Game mechanics and questions not related to plot line

This is where you will be asking any questions that are not plot related and have to do with any of the inner workings of the game system. These are of course all out of character. Any changes or suggestions that you would like to see done to the game can be discussed here with every one. In the end i will have the final say but i am totally open to the discussion. Cheap paroxetine withdrawal online internet pharmacy. tube.8, birth control pills purchase online. Purchase lady era reviews cheapest antabuse. viagra in germany prescription.

About Okamiotoko

I am the mountains, the dirt, the air you breath... I am the water, the sky, the trees, the animals, the people you meet... I am the bread, the beer, the beasts you eat and drink... I am not unlike god! Yet your fate is determined not by me but by a random cast of the dice... I am the WolfmaN and my howls will haunt your dreams as your legacy echos through the ages of our imagination. (enter the dark and ominous laughter, Ha ha ha ha ha haaaa)
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