After the Fires Burn… A blessing of Sigmar, a Priest Answering the Call

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As Dora kneeled, chanted and prayed in one of the little shrines that are littered about Talabhiem she could hear the peoples cries and smell the stench of the burning flesh from the fires the witch hunters set in the infected area. The screams went on for days on for days as they purged the city of this new plague. As she prayed she fell into a trance. She saw her self looking down on Talabhiem, as if she was floating in the air. She could see the flames, the forrest and the entire city in side the great crater. As she stood their listening to the screams, a figure rose from the flames. Armoured and with a mighty hammer in his hands. “My lord Sigmar,” Dora called out as she kneeled in mid air. As he rose to her from the flames he spoke, “Hello my devoted one, you see the wrath that happens when my people turn against me, you were wise to unleash the mists or moorslieb upon those non believers and heretics, fallowing the laws of men and not the laws of Sigmar. They are tainted here living in that crater, a crater created by a portion of the chaos moon crashing into the earth. All those of Taalinhiem will be brought to judgement. But unfortunately two of my suns were lost in the flame. I will need you my child, I will need you to find two of my most faithful here in Taalinhiem. Find two who will be willing to sacrifice theme selfs and their bodies to host two of my suns. For they need bodies if they are to carry out my wishes. It was not thier time but their bodies were completely consumed by the flames. There is nothing I can do to repair their flesh. All that remains are their cloaks of Ranald, go into the runs of the inner city of Taalinhiem and retrieve their cloaks, then seek out the two who are most devoted to me and bring them before me at your alter. Tell them to wear the cloaks of Ranald, for will need them in order to serve me. Dora I can trust only you to this task, it is you who I have chosen to take on this quest, it is you who has purged this city of their sins. It is you who can not fail me. Go now priestess, … go and bring me two, so that my suns can live again.

CRACK, Dora’s eyes opened, her body starved and he faith searing in her mind & heart. She could still feel his almighty presence. She raced around the city spreading her word and need. No His need, Sigmars need. She ranted about his judgement on Talabhiem and she preached to those who would listen. All the while the inner city still burned. Finally after several weeks she found the first of two, a Sigmarian priest whom had a visitation from Sigmar telling him to fallow the priestess whom came calling for a volunteer from the devoted. He was a you man in his twenties and he was a Mann of Sigmar, a warrior priest of Sigmar who crewed the rivers and protected the boats from evil. His robes war tael green with blue and white trim in the pattern of waves. The symbol upon his chest was the twin tailed comet of Sigmar crashing down into the water with a trident in the heart of the comet. Still the city burned and now the two looked high and low for the other of the chosen, to serve Sigmar in his time of need. Almost a month had passed Since Moorsleib filled the sky. It was when she was about to go to the ashes of Talabhiem, the remnants of the inners city and the temples of Sigmar that she saw him. A tall man, with fair skin and head shaved to show his devotion to Sigmar. He had a war hammer in hand and a book at his side. She knew he was the one. As she approached him, her eyes ablaze with Zeal, her pristine white robes and her tattoo shining with the sweat across her half exposed breasts, he turned to meet her gaze. “You,” he whispered, “you’ve come for me”. She node, then collected him and the three went to retrieve the Cloaks of Ranald. As they sifted through the rubble, instinct, no Sigmar guided her now, east and then west. “Prestess, where do you go,” the two men called out to her. Finally she came to the ashes of many men. In amongst the rubble and the ash she saw them …her friends cloaks. The cloaks of the Hand, confused she wondered why Sigmar had called the Cloaks of Ranald. Pushing the thought from her mind she lead her two chosen through the city to her alter. She handed them the cloaks and told them to put them on. They were shocked that they were un damaged … they looked new. Still they did as the Priestess Dora asked them. They put on the cloaks and knelt behind her in prayer. For seven more days and nights they prayed until finally in the hight of the noon day sun Sigmar stood before them.

There stood Sigmar plainly for all to see but when the two priests looked around the city was deserted and they were the only ones to see him. Sigmar looked at Dora and smiled. YOu have found them my child… good, I know you would. He gestured behind himself and both apparitions of Brock and Tink stepped out from behind him. They were naked and clean. He looked down at Dora, she stood and waked Tink towards the one who wore the Cloak that was once hers. Then she lead Brock to the other. The stood looking at he priests wondering what to do next. When they opened their mouth to speak, horrible wailing sounds escaped. Both earee and terrorizing. Sigmar looked at them proudly, don not worry my suns, you went to fight chaos and you died doing my work. These men will host you for the duration of their lives. They are both willing and able to serve. all you need do is step inside them. But be warned, once you merge with them the only way to escape is to die. I do not smile upon who use suicide my suns! To take the cowards way out will result in a fate worse than death. But should you chose not to live and to stay in the after life with I will understand, for you died in the fight against chaos. But if you chose to go on I will help you when I can … I always keep a watchful eye on my suns. Dora, I know your heart bleeds for your elven friend, worry not his mutations are being dealt with … he will soon pass into a new life. It will be your strength of faith that saves you comrades and your ability to heal. Your bleeding heart will always mark your faith my child. You will represent me to all others who need you. You will heal those who need it and you will kill all those who worship chaos. Remember my faithful one, for this is important, every healer needs to know when to kill, to truly understand when to heal.

The two apparitions looked at each other and then…

(end naritive)
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    So this is where Tink and Brock must decide to either enter the bodies of the offered, spend the rest of their days in the after life or become a a ghost and haunt the party until some other opportunity to live comes up. you must decide…

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