Dorah, captured and alone…

aldactone overnight no prescription. Buy aricept canada Dorah while you were looking for the other members of your rag tag group in the streets of the maze you encountered an old man who began to ask you for some directions. While you were talking with the old gent everything went black.

You woke up and found your self tied and gaged to what feels like a stadard wooden chair. You have also been blindfolded. You can hear muffled voices from what you would guess is another room and you can hear what sounds like a fire crackling.

The room you are in feels cold and damp. The smell in the airr is dank and moldy. As you strain your ears to hear the voices in the other room you are able to pick up …

“we should see the old man and get out of this city before ….”

“no, we need to find the artifact from the ruined temple of …. then we can leave…”

“…agree…but the arrow head is said to be mystical… have….”

“…the rock is the place we shoudl go … is right… our lives.. important … the relic…”

(four different vices durring a conversation said each of thesse statments, you are sure that there were more than four ppeople taling but htat is all you are able to hear)

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About Okamiotoko

I am the mountains, the dirt, the air you breath... I am the water, the sky, the trees, the animals, the people you meet... I am the bread, the beer, the beasts you eat and drink... I am not unlike god! Yet your fate is determined not by me but by a random cast of the dice... I am the WolfmaN and my howls will haunt your dreams as your legacy echos through the ages of our imagination. (enter the dark and ominous laughter, Ha ha ha ha ha haaaa)
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15 Responses to Dorah, captured and alone…

  1. Theodora Shumachur says:

    Bowing my head, touching the icon on my breasts, I begin to whisper slowly…

    “Mighty Sigmar, Blessed Warrior,
    Beholder of Ghal-Maraz and Liberator of Kurgan.
    I petition thee! ”

    My voice rises above hearing level…

    “Free me from these bonds upon me.
    Grant me strength to punish my enemies”

    Louder now, my prayer now a loud chant…

    “Curse these conspirators
    Pour hot oil in their eyes and blind them
    Tar their children and ditch their wives
    The wrath of Sigmar is complete.”

    I repeat this short prayer, getting louder each time.
    However, the emotion in my voice is unwavering: it is pure devotion.
    The wrath I wish upon the people in the next room is not heard. For it is Sigmar’s wrath, not mine.

    I repeat. Again, and again….

  2. Okamiotoko says:

    Several minutes go by and you repeat the chat. After thirty minutes you begin to feel fire corse through veins and burn in your heart. Your bonds feel tight as you use your strength to test the strength of your bonds. Relentlessly your chant continues and the strain you are placing upon the bonds are grows. {make a roll with plus thirty to your strength, due to the strength of Sigmar flows through your veins at present. Your Strength is 38 + 30 = 68}

    • Okamiotoko says:

      After making an attempt at breaking the ropes your strength fails but you continued to chant in side our mind, then as the strength replenished it self in your veins and the fire of Sigmar burned inside you once again you strained (spending a hero point to reroll) you finally break the bonds that are binding your hands.

      your move…

  3. Theodora Shumachur says:

    I take the gag out of my mouth and the blindfold off my eyes. Still, I chant. I’m now uninhibited by the balled up fabric that was restricting me, though I’m quieter now, lest my captors hear me.

    Taking the broken rope in my hands, I move quickly to the door, pressing my ear to it, trying to listen for anything going on in the next room. I hold the rope as a strangler would, ready to wrap it around the necks of my aggressors. While listening, I look around the room to see what I can see…

  4. Okamiotoko says:

    The room sounds still with the exception of someone whom is muttering and and repeating the same thing over and over again. He sounds as if he is repeating directions but it is hard to make out as his voice is so low.

    You don’t hear any other voices and from the light coming from the door you suspect it is at least the next day and well in to the afternoon.

    The room you are in is dark and dank there is water on the dirt floor and the only piece of furniture in the room is the chair that you were tied to. You have a length of rope in your hands aprox 3′ long and it is ready to strangle some one if need be. Your money is gone and you weapons belt is missing but other than that you have everything else that you left the inn with.

    your move…

  5. Theodora Shumachur says:

    I knock on the door…

  6. Okamiotoko says:

    Once you knock at the door you wait a moment… still all you can hear is the incessant muttering.

  7. Theodora Shumachur says:

    I test the door knob quietly, to see if possibly my captors left it unlocked.

  8. Okamiotoko says:

    The door is not looked nor is it barred, and when you open it just a crack you are able to see most of the room, it appears empty. Save, one man lying on one of the many cots, his face is glowing with sweat and he is muttering.

    The temple of Valaya, we must go to the temple… (murmurs unintelligibly for a while)… the temple for the arrow head … the talisman… in the temple … the power … must … get …(murmurs unintelligibly for a while)… mystical power … then the old man … the rock …

    He repeats this over and over … as you watch from the slight opening of the door. Other than that the coast looks clear, at least that of the room you can see. You definitely hear no other life other than the burning of a small fire in a portion of the room you can not see.

    your move…

  9. Theodora Shumachur says:

    I open the door and use Silent Move to walk into the room (I rolled a 21 just now) and move over to the cot.

    I would like to heal the person on the cot, if allowed. I just need to know my Heal %.

  10. Okamiotoko says:

    Upon inspection of the person (your skill is 52) you determine that the man has a broken neck and can not feel anything from the neck down. (With a successful dealing roll you will be able to ease his pain but nothing more … this ones fate is in the hands of the gods now.)

    Looking around the room you see a table and some chairs. As well as a some bot belly fire stove the other cots. You also see you weapons belt but not your money any where and on the man muttering you see one of the boars head daggers sheathed on his belt. The room is also lit by several torches and upon looking outside through this dirty window you realize it is dark. Your estimation of what time it was, was misinterpreted by the ample amount of light provided by the torches in this room.

    your move…

    • Theodora Shumachur says:

      I grab my weapons belt and equip it. I then roll a 14 for heal, hopefully easing his pain enough for him to get some rest.

      Quickly saying a protection prayer to Sigmar, I look for a window, door, or some other opening to escape.

  11. Okamiotoko says:

    The door is next to the dirty window and you make your way out the door … It is an over cast night and it is hard to determine exactly what time it is. You check all directions and the coast is clear … you make your escape.

    While you are walking down the road the coldness of the air bites your flesh and you pull the black cloak around you for warmth as well as stealth. As you scan the ally ways and streets for safety you see a strange and dark figure nimbly leap from roof top to roof top and disappear on to a large dilapidated building. A few moments later you hear a terrifying ROARRRRR! Fallowed by what sounded like Sigrich’s voice screaming …. .AAHHHHHH, WE ARE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE….. AHHHHHHHH!

    your move…

  12. Theodora Shumachur says:

    I run towards the direction of the scream, carefully staying off to the side and out of site. On my way, I look for things I can pick up and throw….rocks, small objects with some weight to them….

  13. Okamiotoko says:

    As you run you see small stones and bits of de-brie but nothing suitable to the task you are after. When you reach the building that the screaming is coming from you see it is all but in ruin and there are several points at which you can se through broken wall boards, possibly even climb in. When you look through the gap in the wall you see Sigrich climbing up a ladder to a gang way and Dolson dart past and through a door that an enormous beast with a spiked collar, who moments later smashes the door frame to smithereens. Then a girl screams…

    (Read the post current post for details and then you are all caught up…)

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