Finding Dorah and Fighting Beastmen

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The two apperitions were greated by their hosts and welcomed to take their bodies as it was Sigmars will. When Trok and Funkybell walked into the bodies they experianced a strange sensation, similar to waking up after a hard night of driking. As they grogally opened their eyes they were looking down at Dora (another new experiance) as she kneeled at the alter praying. Her body dirty gaunt and pale. As she mutterered her prayers the other to looked each other up and down, with looks of awe on their faces. They were saprised to find the bodies felt natural and wer just a responsive as their previous ones. Infact these men in some ways were more cableaable than their prvious forms.

They loked back down at Dora and were hesatant to inturupt her prayer. So they decided to head back to the safe house and see how their comrade Dolsin was doing. As they made their way trough the tallows of Talabhiem their was much talk of the loss of priest and people in what is now being called the the 2nd great fire of Talabhiem. They learned the entirity of the temple sector, a large part of the legal sector, small section of the nobles houses and maybe a quarter of the murchants area we lost in the purging fires of sigmar that were set forth on the city by the templars. When they finally arrived back at the safe house they saw Dolsin in his grotequely muscled form sitting at the table inspecting his newly crafted leather armour.

They sat beside him and started to relay their story, with all the crazy happenings they have experinaced in the past few months DOlsin was not shocked, he did not even blink. He mearly excepted the fact his friends were now men, and they were both men! There was some talk aobut what it was like to have a wanger that made they group laugh. Yet soon after that they talked tehy ate and decided to see what they could find out about the Templars and why they wer lingering in force in the city, since they had infact purged the city of the foul sin.

During their jaunt out into the city to find the word on what the templars are up to Trok hand suffered a brainfart. His host’s conciousnes Johann, pushed forward and found himself standing in the street confused as to why he was standing there when the last thing he remembered ws offering himself to Sigmars services. He loked about and saw his fellow priest Dieter, who was asking quwatons to some people standing in the road. (Tink was able to discover that the Templars were still here beleiving that there was still some sect of Chaos worshipers that needed to be rousted and destroyed) Johann relayed that he had “lost his guest.” and Dieter stood confused for Dieter was actually TinkerBalls. She had no Idea what to do, but Johann had commited to fallow the Priestess Dorah of the BLeeding Heart in Sigmars work. So they decided to find her and see if they had the answers they needed to retrieve Trock back to complete Sigmar’s task.

On their way into the part of the Tallowa that Dora was last seen they heard rumour that there was some kind of Beast man terrorizing the people near the shrine where Dora was praying. They hurried to the location. When they turned the corner people were running past them and they had terror in theirs eyes. The group of three could hear the cries of beasts and people, they turned another corner in the shanty town and saw the creatures of Chaos eating the corpses and the living a like, amungst a pile of bodies. In that instant Johann suffered a head ache and closed his eye… when they opened Trok wos looking out from them. Suprised at the horror he readied himself for battle.

Instantly our group set themselves up to assume a battle formation and alerted teh beastmen of thier presence. THen the forst to notice them had a the head of an atalope and reared its disfigred form and blood drenched maw and charged towards the priest clad in blue, Johann. With ferosious rage he swong and missed the the former dwarf. The second abomination charged Leroy (the elf formaly known as Dolsin) and swung his axe wildly, norrowly missing the missmatched man. Then like a well oiled machine the group systematticly eleminated the Beastmen with the final blow of the battle shot from Dieter (Tink) sling staff stiking right between the eyes of the Horsy headed creature of Chaos. Droping like a sack of brinks to the ground.

Our group of heros then proceded to chop the heads of the beast off and pille the boddies to burn them. Then realising they did not have any tinder stiks, oil or flint. So they decided to serch the homes around them .. now abandoned in fear of the beastmen. Like any propor theif our group looted the homes as well as the bodies of teh dead. Durring their church the foudn oil, money, a strange book and a dead mutant babywith a dagger with the mark of Chaos upon the hilt. Not to mention a bag of human hearts stored in a black shimering powder. Trok was the one to see the hearts and the sigh tof it was so grewome that it sent a shimer of pain through his mind and when his eyes open Johann was back at the wheel. He dropped the sack of hearts back into the hole from which it came and scampered back in confusion. He wnet out side and foudn his new comrades and met them. They left the bodies and hurried to find Dora and it seemed they needed her more than they needed to burn the bodies. SO with a bad of heads and a dead baby they made their way to the prayer shrine.

(end session)

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