grab their gear and trucks and make haste for the door, unfortunately as soon as Dieter left teh building the strength of his prayer left with him … the entire guard house sprang back to life and after a few moments someone noticed the mutant and Trock making off with some thing. they immediately dropped their belongings and fled into the darkness of the city streets. They both went the same directing but the mutant was as fast as a horse and he sped down the street leaving trock t move at the pace of a normal human.

When the watch finally caught up with trock after he had a bad tumble attempting to duck in to an alley way he got into a scuffle with two watchmen and as the scuffle escalated so did Trocks anger … seriously wounded Trock finally lost his temper and killed the two men gruesomely and with fierce savagery. Standing over the two dead watchmen he looked around him breathless and badly wounded … if he did not make haste and find a safe house and a surgeon he to would be dead before morning…

to be continued…

(fin nine session recap)