What do you guys think about…

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Are we making progress?

Hey some times I find that the sessions are pretty unproductive, super funny and filled with laughter, but unproductive. That is fine if everyone is happy with that. Yet there are also options that we can try.

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There are several styles of gaming:

1. Micro Gaming – playing out every detail of the characters life
2. Dungeon Crawls – playing as if it were a video game… go through a map and kill stuff and boss monster
3. Battle Mapping – turn based strategy combat with different scenarios .. no story
4. Narrative gaming – play out all combat – make roles for other tests and receive a narrative on what happens as a result of your roll
5. Battle army games – table top army to army battles
6. Character/plot development – running the players through a plot based story with the objective to included character interests and player ideas.

There are many more but that covers the basics. We are currently using a mix of 1,3, and 6.

I have a proposal, that we should do an experiment over three sessions. The first I think we should try try a different gaming approach with out the use of barbiturates.

The different style i would like to try is a mix of 1,4 and 6. I feel with our gaming group this might produce more progress. In an example of how that would work I will refer to out last session and how it would be different.

Players: We have decided we want to spend the day gathering as much information as possible. We will all look for information on “Secret Sisters” and well will ask people in the maze as well as the surrounding neighbourhoods.

GM: OK every one make gossip rolls. (The value of these rolls will determine the quality/quantity of the info gathered [m/s,s/s,cs,m/f,s/f and c/f]. All the rolls will apply to the groups ability to gather info, not just that persons [however development rolls will only apply to the person who rolled the SS or SF]. Depending on the rolls and situation these cold lead to more rolls such as, intimidate or command to give you further information or intrigue. Once all the rolls are made then a narrative will be given to the players as what the days worth of work lead to.) Ok guys, you were able to find out where the secret brothers will be and plan something out.

PLayers: We want to use stealth to fallow the secret brothers movement through out the day tomorrow.

GM: OK, make some rolls! (Everyone rolls silent move and concealment, results will work the same as listed above.) {in this example we will assume no one rolled anything outstanding all mf,ms} Then the GM rolls for the npc’s and… Great, you guys are able to fallow the the Sisters of Silence through out the day and learn their routine.

Players: We have discussed it over the evening at the pub and we have decided we want to confront them in the location that will best suit our needs to get the information we want from them, if we have to we are prepared to fight.

GM: OK make some rolls, I need each of you to make a silent move, an intimidate, a concealment, and Charm/Command roll. [dependent on results we will either go to combat or you will resolve the matter where they are willing to answer your questions]

NOTE: There will be random encounter rolls in this method of gaming which will help to throw a wrench in the mix every now and them.

Second I would like to do the session after that the same way but with barbiturates.

Third I think we should try the way we are currently playing with no Barbiturates and see how it goes.

Thoughts, suggestions, complaints, or other ideas…

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6 Responses to What do you guys think about…

  1. Theodora Shumachur says:

    By barbiturates, you mean alcohol, ganj, etc? If so, you’re using the term pretty broadly, but I understand. I’m cool with that too.

    • Okamiotoko says:

      Yeah exactly, I was just using big words to be nerdy. But I am curious if this is just our groups pace or if it is a product of the environment. I just find that it takes so long for a decision to be made and then for ever to implement it. It may be just the way our game will go or it might not … I think it is worth the experiment. And as a group we can decide after the next three sessions which way we want to go or try something else.

  2. Funk Bell Greenhill says:

    I feel a bit frustrated a the rate we are progressing – in fact when we found the town I was a bit disappointed because I knew i would be long time before we got back to our main story line.

    • Okamiotoko says:

      Well as you guys play this out you will find that this is going to play into the main story line and we needed something… i am not sure if you guys would have survived the entire time out in the wilderness with out getting more powerful first.

      If you read the posts and stuff this just naturally works into the story by fluke … everything that happens in the game always gets worked into the story line. That is my job, in this case though it just worked out but total random fluke and works out to keep you guy alive.

      But I do think that the game moves really slowly when it comes to decision making. I think that we need to try to stay on topic more and really focus on the game. That wold help a lot, however I am not sure that is possible for us. So if you guys are up for it I think this is worth a try … if it is really efficient, but no one is having any fun … then we will scrap it…. bottom line is that it should be fun

  3. Sigric Vogt says:

    I agree that it is moving along slowly. I like the idea of trying things to speed things up and I don’t need to bring beer. i also like the idea of using the 1,4, and 6 styles. It is more fun when we are able to keep things moving so lets give it a try

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