Growing Up Dora

Dad was killed when I was 12.

Somehow, I knew he wouldn’t be coming back from that last trip over the south sea.Ai?? A hunch…intuiton…call it what you will.Ai?? I just knew.

When we were young, my brothers and I would play with wooden swords and shields, pretending to maim and slaughter those nasty orcs and foul flying creatures that Dad would tell us stories about.Ai?? He could evoke images of these beasts that rivaled the local bards.Ai?? At least we Wechat spy, Sms spy. generic viagra 44 cent a pill crestor cost without insurance. , contachilometri. Goldbergs purim sale thought so.

I had joined the Church choir when I was 7, singing songs of Sigmar and traveling to nearby villages around the holidays.Ai?? I somehow felt like these trip were in some way comparable to when Dad left for war.Ai?? They weren’t.Ai?? I know that now.Ai?? But a girl could dream, and that’s what I did.

After Dad died, I left home.Ai?? There was nothing left for me there.Ai?? Mom was an empty shell, and my brothers went off to avenge Dad’s death.Ai?? I left and did not look back. Before going, I swiped the family’s heirloom sword from above the fireplace. Ai?? It has never left my side.
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About Theodora Shumachur

I love Sigmar and I would do anything for him. I have paid him a great homage in tattooing the twin tailed comet across my breasts and take every opportunity to expose them and wield the might power that they hold. From time to time I will use my vagina secretions and my everlasting lactating breasts to get information from men but way of the epic and sigmarian infused pheromones that exude from my juices.
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2 Responses to Growing Up Dora

  1. Okamiotoko says:


    That is a greatstart to yourbackground i really like how you have included the south sea a major portion of the warhammer water system. I like how ykou stole teh sword, likly reserved for the eldest son but now for you ;P I am goign to say that this sword was forged in good quality … border line best. That is why it has preserved the many battles and generations in your family. Thus you can give yourself the bonus to the weapn that is has half the encumberence of a standard broad sword.

    I would also like to see a little more detail in the history of the sword …. like when it was made and for whom in your family history. Maybe how it has been a loyal tool to every member on the family and some how saved their lives in a unique way. Or perhaps the little family speach that that is spoken when it is handed down frm father to son.

    Also if you want to talk a little bit about life on the road and recount a tale or two of what it was like the first time you encountered an ork raid on a caravan whilst travelling on the road to Altdorf that would be really cool. Don’t worry typw up what you want and we can edit anythign to work if you create somethinfg that would not happen. We will adjust it or rewrite aportion of the story so it makes sense!!

    Other than that great job, award your self the 100xp and dont forget to write a little pesonality profile on the chr sumery page.

  2. Sigric Vogt says:

    Dude this is pretty good! I would like to see more about the road too. Maybe about the opperation you had on your teeth

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