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(nine session summery)

The Under City of Talabhiem

Out group of of rag tag heros went off to find Dora, who they knew was still praying at the small street shrine. Once they collected her and led her back to the pile of bodies She spat in disgust at the pill f chaos infested beings that now lay beheaded. All of a sudden her gaze turned to the black man that was standing with her two disciples (who now hosted her two friends Tink and Trock). “Who is this .. this …savage,” asked Dorah? The black man had anticipated this and had previously schemed with his comrades that he was a member of the purple hand and went by the name … LEEROY STITCH. They planned to keep the fact that this was actually Dolsin after having his mutations “dealt” with. (how long they can keep this ruse up is yet undetermined) After introducing himself the group lead Dorah to a domicile where they had found an entrance to a passage that lead underground.

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Once in the underground they traversed down a passage and encountered several skaven. They were stuck in a tinny tunnel and attacked from both sides. the rat men tunnelled in and attacked fiercely. They had with them a grey seer who cast horrifying warp magic. Luckily Johan was in control and was able to fight fro the middle of the party with his Sigmarian blessing of Mannan. With water lasers blasting forth from his finger tips he laid waste to the skaven behind them while Dora attacked with her sword as best she could. Leroy faced off with a Skaven ahead Tink attacked with her throwing daggers. After several minutes of fierce tunnel fighting our little group prevailed against the band of Skaven.

After traversing the network of skaven tunnel under the city for a sometime our group came to a 6 way fork in the path. They decided to mark the path they came with the Chaos dagger by stabbing it into the ceiling of the tunnel. The picked a fork and explored it with no encounters. Once they reached its end they discovered that it was a way out of the city, it lead to water way that they could reach Talabec from. (This could prove very use full thought Tink) They all decided to go back and try to find another tunnel way to travel. They picked another and after what seemed like an hour they found and entrance way that opened up to a massive cavern. in the cavern they saw what they believed to be a chaos ritual with other beast men and humans a like. Tikerballs snuck in for a closer look and once she saw what she needed she made her way back to her friends.

Once with the rest of our rag tag group had gathered back together they decided to leave the tunnels and re-equip as they were ill prepared to deal with something of this magnitude but Tink had a hankering to burn or blow the place up. After a long and cramped journey back to the surface they heard sound coming from outside and could hear the crackle of a large fire. Upon sneaking a peak outside Tink saw the witch hunter whom she had been hired to burn out the rest of the mutants in the merchant sector before she had died. Along with the hunter she saw an even larger pile of beastmen and mutants being burned. She looked back at the group and told them to wait where they were, she went outside and explained to the hunter that she and her friends had found a mutant baby and she produced the body and they hunter snatched it from her and threw it in to the fie and it burst in to flames in the emence heat. He looked at Johan (Tink’s new body) and said why are you soo dirty. She looked down and realized she was covered in gore and filth from teh tunnels and battle with the skaven. She then went on to disclose the tunnel and chaos meeting hall they had found. Seeing as how she was dressed up as a priest she decided to ham t up and relay her plan to burn them out. THe Witch Hunter nodded in a agreement that fire was the best way. She gestured to he other priestly friend dieter and Dorah to come out and they brought the bag of heads with them and cashed in their bounty. The witch Hunter was impressed and gave the group the oil and black powder they requested and commissioned them to clear out the chaos from below the city and once it was complete they would be rewarded.

Once they were re-equipted and had their plan they made their way back into the tunnels and again they were encountered by skaven … this time the battle that ensued was fierce and terrible. Even the mighty Leroy was badly hurt and for some unknown reason he refused the healing from the Priestess Dora. They made their way to the 6 fingered fork in the tunnel and started to build their bomb. Once it was built they decided that Tink and Leroy would take it into position. They started to make their way down the tunnel just as they were leaving they unstopered one of the powder kegs to leave a trail of black powder to use as a fuse…

Once they were half way down the long passage Leroy disrobed and revealed his mutations and surgeries, the perfect disguise to infiltrate a chaos roost. Tink suck in the darkness as a point man and leroy fallowed dragging his stretcher and makeshift fire bomb. They made their way in the opening of the great chaos hall and Leroy calmly walked into and started to deploy the explosives in strategic areas of the hall. He was stopped at one point by a man with the mutated head of a great cat and panther thought Leroy. After making some cockamamie story up the fooled the mutant he placed the rest of the explosives. He then left the cavern and continued down the hall with Tink. Unfortunately they encountered Beastman (from heman) and although the battle was fast they did not escape it unscathed. Leroy sustained even more damage. Luckily the fuse trail had not been disturbed or noticed. THey made their way back to where they had left Dolsin’s cloths and then back to the group and turned to look at the powder trail. The rest of the group looked down at eh powder and then smiled. They all smiled with nervous excitement. Then Dorah lowered her torch and lit the fuse. IT sprang to fiery life sizzled like a snake down the dark corridor…

KAAAABOOOOOOOOOM The entire cavern shook and tunnel system form the explosion … a few minutes later a cloud of fire travelled down the tunnel and engulfed and disapated in the 6 fingered chamber that the party was waiting in. Singed but not harmed the group of mismatched heros traversed the tunnel untill they finally came to where it had caved in. They group worked for several hours clearing rubble and stone from the cavern entrance. Once they had created an opening they could see the death and carnage that their little plan had cause. Tink smiled and the other started to search the room. Dorah cam to the first body and saw that it was mutant with at least 100 eys covering its face, she spat, then took her shovel and cleaved of its head and placed it into Trok’s sack, for bounty.

The group of ruthless heros did the grim work of rummaging through the bodies and gathering what proof they could of mutation, namely… heads! While they were rummaging around for bodies and head the were still feeling the after effects of using a bomb. Stalactites were falling from the ceiling and in some cases causing injuries to our little band of head hunters. NOthing too serious but if not for Trok’s armour it could have spelt death for the group. In the end they were able to grab a total of 7 heads with clear signs of chaos infection including two heads from skaven.

amongst the dead Dora found a the body of what looked like some kind of caster or priest ratman, near is dead form was a staff with a animalistic type of skull crowning the walling stick. She picked it up and like the symbol of death at the top and decided to make it her trophy for rousting these vermin and mutants whilst bringing them death. Once the room was picked clean the group set their eyes on the enormous double doors at the back of the now ruined alter chamber. Seemingly barred from the other side our group of heros pondered how to get the doors open.

They tried to pull and pry, when Leroy saw this he stepped up to the plant and used his hulking mass of muscle to pry the doors apart. As he strained his muscles they bulged showing the inhuman mass as they bulged almost bursting through his chain shirt. As he grunted and he started to hear a “CREAK” then… a horrible tear in his shoulder,,,”AAARRGGGHHHHH” He know with out having to look that the stitches that held his replacement arm on had burst …. he could hardly move his arm. Dora offered to look at it but, Leroy shrugged her of and said it was just a pulled muscle, all the while the pain was immense, yet he could not reveal his mutations to such a priest, so full of zeal for Sigmar.

Then with a little ingenuity and the combined brainpower of our rather “dull” heros they managed to get the door open. Albeit a crude and tedious method they managed to open the door…

Now that they had the door open our little band funny house heros mad their way down the new hallway. Caved and masoned in magnificent stone work, a quality only the dwarfs have the skill to build. THe hallway was long and seemed to have a steady decline not to mention dark, darker than the blackest pitch. As they journeyed down the dark passage they started to see a dull green light emanating in the distance. Soon they closed on it and it was a mystic green light illuminating another chamber … one that they had seen the sister of before. It was a dwarvin burial chamber. Complete with two obelisks either side of the tomb. Yet one thing was greatly out of place. An enormous glowing green rock in a strange iron stand. the rock was as tall as a man and twice as wide. The green glow filled the room and left an eery feeling in the air. As the group looked around the room they were surprised to suddenly see their lost companion, Sigriech… surrounded by the soft glow.

THere was some conversation about how he appeared there but in the end they were happy for his presence. Dora then turned her attentions to the glowing stone and said she wanted to use the amulet that housed poor Sigreich and the skull staff in unison to try and pull forth Sigrich from the amulet permanently. When she started strapping the amulet to the staff as if it were an eye patch for the beastly skull, she spoke her mind to the others of the party and described what she had in mind. The rest of the group looked at each other and said … “oh… ok, we will just wait waaaay over here and see what happens.” She nodded to them and made her way to the stone while the others retreated down the hallway. While Sigrich stood fast a mere 30 feet from her daring attempt, partially because he was still bound by the stone and partially because he did not want to abandon his friend.

WHen she started her attempt at magic to free her friend she did not get what she expected. A green mist poured forth from both the staff and the stone, it took the shape and reflection of a ratman. It started spitting out word and hisses in a tongue that she nor Sigreich understood. In fact Sigreich thought the attempt had gone bad and he drew his sword and charged at the image of the Skaven and cleaved with all his might to protect his friend. His blow passed right though the misty apparition and smashed into the luminescent green stone. Striking a fault line n the rock perfectly and chipping off boulder sized chunk of the stone. At the moment of impact an explosion of green light and energy radiated through the chamber and hallway, rendering the two unconscious.

The rest of the group having just been engulfed for a brief moment in green light and energy looked at each other and started to run back to see what happened to their friends. When they entered the main chamber they saw the rock split in two and their friends bodies lying on the floor. As they rushed over to them they were relieved when they started to see them stir. As they started to slap the fallen comrades faces the courageous troopers asked what happened. Dorah and Sigreich weaved their tale and then they decided it was beast that they did not disturb the stone. So they started to explore the rest of the runes and inscriptions in this burial chamber. Unable to decipher the runes Dora decided to try somethings else…

She started to examine the runes on the sarcophagus and make note of their appearance in her journal. Then her eyes sparkled with zealous glee as an idea started to form in her mind. She pranced over to Trok and removed the head with many eyes from the bag and placed it on the alter. She grabbed a nail from with in her pouch of prayer offerings, then stabbed it with genital precision whilst also caressing her ever lactating breasts she drew forth the now bloody nail and started to scrawl the runes on to the surface of the alter. Once complete she and the others started to stare at the alter… Meanwhile, Leroy grew bored of the tedium of searching the room and he wanted to avoid Dora’s stares of concern, so he had moved down the hall way and decided to stand watch. It was right around the time that he came running in to the chamber again warning “there are skaven approaching the room and several of them…Hide.”

The group looked up from the decapitated head that was on the tomb and the runes scrawled upon it in the blood of a chaos mutant and stared at Leroy (who had now drawn his sword and faced the oncoming Skaven) and their eyes popped. Dora immediately began drawing a prayer circle behind the alter and ushered her friends into her circle of blessing. From there, Tink launched a volley of sling stones at the two Skaven that broke their ranks and attacked Leroy, who was now fighting for his life, with a badly injured shoulder… he was taking severe wounds. As Dora completed her prayer circle she looked up to call out to her injured friend leroy when she saw a curious thing. The ratmen that were not engaged in combat kneeled before the great green stone and began a prayer of their own. Almost instantly a green glow started emanating form the stones (both the main one and the chunk that was hued off by Sigriech) the glow were two perfect spheres that were growing to engulf the whole of the room. As the ratmen’s vile speech filled the air, our band of heros called out to Leroy… “get in this circle, KneeeeeeeGaaaaH!”

Leroy realizing he had no hope of defeating the ratmen with his injuries so he turned to make his way back to his team when his eye bugged out of his head. THe green orbs had all but swallowed the room. He he saw the sphere of white light, not unlike the light that filled the room that night many months ago when Sigmar himself came to them and charged them with a take to find the Dwarvin imperial stones. It was sheilding our group from teh corruption of the green light. Instantly Leroy sprung into olymic quality gymnastic floor work, BOING BOING BOING across the room. He preformed a double back flip in to a flying ostrich dive and run up the wall six feet to give him the hight to leap of the wall and land safely in the spere of light.

As he was about to thrust himself of the wall and in to the safety of Dora’s circle he was distracted be the fact that two of the skaven left their prayers and leapt on to the broken piece of green stone on the floor. They started to devour the rock, gnawing and biting at it… then they began to change … muscles twisting and growing; deforming the ratmen in to massive monstrosities until they were formed into rat ogres. The caused our por hero LEEEEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEENNNNNKIIINNISSSSS to fumble his heroic leap and dive straight into the green light, where he immediately stated to get torn apart, stitch by stitch. When suddenly a beam of light , a brilliant white light spit forth form the centre of the ceiling and swallowed Leroy and purged the green poison form the rock form his flesh. The stitches were made whole and right and he was levitated to the safety of Dora’s circle. As the beam of light extinguished a dwarvin apparition appeared over the tomb…

The apparition cast its gaze around the room and a frown buried it’s self on to the presence’s face and she waved her sword and cast the stones head and creatures tumbling down the hallway that lead into the chamber. She then cast her eyes back on to the group of heros and began a speech to them. Unfortunately she was speaking in the tongue of the ancient dwarfs, no one in the party could understand her speech. Yet they listened intensely and tried to communicate with her but as fast as she appeared she dissipated. ONce thing was certain, they were both saved and warned.

Our group gathered their things and made their way back from whence they came and headed for the surface. Luckily they remembered to gather the heads they had collected so they would be able to collect the bounty they came down here for. As they made their way down the corridors and caverns they had a couple of skirmishes with small bands o Skaven but it was nothing they could not handle. WHen they finally came forth back to the hidden entrance that they discovered in the basement of a local house. Once everyone was out of the tunnel Tink peered out the window to see what the situation was. Out front the witch hunters were feeding a now massive fire with dozens of human bodies. The group battered and bloody and filthy wanted no encounter with a witch hunter especially Leroy. So Tink decided to occupy the Witch Hunter and cash in their bounty while the others made their way back to the hide out. She walked out tall in her host body and approached the Witch Hunter who she knew was named Gunter. When she spoke to him and offered him the heads of the fallen chaos infected he smiled and said well done. He pulled the head with many eyes out of the sack and when the head looked directly into Tink’s eyes… something snapped in her mind and everything went black…

The Sigmarian Priest stood there looking about at a giant pile of bodies burning and a Witch Hunter smiling at him and asking if he was all right. He nodded and said he was tired and as he did now he saw his priestly friend walking around a corner. The Witch Hunter dropped money into his hand and sent him off to get some rest. The pries trotted off after he friend. Once he caught up they walked in silence to what appeared to be a thief’s den. They all sat around a table and there were two men whom he did not know and he priestly friend and the priestess who communicated directly with Sigmar, his priestess. He dropped the money on the table and started a discussion by asking what they should do now that their task to Sigmar was completed. After a long discussion and hearing the story of the last couple of weeks the priest was unconvinced that her task was not complete but wanted to find out how she could help free his friend from the grasp of this dwarf since clearly their task had been done … yet the dwarf kept taking the other priest body. By the end of the night they had decided a trip to see the head of their order here in this city was the correct corse of action. Dora agreed, they needed advice from someone and she needed information. After all just because Sigmar had chosen here did not mean that he was going to do all the work for her.

So the next morning They had decided to go to see the priest and Trok would stay and take care of Leroy as he had fallen ill form his wound as was feverous. Trok was looking forward to finding a way to take permanent control of the body.. he was sick of blipping back and forth out of consciousness with this bloody priest. When the priest and priestess arrived at the main chapel of Sigmar (where they had been before in the recent weeks and Dora had unleashed the poisons of the chaos moon and caused the infestation that was plaguing Talebhiem at this very moment) and they were able to receive an audience with the Bishop. They relayed part of their story but in specific of a warrior who they had come across that Sigmar himself had quested the priest to offer his body to house the spirit of one of Sigmars chosen. THe priest sceptical told the two priests that it sounded like a chaos trick and wanted to find out the location of this so-called vessel of Sigmar. The priest unwilling to tell the bishop that he himself had been one such vessel lied to the priest and said he was in another city and would take care of it hims self. Dora and the Bishop had words but in the end they decided to leave the priest and come up with a new plan.

Unfortunately the priest was mistrustful of the two as his city was being rampaged by chaos and the fact that the outbreak started here at the temple he did not trust the two priest entirely and their story left an ill feeling in his stomach, so he had them fallowed, due to the dull wits of our two heros who were making their way back to their secret thieves lair they did not notice their perusers.

When they returned and relayed the story of what happened with the bishop they started plotting out a new plan… After a few hours and almost coming to an agreement Gotfried a “hand” contact burst into their room and
told them to make a haste-full escape as he ran by them bags in tow. But before they had a chance to grab their gear they could here doors being broken down and the voice of a Witch Hunter who they new went by the name of Gunter. When they entered the hallway they saw the Bishop calmly walking down the hall toward the room where Leroy was sleeping off his illness. When the Bishop arrived and looked at the sweaty kneegrow lying in the bed he asked’ “is that him?” Dieter (Tink’s host priest) answered quickly and confidently, “yep!” Then the Soldiers and witch hunters started the round up even our little band of heroes with a special place for Leroy at the head of the precession on the back of the priests carriage. The rest of the thieves and our group of ruddy heros were manacled and being marched down the road. After walking a few block Dora used her public speaking skills to rally the public who were now watching the long parade of scallywags march down the streets to her advantage. Spouting out scripture with the passion of a true Zealot she had the crowd on her side. It was going on for a few blocks when the procession suddenly stopped and the Priest hauled up Leroy to the top o the carriage and started a speech of his own. with the climax of teh speech he tore the cloths form Leroy’s body revealing his hideous and massive body and mismatched body parts and pulled his eye patch off letting loose the tentacle eye spring forth and in that instant Dora’s jaw hit the road.

In that instant she fought the fear to run and mustered up her most powerful voice and screamed out, “in the name of SIGMAR….. BURN THAT FUCKING MUTANT… BURN IT BUUUUURRRNNNN!” Now with the crown and his priests behind him he moved the procession on all the way to the jail where her threw the lot in cells and one for the mutant guarded by three priests in constant prayer.

Once our rag tag group of miscreants were in their cells Diter went into prayer. The others discussed many different things and thoughts on what to do … several hours went by and finally there was a clunk. Several of the cell doors spontaneously unlocked, Dieter’s eyes snapped open and he looked to the ceiling but only say the heavens and she said’ “Thank you.” and walked out of the cell. Everyone else looked up and then at each other and left the cell… several other cells were opened and some of the folks fled. But it was then when they noticed that everyone else was frozen, even the torch flames no longer flickered. When Leroy left his cell Dieter threatened to kill him but leroy nimbly bimblied his way past him and darted upstairs.

Once up stairs the Dora and Dieter entered into combat to stop the mutant from leaving while Trock tried to reason with his friends. Finally giving up on the conflict Dieter decided to seek sanctuary at the church and wanted to plead his case to the Bishop. The mutant and Trock saw their confiscated gear and rushed over to it and started to grab their gear and trucks and make haste for the door, unfortunately as soon as Dieter left teh building the strength of his prayer left with him … the entire guard house sprang back to life and after a few moments someone noticed the mutant and Trock making off with some thing. they immediately dropped their belongings and fled into the darkness of the city streets. They both went the same directing but the mutant was as fast as a horse and he sped down the street leaving trock t move at the pace of a normal human.

When the watch finally caught up with trock after he had a bad tumble attempting to duck in to an alley way he got into a scuffle with two watchmen and as the scuffle escalated so did Trocks anger … seriously wounded Trock finally lost his temper and killed the two men gruesomely and with fierce savagery. Standing over the two dead watchmen he looked around him breathless and badly wounded … if he did not make haste and find a safe house and a surgeon he to would be dead before morning…

to be continued…

(fin nine session recap)

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