Tomb of a Dwarvin King

The Battle Ensues

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Our heros having just climbed the steps to the upper walkway in the delapitated warehouse in hot pursuit of the enormous and most vissious monkey orc as it hopped, climbed and swung in persuit of the frightened scream in the office on the other side of the upper level door. As the horrific aommination pounded at the door frame and wall Dolsin was able to slip by and see that there was a woman bound to a chair and looking terrified as the creatrue slammed itself wiith furry into the wall trying to reach the woman. Nostrils flaring, teath beared and sloopy saliva fliying this way and that as the creature beat it’s chest and the wall. Finally the wall crashed in just as the elf was able to free the woman from her bonds.

The black, hairy and enraged beast through itself at the woman, our heroic elf was able to step between them and swing his blade with lightling speed striking the beast with the full force the dandilion eater was able to muster. Alas it was not enough to render the beast lame but the hanious creature did turn his attention to the elf for an instant. Which was all it needed to swing its heavlily muscled arms into the elf sending him realing across the room and smashinginto the adjacent wall with a massive THUD! By this time the others had entered the room and were starting to move in on the beast.


Dorah having just escaped the Silent brothers or elusive sisterhood was on her way back to the Vulgure Unicorn when she heard what sounded like Sicric her compainnion and fellow devout worshiper of Sigmar sreaming … AAHHHHHHHHHHH, we are goign to FUCKING DIE! So she darted as fast as she could and heard the terrifying cry of what must have been themost unholly beast from the standing ruins of some kind of warehouse. She sis not waste a moment and lept through one of the many holes aand damaged walls only to see he friends climbing up some steps on the far side of the room to enter a room where she heard the deffening raor of the hanious beast echo from again. She raced across teh room still filled with Sigmars vigor and practicly jumped to the second floor board walk and dashed onto the room where the sounds of battle were coming. When she entered she saw dolsin slam into the wall and fall into the floor. She also took in the biggist and most grewsome creature she has thus far seen in her life. It’ss eyes bulging and bloodshot; while it’s teeth and gums glistened and ozed with salivia that she was certin was ensconsed with the taint of chaos.

Now that the band of wold be heors was reunited they all felt certin that they could slay the beast. Well hopefull at the least. Even Sigric had pulled his shit together and found his sttregnth form Sigmar to land an attack on the foul beast. After was seemed like an eternity the heros and their new friend were able to defeat the beast.

Then with the a strange look in her eyes Tinkerbell drew her knife ans started to skin the devel while the toher started to interogate the woman whon they had just resued. After a moment they discovered it was the woman Rossa whom had been in the bar the night the murder had happed in the Vulger Unicorn. Thsi lead to a whole new lne of questioning. After some time they cam to beleive her story and trust that she had not been the one to murder the fat murchant.

Rossa admits to being an agent for the family of Ilsig (from Nuln), and she had determined, despite his talk and appearance, that Erilissi was a Rankan agent. He was too earnest about his pro-Ilsigi rants, so Rossa began following him. She didnai??i??t know what he was up to, but saw him talking to Arion Swan on several occasions, and receiving what looked like money purses from Swan. She also saw Erilissi meet with a short, overweight man in a cloak on more than one occasion, often passing him the purses gained from Swan. The small fat man had a hunched back, was left handed, and obviously didnai??i??t want to be spotted with Erilissi. Rossa had decided Erilissi was up to no good, and had decided to kill him, but she never got the chance. She heard Pace talk about being contacted through Swan, which leads her to believe Swan and Erilissi were more than casual acquaintances.

They had also learned that the man whom the beast had keilled a few moments ago, before the came to ths womans aid, was called Pace and was likly not the culpret either. Once everyone was satified with the information that was changing hands Tinkerballs was finsihed skinning the beast. She rooled up the bloody flesh and and tied on a length of rope and threw it over her shoulder.

They went down to loot the body of the the man that they have now come to know as pace and soon discovered that he was likely a member of the purple hand as well. Dolsin took his cloak and stuffed it inot his pack. Tinkerbell found dog and calmed him of his terror that was caused by the lothsome beast. Once calmed she sugested tat they rtrack the beast back to whence it came to get answers and extract retribution. The party agreed and so she let Dog take several long sniffs “sniff sniff,” went the dog and he burried his nose in the pelt. Moments later he darted into persuit out in to the streets of the maze.

After fallowing Dog ujp and down the streets they came across some tracks and other eveidence of the creatures path. Upon seeing the tracks Sigrich was able to confirm using his scholorly knowledge with supreme confidence that the creature they fought was a Black Orc. Having nevver encounted one before the party was stunned and in awe that theey were victorious as they had heard the Black Orc was the most feice and formidialbe of all the Orc kind. As dog lead them further through town tehyy came across another track not unlike that of the orc print only nearly 3 feet in legnth. This left our group of heros to decide that the creature they fought was mearly a pup of the mother whom had been in the city as well. Finally Dog lead them to the city walls and it was appearent that the abominations had entered and fled the city at tis point, toward the east wall and headed in the black swamps. Rather than run the risk of escaping the city in the dark of night and the dangers of the forrest they decided to find the secrett bothers of pig and swine to get some more information.

They had a scheduled meating with the sisters for just an hour from now to arrange the realese of Dora and for now they had the upper hand as she had escaped.

So after formulating a plan on the way to the Fountian Public house they decided that Dolsin and Sigrich would enrter the Pub and confromt the brothers for information wwhile the others guarded the exits and watched their backs.

Once in the bar and talkign to one of the brothers Sigrich thought it best to bribe the Borthers for information. So he gave Needer a a gold coin (YEP A FUCKING GOLD COIN) and he told them the tale of how the brothers came to loose three of their trade mark knifes (Master work daggers with a boars head pomel).

The Silent Brothers are, in fact, a gang of thugs who have recently begun operating out of the Maze. In an effort to make a name for themselves quickly, they bought a set of nine matching boarai??i??s head daggers several months ago from a traveling merchant. They wear the daggers openly,making it a trademark of their group in an effort to seem tougher and more stylish than they truly are. So far the tactic has worked poorly at bestai??i??the only people who have really noticed are members of the militia and town guard.The Silent Brothers lack the numbers, skill or contacts to run a successful protection racket or get enough work as hired thugs to live comfortably.

As a result, they were forced last month to sell three of their precious boarai??i??s head daggers. In fact, they were pretty well literally forced to sell them, by an Irrune named Karizal. When the Silent Brothers were hassling a street vendor for food they didnai??i??t want to pay for, Karizal appeared and mused aloud that he needed to report such cowardly actions to Naimun (son of the Irrune tyrant ruling the city). As the Silent Brothers tried to decide how to handle an Irrune who knew the tyrantai??i??s son, Karizal demanded they sell him three daggers, so they would have enough money to buy food instead of trying to extort it. Too cowardly to risk the wrath of the Irrune if they hurt a friend of Naimun, the Silent Brothers agreed.

Itai??i??s a decision theyai??i??ve regretted ever since. If anything, theyai??i??re now taken less seriously in the Maze and have even had an Irrune or two seek them out and beat on them.The Silent Brothers are on the verge of looking like easy prey, a status that few gangs ever recover from (or even survive).

After he was confident he got all teh info he could he and Dolsin retreated from the bar as they also became increasingly aware that most of the patrons were the silent brothers… they were greatly outnumbers including the compadries out sid ethe bar. Once reunited with theri friends the Roossa (the woman whom they had resued) said she was leaving the city as it was getting way to dangerous and she needed to report back to the illsigi family all that has transpired. Our group of rag atag heros let her go and decided to call in a night and return to the Unicorn for some rest and food.

(end session)

A Day of Rest eurax for sale.

After a good days arest and food our group of heros decided to go through all the cause/effect adn information that had brought them to this time and place. they needed to orginize what they did and did not know. These are the key points and thoughts of the group taken from notes Sigrich made that day as they ate, drank and tried to puzzle out their fate in the vulgar Unicorn.

The first thing they went over was why they let Altdorf… and that was because they wanted to get their map translated. To do that the need to find their way to the hermit that lives in the mountains south of Altdorf and that meant braving the wilderness. The short time in wilderness which has almost cost them their lives on several occasions (in the span of three days on foot and a couple of weeks on an elven river barge). They wilds were dangerous and they are ill prepared. Which lead them to end up here in Sanctuary. A city that appears to be free of the empresses rule and totally uncharted on any map or scholars knowledge. A city totally off the grid. Now that they have retraced their steps here what did they know about the murder and sanctuary so far:

1. religion is banned here
2. they were framed for the murder at vulgar unicorn
3. they can not leave the city via the gates as they are under city arrest until they find the real killers
4. boars head dagger was found in victums back with only one stab wound and another identical dagger was found at Dolsins feet and blood on his hands – also there was a torn note in the dead mans hands
5. gang of thugs use similar dagger as thier totem .. called silent sinters of secret brothrood.. or something shit like that
6. suspects at the bar that night a beautiful woman, a black cloaked man, and three other men in green who cloaks who started a bar fight.
7. woman name Rossa – not guilty, black cloaked man named Pace – dead and purple hand member, someone is also trying to frame the whispering brothers sisters of secrets
8. man killed was a merchant named Erilissi and was suspected by Rossa of being some thing he was not
9. man names Karizal jacked some daggers from the brothers and had pul with the local rulers family (Irune)
10. someone wanted Rossa and Pace dead and they were in league with Black Orcs
11. there is a fat hunchbacked and left handed member to this caper that may be the murderer as well

Side Plots:

1. Silent Brothers are fleeing Sanctuary with the help of an old man and they may be going to a place called the Rock
2. they are going to retrieve an artifact from a temple before they leave
3. the artifact is believed to hold mystical properties
4. there are rumours of dark worship in the city
5. the ruined temples are said to be cursed

After resting for the day and much debate our band of rag tag heros decided they needed or could get more information from the Silent Brothers and decided to chase them down. heir search lead the to temple row where they happened upon what appeared to be an ancient structure with markings and writings on the wall that were very similar to the ones on their map. Since the their search for the brothers came up short they decided to investigate this place to see if it held any clues to their search for the Imperial Stones and save them the trip to the hermits dwellings in the mountains.

(end session) The Ruined Temple of Valaya buy provigil visa.

As our would be group of less than epic heros approached the dilapidated temple they searched for traps and other such booby traps. As they seemed to find or rather not find any they made their way into the depths of the dark passages. Traversing down a corridor that seemed be on a slight curve inwards and downwards they pressed onward and downward. After not to long they came across several rooms … all had been looted and plundered before. However something caught the elf’s eyes from behind a wall… something … strange some kind of magic he had never seen before. They tried for several minutes when finally they a secret entrance way opened in the room and … some kind of putrid stinky rat men can scampering out from the darkness. SKAVEN, cried the halfling and they started to assume an attack positions.

The battle was fierce and gory, soon ended in a wall of flames thanks to Tinkerballs and her oil. One of the disgusting creatures was casting some kind of magic and curses. Some of our heros were badly injured and were even set afire by mistake. In the end though they survived. Sigrich was the first to go to the casters burt corpse and pick up the amulet that the ratman was wearing. As he held it aloft and started to shake it and shine the torch in it … there was a sudden CRACKING sound and Sigrich was sucked into the amulet and it fell to the floor with a clink.

(end session)

Onward to the Temple Chamber

After seeing poor Sigrich get sucked in to a vortex of nothingness with his elf eyes, Dolsin decided to pick up the amulet and try to see if he could determine if Sigrich was still alive. When suddenly there was a laud CRACK and Dolsin had vanished and Sigrich was back in the room. Tinkerballs eyes just got wider and wider…. Sigrich looking confused picked up the amulet and began to examine it… CRACK… DOLSIN was back and Sigrich gone. Finally learning his lesson Dolsin picked up the amulet with a rag and stuffed it into his belt pouch. Not wanting to leave Sigrich behind but not wanting to trade places with hi again.

So they group decided to continue onward into the darkness with their torches and lanterns. After descending further into the catacombs for what seemed like hours they came across some more rooms and one in particular has some kind of carving in the wall… When the elf reached out to touch it … it began to glow. They looked and looked and could not find any ill effect of the glow so they pressed on an ignored it. In some of the other rooms they found some traps and and trap doors. One of which lead down to a buried treasure. Where they were able to disarm trap and find jewels and gold.

Finally after hours of decent and searching they came to a large room that seemed to have no roof and full of statures. In the room their was some kind of magic fires and lights. As well as some kind of hushed murmuring.
The band of friends started to sleek around the giant room looking for traps and listening for foes. They cam to find a pool with a dull glow emanating form it when they head an all to familiar scampering from behind them … “oh NO, more scaven” some one shouted! Then a furious battle ensued which also brought out of hiding the secret brothers of silence. So our group of thugs joined with theirs for the battle as the old saying goes … “the enemy of my enemy is my friend… for now!”

After all kinds of savagery … Dog the fearless companion of Tink leapt at one of the rat creature with such zeal and fierceness it took the rats head clean off. With the help of the Sister of Secrets they were able to dispatch the scaven quickly and with out suffering many wounds.

(end session)

The Final Show Down cialis shoppers drug mart. Buy ashwagandha seed buy wellbutrin xl without prescription, least expensive viagra prescription.

After the battel ended the lot of the folks down here started to debate who was entitled to what treasure as there were giant diamonds on top of some very large obelisks on either side of the radiant pool at the back of the room.

Meanwhile …

Dora toke this time to hide herself away and undress… as she tried to sneak around to the stair where everyone was arguing she caster her glance both alluringly and hatefully on the the brothers as she made her way up to the radiant pool stark naked. In this time Dolsin was trying to secure a rope to a statue so he cold investigate the sarcophagus in the centre of the pool. Dora started to test the water with her toes and the water was fine! So she plunged into the water forgetting she did not know how to swim. GLUG GLUG … PANIC PANIC … SLURP COUGH.

Dolsin being a good friend and dirty pervert ran to her aid after tying one end of his 30 yard rope to the statue and the other end to him self and plunged after her. as he grabbed at her … “oh the soft supple flesh filled his mind…” he began to pull on the slack of the rope as he realized the chain mail armour he was wearing was starting to pull him to the floor of the pool, UNDER THE FUCKING WATER!!!! When he suddenly realized he had thirty yards of slack rope to gather before it would go taught and allow him to rescue himself and Dora.

It was not long before the elf drew in a massive lung full of water fallowed by another one and another one. Until soon the elf was lying at the bottom of the pool wearing all his armour and wearing a smile of his face with still 15 yards or more of rope to go before he would have been able to pull himself out.

It was then when the rest of the people started to act after being mesmerized by dora’s exquisite figure and tattoo. The twin tailed comet was bouncing and plunging in and out of the water and it was all the brothers could door to help. In fact brother Steve went to help but could not muster the focus to make the jump in the water and was forced to the bottom where he to drown in the radiant pool … wa wa wa waaaaa!

After a few more minutes and a near death dora, they were able to pull her out to safety. However by the time they got to Dolsin he was no longer breathing. It was then that Dora took in to prayer stark naked and comet tattooed bosom in hand that Dolsin seemed t cough up water and blood and return to the world through the might of Sigmar.

Finally after drying off and the Silent brothers fled the to tomb (after losing another comrade) the group of would be heros set off another trap… but instead of dying or getting caught they managed to free two more people … a dwarf and a man. Who claimed to have been trapped there for several days. They to were tomb raiders seeking fame and fortune. For some strange streak of fate the dwarf recognized the cloaks the others were wearing as the neophyte cloak of the hand, he said nothing but counted his luck as a blessing from Sigmar.

After all kinds of planning and prying the group was able to break into the sarcophagus and make they way down a hidden set of stairs. where they found another tomb … this one trapped and suspicious. With all kinds of ingenuity, luck and brute force they were able to brake into the tomb with out getting killed by the trap. Unfortunately Dora seemed to have woke the daed as a dwarvin skeleton came to life and leaped into attack against the dwarf who was closest. It was then that Tinkerballs leaned out from the corner cross bow in arm and took aim against the living dead villain and let loose a bolt. In that moment time seemed to have all but stopped as they all watched the bolt sail through the air. When it struck the skeletal warrior that was in full plate armour and slipped through all the chinks in the armour there was a small clinkedy sound … and the Skeleton disassembled before their very eyes.

THe armour fell to the floor and so did a necklace that the creature was wearing. Sword and armour were being placed in sacs as the group discussed the risk of the dreaded tombrot.

(end session)

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