Is it TOO LATE for us???

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About Theodora Shumachur

I love Sigmar and I would do anything for him. I have paid him a great homage in tattooing the twin tailed comet across my breasts and take every opportunity to expose them and wield the might power that they hold. From time to time I will use my vagina secretions and my everlasting lactating breasts to get information from men but way of the epic and sigmarian infused pheromones that exude from my juices.
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  1. Okamiotoko says:

    I gatta tell you … I am seriously considering finding jesus. I am serious I am giving it some serious thought, but it might be hard to find a due who is dead or may not have ever existed. Either way I am thinking that if i kill your characters I may in fact be killing you guys!

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