Sigric Vogt’s Back Story

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Sir, I have to warn you I am well trained with a blade!

Sigric Vogt is the son of a militiaman and a farmers daughter. During one of the many battles defending the Empire against Chaos Sigric’s father, Agilward, was killed defending his Liege, Lord Aufbaltz. Lord Aufbaltz was very impressed by the bravery and valour of his saviour.
Agilward threw himself unarmed in front of goblin charging a dazed Aufbaltz taking a wicked spear thrust to the gut. This allowed Aufbaltz enough time to gather himself and kill the charging goblin.
After the battle Aufbaltz, an honourable man, went to the medical tent to look in on the man who saved his life. Agilward laid dying on a bedroll. Lord Aufbaltz knelt beside him and stayed until Agilward regained consciousness and promised him ai???As repayment for giving your life to save mine I swear that I will look after your family. I will educate your children and your wife will not be evicted from your With gratitude in his eyes Agilward died.
With in a year Lord Aufbaltz was back in his manor and sent word to Sigric’s mother of his vow. Realizing the opportunity, she did not hesitate to accept Aufbaltz offer for help. Only Sigric of her 5 children was old enough to leave her home to be educated. Sigric at age 7 did not really understand why he was being sent away and felt like his mother was abandoning him. It wasn’t until years later that Sigric really understood what she was doing for him. When Sigric was led away by Aufbaltz chamberlain Sigric didn’t say anything to his mother or his brothers and sisters. He just looked at his mother with disdain and heartbreak. It was the last time he saw them alive. A week after he left a house fire killed his whole family. It was the hardest thing that Sigric has ever had to do leave his mother, even if it wasn’t his choice.
When Sigric arrived at the manor he was sullen and uncooperative. Lord Aufbaltz was understanding and allowed Sigric time to adjust to his new surroundings and to the death of his family. After a few months Sigric came around and started his education.
Lord Aufbaltz raised Sigric like one of his own sons. His own sons were a lot older then Siggy as he liked to call him and he was glad to have a young mind back in the house. Aufbaltz had Sigric taught to read and write and Speak in 4 languages (Riechspeil, Tilean, Bretonian, and Classical) like he did with all his sons. Aufbaltz also took it upon himself to teach Sigric the martial arts. He taught Sigric many things about weapons but Sigric excelled at the broadsword. Sigric also took an interest in the realm of magic. He never had a teacher to actually teach him magic but he did find some books that he learned about magic. He decided that he would one day go to the school of magic and learn to be a mage.
When Sigric reached 17, Aufbaltz brought him to his study. ai???Boy you have been a joy to me these past 10 he started. ai???You brought life back to this manor with my sons gone off to war and the god knows where in the world. Now with my oldest Kiren killed in battle I only have one son to carry on my name. You know I have loved you like my own sons. I have given you everything that I have given my own sons. I made your father a promise and I kept it and I will continue to keep it. I will be sending you to Altdorf so you can pursue your deepest wish, to go to The School of Magic. I realize you need to apply and it may take some time for you be accepted but you need to be there in the city. I will send you a yearly allowance and I will pay the tuition when you have been accepted. This I pledge to you regardless to your answer to what I now ask of
Aufbaltz paused and swallowed hard. There was tears in his eyes as he continued. ai???As I said before, I think of you as my son. However, you are just a ward. I wish to adopt you formally and have you take on my name and be a proper heir. You of course will be under my second son Lucien he will attain my title when I have passed. But, if he should never reappear or if I should learn of his demise you will of course be the next Lord of this
Sigric was dumbstruck. He of course knew of Aufbaltz fatherly affections and felt like a son. He never once imagined that this offer of adoption would come. He loved Aufbaltz, but he could still remember his real father a kind man who would never hurt anyone, and of course he could still remember his mother as well. Sigric was very confused and torn between accepting this offer from the man he loved as a father and given him much and the father that gave him life.
ai???Sir this is a tremendous thing you have offered me…
ai???Wait son! Don’t answer me now. I know you still have your real family in your heart. This is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly. Go pack your things the carriage I have booked passage on to take you to Altdorf leaves soon. You need to be on it. I will get your answer the next time I see you which will likely not be for a few yearsai???
Sigric packed his belongings in a sturdy pack and met Aufbaltz at the front of the manor. Aufbaltz hugged him and said I have two gifts for you. The first is from
He bent down and picked up a large sack. ai???I had this made for you and it should treat you well. If you treat it Aufbaltz reach in the sack and pulled out a broadsword of good quality.
Sigric took the sword and began to examine it. He notice right away Aufbaltz family crest finely carved onto one side the leather of the scabbard and his fathers family crest on the other. He looked at Aufbaltz with awe in his face and said. ai???Sir this is a grand gift. I do not deserve this it is too
ai???Nonsense!ai??? Aufbaltz laughed. ai???Besides its to late that scabbard would be meaningless to anyone he said with a smile.
ai???Thank you an exuberant Sigric as he fastened the sword belt around his waist. ai??? I will wear this with honour. Honour for both of these
ai???Ha that sounds like a fine idea Siggyai??? Aufbaltz beamed at the boy and started to rummage through the pockets of his coat. It appeared that he found what he was looking for and the smile was replaced with a mournful look.
ai???your second gift comes from your real He began. ai???I thought of giving this to you a thousand times but it never seemed like the right time until now. He wanted you to have this and I know it meant a lot to him because I saw him clasp it many times in
He pulled out his hand and dangled a pendant attached to a chain. The silver pendant of a symbol of Sigmar beautifully carved with the Vogt family crest engraved on the back.
For the second time awe filled Sigric’s face. ai???This was my fathers. It’s so expensive. How?
ai???I asked him about that once and he said that his family wasn’t always poor but they were once a wealthy and maybe even had some nobility but who’s to say right… This pendant has been passed down from father to son never to be sold at what ever the cost. It will go to my son when he becomes a Aufbaltz sighed. ai???So here you are Sigric your a man now and its time for you to have your fathers pendant. Never give it up and remember to pass it to your son keep that legacy
On his travels into the big city Sigric often looked at both his gifts and treasured them both. He would do everything in his power to not let either of them out of his sight.
Once he arrived in the city he became aware on how expensive everything in the city cost and felt it prudent to put his yearly allowance with a money keeper to keep it safe and try and scratch a living with out touching his allowance. The only marketable skill he had was the ability to read and write. He spent his days as a scribe in the middle city and helped a few folks in the outer city where he lived with their reading and writing when he could.
He had lived in the Greenhill tavern almost as long as he as lived in Altdorf and has really become to think of it as home. The family he considers friends especially Funkbell who cooks during the day and shared many a story over a good pint.

A little chat among frinds…

ai???Funk I got to tell you this dream I hadai??? Sigric started as he stared into his tankard ai???I can only remember a few images but it really freaked me out. ai??? It was right here in the tavern but it must if been real late at night because the place was deserted. I was sitting in here in my usual spot staring at a golden
Funkbel of course wasn’t listening until Sigric said golden ai???Go onai???
ai???Well I wasn’t really staring at it. It was more like I was concentrating on it like I was trying to cast a spell or something.
ai???The next thing you know in walks that crazy girl entertainer with the nice smile but she was naked and her hands were trembling. We both jumped with a start when she saw me sitting there. And then I woke up weird huhai???
Funkbell of course stopped listening to Sigric’s ramblings as soon as he said staring said ai???yup pretty weirdai???

(The rest of dear Siggy’s adventures can be read in the game journal sections)
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About Sigric Vogt

Sigric Vogt is the son of a militiaman and a farmers daughter. Later adopted by Lord Aufbaltz. Now currently resides in Altdorf where he peddles his trade as a scribe while scraping to save enough money to gain entrance to the colleges of magic.
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