Update for Sigmarian Magic Users

Updates for the Cult of Sigmar

For those of you who are playing or thinking of pursuing a life as a Sigmarian priest/cleric this post is for you.

Chosing to fallow the path of Sigmar is an ardus and rewarding life however, it can bring to death sooner if you are not disiplined in your beleif and faith. When choosing a path of sigmar you will be required to fallow one of the main orders of the church or specialize in one of the houses.

1. The Order of the Golden Hammer, this is the most common of the orders to be fallowed. Whose members are often refered to as warrior priests. They travel the Empire (even in these dark times) promoting the cult, fighting Chaos, and generally bringing glory to the one true god, SIGMAR! As adventuring priests they are required to give a portion of their earinings to the church. From time to time may be required to serve as temple guard or body guards for nobility or church dignitaries. All members of this order are able to hear confession, conduct services, in the absense of a member of the Order of the Torch.

2.The Order of the Torch, are the administraitors of the Cults temples and are the priests who actually officate at religious cerimonies, hear confessions of the faithful, orginize and lead events on holy days. They are rarely found very far from a temple or shirne to whivh the have been assigned. This order makes up the main element of the cults Priests and other orders are subject to it’s leaders.

3.The Order of the Cleansing Flame, the members of this order are not always priests but can be former knights and devout congreants from more secular professions (such as torcherer, vmapire hunters…) This order deals primarily with forbiddin practices (hedge magic). However in the rare case of corruption of chaos in the church (ie a sigmarian priest who decretly pras to korn…) it is the responisbilty fo rthe order of the cleansing flame to route them oput and dispence sigmars judgement upon them.

**note: many of the now super esoteric order fo the Silver hammer or the Templars Sigmar recrute from this order.**

4.The order of the Anvil, is a monistic order whose members live our their lives in isolation from the rest of society, dedicating them selves to meditaion and prayer. The main funtion of the order is to study the word of Sigmar, which forms most of the imoerial law. Memebers may be found in law schools and upper ranks provide legal advisors for the Grand Thealoginist and the Imperial Seat. Its members incclude not only priests but lawyers and friers as well. One should not confuse this order with the House of the Learned & Just. The Order of the Anvil is concerned with the letter of teh Law whilst the leaving the Learned and Just to worry about Justice.

5. The cult has many ties to a numbe rof Knightly Orders who look upon SIgmar for spiritual guidence and study priestly endevours. The best known of these would be the Knights of the firey heart, famous for their prowuss fighting alongside the Imprial army in times of war. Whilst these are not offically regognized under the eyes of the Grand theologian and are not sponsered by the church, they bring glory to Sigmar and are talerated.

Skills/Talents for a standard priest of Sigmar:

Common knowledge Dwarfs
Speak language Kazalid
Specialist Weapon Group Two-handed

Strictures for all Sigmarian priests are as fallows:

1. Obey your orders
2. Aid Dwarf folk
3. Work to promote unity of the Empire, even at the cost of individual liberty
4. Bear true Allegiance to the Imperial Majesty of the Empire

Sigmarian Holidays:

The first day of summer is the principal holiday of Sigmaria warship. This comemerates both the day Sigamr waa crowned emperor and day of his abdication when, as it is described in the Sigmarite Gospel the cults most literary work, “he forsook the world of mortals to augment the relm of the gods.” The festival is celebrated through out the empire with great feasts and merymaking. In Altdorf there is a great processon through the entire city with flats deepicting sigmar and the emperesses acompishments for their people. The pariad tavels throughout all three rings and Takes the entire day to reach the cities four coners. The Grand theloginst leads the parade himself and the empress is known to display herself and throgh food and money to her peeople from her float all day long.

Special Rules for Sigmarian Priests of the Secular Houses Generico do xenical em portugal

After you have become a an anointed priest (or equivalent zealot), chosen and been excepted in to a house and have earned the ability to cast full prayers you will be bestowed the Sigmarian spell “Comet of Sigmar” as well as full access to all the spells of the house that you are bound to.

Further more all skills and talents in the specialized houses cost 200xp each and a failure to fallow the stricture will result in the loss of house prayers until amends have been made. I will write on redemption in another post as soon as it is nessisary) you will receive a second prayer book with that houses specialized prayers to Sigmar. These prayers touch on some of Sigmars less comonly known sides.

(Let it be known that for the cost of 600xp you can unlock all the other standard prayers from the core rule book for the order of Sigmar if you are a member of the specialized houses. Also you may also purchase new magics of your order and your house from the Tome of Salvation. these prayers come at the cost of 100xp for petty, 200 xp for lesser, and 150xp plus a successful channeling test for full prayers –note if you fail the channeling test you still loose your 150xp–)

The Houses of Sigmar:


The Black order of Sigmar (sometimes called the Soldiers of Morr or the Order of the Shoud) the Soldiers of Morr help the souls of good Sigmarian people to make the transition to the after life smoother. They help the passing of the sick and elderly as well as tend the graveyards of the old world. They commune and deal with death (or Morr) all the time, Morr is the name they give the grimreaper, because he is always looking for more souls.

(Becoming a member of this house or sect opens up the ability to use the prayer of Morr in the core rule book.)

They always wear black robes and use a symbol of a black rose crossed with the Sigmarian hammer. Sometimes the rose replaces the circle in the twin tailed comet.

Skills/Talents of this house:

Academic Knowledge Necromancy
Trade – Embalmer

Additional Strictures:

5. Observe all the rites of funeral and wake
6. Oppose necromancers and the undead whenever and wherever there are encountered
7. Be respectful and considerate of the dead and their families
8. Pay heed to your dreams

Holidays regonized by byy this house:

They celibrate two addition hollidays or holy nights. The first is when the worlds two moons are full, (Witching night) which falls on the eve of the new year. Second is Geheimnisnacht (Night of Mystery), a few weeks before the begining of autum.

Purchase lady era side

zofran without a prescription. Sailors for Sigmar (or a Mann of Sigmar) These are the priests who brave the rivers and seas in the name of Sigmar to fight piracy, Britonia, enemies of the church and due trade for the church.

(This sect of Sigmarian worship will open up the prayers of Manann to the Sigmarian priest who is excepted into this order)

These priests wear greys, blues, and greens (they may be trimmed in a wave pattern in blue and white) whose symbology is the twin tailed comet crashing into stylized waves.

Skills/Talents of this house:


Additional Strictures:

5. (These are mostly fallowing the suppressions of seamanship ie: no whistling aboard a ship, starting a voyage on eh 13th of the month is forbidden, killing an albatross etc… Look them up online and print them out for your selves as they change from region to region)

Other Holidays fallowed by this house:

The spring equinox is the houses main holliday marking the begining of the season for long voyages. Other festivals are at the the turn of the spring and the neap of tides. They also hold sermins and rights whe mansleb (the white moon) is full as it influences teh tides.

Myriad Knight These priests specialize in soldiering and battle stratigy. They dedicate themselves totally to the study of war and to fighting the Emperess’ battles in what ever front the Grand Theologinist sees fit.

(Joining this house open the priest to any of the Myrmidian prayers in the core rule book.)

This house wears white robes with blue cowls on the chest is the symbol of a spear behind a shield bearing the twin tailed comet of Sigmar.

Skills/Talents of this house:

Strike to ingure
Specialist Weapon Group -any three

Additions Strictures:

5. Act with honour and dignity at all times
6. Respect prisoners of war
7. Show no mercy to the enemies of humanity
8. Honour your masters commands, breaking them only when absolutely necessary (for example he asks you to break one of the other strictures)

Other Holidays observed by this house:

There are no spicial days for this house how ever they will make sacrafices to sigmar at teh begining and the end of campaigns as well as before and after battle.

Nuns of Mercy (Missionaries of Sigmar) These is a sect of female priests (or nuns) that devote them-selfs to the mercy of Sigmar. They are healers and humanitarians. They go about life unarmed and help those who need help or can not help themselves.

(Fallowing this house opens the prayers of Shallya from the core rule book to the priest)

The Nuns of Mercy wear all white robes and use a twin tailed comet as their symbol however the heart of the comet is the bleeding heat of Sigmar rather than the standard red circle.

Skills/Talents of this house:

Resistance to Disease
Trade – Apothicary
Trade – herbalist

Additional Strictures:

5. Must be a Woman
6. Avoid killing
7. Never refuse healing to a supplicant genuinely in need
8. Never halt a soul when it is time for it to depart
9. Go about your life unarmed, a stout walking stick is all you will ever need
10. Abhor the Fly Lord in all his forms

Other Holidays Observed by this house:

There are no spicial days for this house save on, on the aniversery of the priest birth they are required to mmake a sacrifice to sigmar, thanking them for life. (The sacrafice can take many forms discuss what is exceptable with your GM.)

The learned and Just (sometimes referred to the Scales of Sigmar the owls of Sigmar) are a sect of Sigmar who fallow the pursuit of Reason, wisdom and justice above all else. A priest of this house will often be interested in history to better judge the present. These priest make excellent counsellors, mediators, Liberians, advisors and judges. All though they sometimes abandon the lows of men in favour of fairness.

(A preist of this sect opens up the prayers of Verena from the core rule book.)

This orders wears robes of white while adorned one of these symbols (or a combinations there of) an owl carrying Sigmar’s hammer or owls head in the comet of Sigmar, the hammer upside down bearing the scales across it’s haft. A book or a Lantern bearing the twin tailed comet of Sigmar.

Skills/Talents of this house:

Academic Knowledge – any two
Secret Language -any two

Additional Strictures:

5. Safeguard knowledge
6. Prewserve your judgement from fear or favour
7. Arbitrate disputes when ever you can
8. Don’t allow yourself to become a tool of injustice or hearsay
9. Combat is a last resort but do not fear to wield the Hammer of justice

Other holidays observed by this house:

The main festival for this house of Sigmar is on the first day of the new year when his fallowers may be blessed the enlightenment and reason free of injustices. A minor holiday sare observed at eh begining of each month and to a lesser degree the beginind of each week.

Wolves of Sigmar (or Sigmar’s Wolves) This is a elite cult of Sigmar that almost exclusively run the expeditions in to the forrest to help woodsman and the like complete their duties to farm wood in the forrest. They are dedicated to the destruction of green skins and the serivce of the Empire. Wolves have a natural talent at detecting “greens” and the like. They are also pack animals as are soldiers. The wolves of Sigmar live for battle and the destruction of their enemies and those of the empire.

(fallowers of this order open up the prayers of Ulric from the core rule book)

Members of this house wear all forms of armour and go unshaven to show their likeness to the beasts within each man. their wild hair and beards are believed to cause fear in their enemies. Their symbol is the wolf or a wolfs head with the eyes in the shape of Sigmars twin tailed comet.

Skills/Talents of this house:

Strike mighty blow
Specialist Weapon Group Two-handed

Additional Strictures:

5. Obey your betters
6. Defend your honour whenever it is chalenged
7. Stand honest and true. Deception and trickery is not the way of a wolf
8. Wolf skin may only be used on clothing if the wolf is killed by yourself, using only the weapons provided by nature (hand crafted bow, spears, and the like)
9. Gunpowder weapons, explosives,incendiaries and cross bows bring no glory to the wielder, use them if you must but all other weapons and armour are preferred.
10. The fires in the temples and shines of the wolf must never be allowed to go out, t is said if they do the next winter will last a full year
11. Root out and destroy goblenoids

Other Holiday Observed by this house:

There are three main holidays autum and spring equinox as well as the winter solstice. This days are usually celibrated by holding militay parades as well as hudge bonfires and feasts. making them very popular with the small folk.

pharmacy “on line” The Templars Sigmar (the order of the silver hammmer) They are an elite order of Sigmarian priests that hunt down chaos in all forms especially witches, warlocks and unsanctioned magic users.

Very little is known about the templars their secrecy is second to none. They only known mandate to the public that a Templar fallows is they must route out servants of chaos and those who use corrupt magic, wherever they may hide.

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