Making friends and sharing loot

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After standng for a moment in the aftermath of the battle with the undead Dwarf King, our group of heros and this ai???new guyai??? stood in awe of Tinkerballs most awesome shot. The cross bow that brought down a king in one shot. After Dora finsihed gathering up the all the loot our heors made their way back to the Vulgar Unicorn and started to devide the loot and come to some sort of conclusion as what to do next.

While in the room questions on who was who and Thagus were being tossed back and forth. In the end the ai???new guyai??? and our ratty band decided to work together, seeing as they all worked for Thagus. After several hours of debate and explaining the pickle our heros were in to the Dwarf who is called *****.

Finnally the group decided to report back the the truth sayer and tell tehm what they had learned about the murder thus far aand in doing so they found out there was a Zoo. Which they investigated and found house all manners of creature such as miniture dragons, birds of amny varitys (including a phenix), badgers, deer, tigers and other spectacular and exotic creatires. They also happened to have empty cages and iin a far corner of the Zoo they had a caged Orc. But alas no black orc. However they were not able to speak with the Zooai??i??s animal handler and once they do it may shed some light into how or who could have trained a Black orc.

While in the palce walls they asked the truth sayer about some of the princes friends and gave the description of the man who the brothers of silence had described to have taken their daggers. The truth sayer was certin that the prince had no such friend fitting that description.

That night the group decided that they would try to track the black orc and where he had come from, from over the city walls. So under the cover of night and having done their reseerch of the city patrold on the wall bord walk tehy made thier move. Unfortunatly the group had spent the day gearing up and reequiping and had purchased some new chain mail arour. As such while they wer attempting to move silently through the city and sneak up on the wall they found that chain was very noisy. Thus one of the guards noticed them and called to to the group and they so conspicuily approched the city wall. ai???Hey you, what you doin out at this time of night?ai??? Everyone froze except Dorra who imeaditaly withdrrew her massive and every lactating breasts now endorned with the twin tailed commet of sigmar and aproched the wall saying that she was here for hiim, and him alone. The guard not really hearing what she said other than that fact her dripping wwoman utters now fully exposed were bouncing with every step. He reached into his cit and showed off a bottle spirits and offered her to come up by kicking down the ropen ladder. Dora withdrew her knife with wahat seemed like pracitced stealth and concealed it if the folds of he sleave as she climbed the ladder. Once on the guard tower she was able to work her womanly chames and use he sigmarian milk vats to lure the guard into a state of utter distraction (ba da dum). Then wheh he leased exxpected it she gave him the old reach around and slit his throught form ear to ear.

Confused and bewildered the others waited patienly down at the bottom of the tower and attempted ot hide in the shadows. Then Dora climbed down the ladder, ensconsed in blood and stated that they neadent worry about the guard any longer.

The rest of the group shoke their heads aand turned to head back stating that tehy could not sneak out of the city bbecause when the shift switch came tehy would be on alert. So Dora climbed back up and pushed the body into the ggraveyard on the other sided oof the city wall. They then all procedded back to the Vulgar Unicorn with teir tails between their legs.

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  1. Trok StoneSmasher says:

    So much for sneakin’ out. We were thinkin’ we were truly hammer-fokked and then next thing you know, this bloodthirsty big-breasted bitch goes up the ladder clean, comes down bloody..and hey, no more guard problem..unless anyone happens to wonder where he went, or looks over the wall and sees him layin’ in the graveyard. Fokked! We need to plan shit better before we go fumblin’ around in the dark like a pack o’ retards. We’re thrice fokked if we ever DO find that big black orc beastie…unless I can get the get me “upgraded” crossbow built :-) Then the fokkin’ll be glorious!

  2. Okamiotoko says:

    Ha, you even kinda sound like thagus :P

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