Imperial World


fountain in merchants ring

The times are hard and the world is lost in dispair and skullduggery. The Emperess rules with an iron fist and the war with britonia rages on in the west. People are taxed to the limmit to fund the war effort while also trapped behind city walls for fear of the beasts that rule the forrest. Even the elfish cities are now fables and most eleves are rumored to have left the forests in search of safer places. Although some have moved in to the cityies with the humans… they are still a rare breed. Many are half bred with humans and have their own part of town … much like how our cities would have a china town. most stay clear of them and they work the dock in the second ring, they have thieir own bars and their own foods.

The dwarfs live in harmoney with the humans and do not have a special part of town … although there is an engineering college that is run entirely by dwarfs and is located in the centre city walls walls. There are some humans that work and study amongst the dwarfs but all in all the school for the elite of the dwarves and the richesrt of the population.

The city is altdorf and the life is hard… crime is rampent and the class system is strong. The city is comprised of three completlty walled in rings …made of stone and the the thinest is twenty feet thick. The three rings of altdorf, the larjist city of the empire!

snorting pliva.

Rotter Ring Tavern

The outer (or rotters) ring is for the poor and the unlawful alike. The houses are built so close together that the alleyways are more like caves and form labyrinth that is next to impossiblle to navigate. The gangs and guilds here rule absolute and the law has little more that a superficial presence here. as long as no one openly attacks the law the law does not mess with the people of the outer ring.

The middle (or murchants) ring is full of the middle class. Mostly different kinds of merchants and people of notable wealth. All the best restarunts and shops are in this part of town. Their are schools here (the colleges of magic have entrances here as well) and trades masters of good repute. There are Inns and stables as well. Each ring is almost a city in itself.

The inner ring (or the Royal ring) is the most loosely populated and filled with nobility and scholars and mages. The elite of the elite live here. The proporties have yards and the royal garden are here. There is no visible crime in the inner ring. They have all the civilized amenities such as a running water, a zoo, museum, universities of all learnings, sports centers, and ofcorse the college of magic.

The hight of technology is the stem engine … developed by the dwarvin engineries and is run through out the old world on the royal line. The fastest train in the world at this time is the altdof express reaching speeds of 20 miles per hour. (The imperial shuttle is even faster and is reserved for the empress and her envoys alone. It can reach speeds up to thirty miles per hourIt runs on its own line and i shrouded with magic and mystery.) There are three trains that run on the royal line … they are always running and they are powered by fire mages, water mages, and air mages using the fabled elemental stones of Nuln to produce the steam to power the train.

The train route goes to every city in the empire. There is an master engineer, a masters apprentice and a team of engineers on every train to see that any and all problems are seen to as fast as possible during their runs. The train is protected only the best of the militia (it is quite prestigious to be a royal line militia man). There is artillery on the royal express and the tracks are elevated on a stone aqueduct like structure 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide… all of which were raised by mages and reenforced by the engineering scholars. The entire line took the best mages and engineers 200 years to construct (as well as countless labourers that lived out their entire lives working on this project) and was designed by the dwarvin grand master of engineering Gulruk Stonebeard III.

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